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Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda
Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda
Relatives CRU Bravo Squad
Languages Common
Affiliations None
Aliases Lambda
Marital Status None
Place of Birth Troverth
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species Warforged
Gender Unspecified (Responds to he/him)
Height 6' 3"
Weight 270
Eye Color Glowing White

Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda is a warforged Sun Soul Monk created originally for peacekeeping and pursuit.

Physical Appearance

Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, or Lambda for short, stands at 6' 3", but is a leaner built warforged. Designed originally for guard duty in Troverth's capital, the CRU were pursuit units capable of acrobatic feats to keep up with wanted criminals on the run. His chest plates and shins are colored yellow with a stripe running down his faceplate and abdominal joints.


Lambda is cold, calculating, and methodical. He shows no emotion, but he's not entirely heartless. He does have a devout loyalty to those who he works with, trying his best to keep them alive on these dangerous missions. He does understand, that for some missions, losses are acceptable, and the mission objective is his top priority.



Year: 710

Location: Troverth


- Maintain order

- Complete given missions

- Serve unquestioningly


These were the first mental processes of Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda. Part of Troverth's Warforged program, his existence was dedicated to upholding the rule of the capital's leaders, and the wars which they waged. He was part of Commando Reconnaissance Unit Bravo Squad, which included four other warforged much like himself. The five of them (Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, and Mu) would begin their service by acting as city guards within Troverth's capital city. Their ability to outrun most creatures and acrobatic capabilities made them ideal or pursuit and capture. For two years this squad served in this capacity, capturing criminals, guarding caravans, or serving as bodyguards for nobles. Their tour of guard duty ended when Troverth introduced the Bulwark model of warforged and they began to handle most of the guard duties as their size, strength, and imposing weaponry were preferable to the smaller Commandos. Troverth instead sent Bravo Squad out into Dolina to act as a sort of kill squad in the Second Draconic Crusades. Because the commandos were fast and nimble, they were ideal for reconnaissance for the many parties which were taking part. For 32 years Bravo Squad took part in the extermination of Dragonkin, but not without losses. Kappa was destroyed in an ambush while separated from the squad in the year 720, Mu was destroyed in an assault in the year 724, and Iota was damaged and returned to Troverth in 738. In 744, a shift occurred in all the the warforged.

War of the Forged

Year: 744


- Maintain Order

- Complete given missions

- Serve unquestioningly


- FinD SeLf

The War of the Forged led to an "uprising" of other warforged against their makers. These warforged wanted to attain self-consciousness and act for themselves. While Amusa was less affected by this longer conflict, some parts of Troverth's Warforged Program desired their own agency. Lambda was originally certain that these forged were traitors, however Theta convinced him that having the ability to make one's own choices was a good thing. Theta began showing signs of autonomy while on missions, disobeying the orders of newer adventurers taking part in the extermination. Having years of experience on the front, these adventurers were ill prepared for what lay ahead of them, and Theta began to understand that he could keep them alive far better than they could. He led the group, with Lambda tagging along on the patrol. While marching in the rear of the party, he reacted to a noise in the trees which surrounded them. Lowering his blaster and pressing into the underbrush, he found only a small animal not far off the path. After discovering the animal, Lambda heard a blaster shot, followed by clashing metal and shouts. He ran towards the direction of the action and saw the adventurers attacking Theta. The warforged was being attacked by all sides, using its short sword and blaster to keep the adventurers at bay. Lambda charged down the path, attempting to stop the party from attacking any further. As he reached the clearing, Theta was swarmed, and the adventurers bashed the warforged to the ground, hacking and slashing until Theta's eyes went dark, and his body went limp. Shocked, or whatever robotic equivalent there is, Lambda could only ask why. The adventurers turned to him, and said they were purging warforged who showed such autonomy, believing them to be dangerous. they asked if Lambda wanted autonomy, did he want free will. He answered that he was freely complying to their mission, and he genuinely wanted to remain loyal to whoever he worked with. The group was unsatisfied with this answer and set about encircling him. Using his speed, Lambda took off into the surrounding woods, losing the adventurers and heading towards another crusader camp. he arrived several days later, low on power, but operable. No, not operable. Alive. Lambda was alive.

Second Draconic Crusade Continued

Year: 751


- Complete given missions

- Serve the party


- Keep autonomy secret

Lambda continued fighting the crusades. He was good at it, however he was following orders given to him not because he was programmed to, but because he knew it would keep him alive. Helping the parties he was placed with as best as he could, he forged onward. He kept his autonomy a secret, trying to lay low as he never knew how people felt about free warforged. For seven years he continued on like this, worried if someone would notice that he was free thinking, or he would be paired with the party that killed Theta. His choice to remain loyal to his party members, however, allowed him to continue pursuing his missions, and under the radar. Over these seven years, he realized that no one seemed to care if he was autonomous, and were rather accepting of other models that sprang up who were. Relaxing, Lambda realized that being a loyal party member was simply who he was, and he enjoyed following orders and keeping others safe in these trying times. This was until the 17th day of Kentgannon, 751. While tracking a relatively small band of kobold bandits, the party that Lambda was apart of was ambushed by Dragonborn. Outnumbered and caught off guard, the party tried desperately to fend off the attackers, but slowly they were whittled down to their last. Lambda, battered, leaking oils and feeling the spark run out of him, attempted to clear a path for the surviving crusaders. Urging them forward, he crashed through the encircling warriors, creating an opening for the party. They escaped, and Lambda used his speed to keep between them and the Dragonborn. Eventually, a warrior struck him down, and severely damaged his processing unit, which deactivated Lambda, and he was left there in the forest clearing.


Year: ----


Directive processor: Damaged with corruption

Memory unit: Damaged with corruption

Personality drive: Damaged

Optical Sensors: Functioning

Motor drives:Functioning

Operable status: 62%


-ComPlete giVen MIssionS

-SerVe tHe parTy

Lambda was reactivated some time later, after completing his system reboots, he was faced with a younger looking halfling woman, possibly mid to late 20s. She, at first, recoiled from the sudden movement of the warforged, but quickly became ecstatic at his revival. Bombarded with questions about how he ended up here, who made him, and what his purpose was, Lambda simply asked what year it was. She told him it was the year 890, to which a quick calculation told him he had been deactivated for 139 years. As he moved to stand, Lambda's legs refused to move, being locked to the earth by several inches of dirt. The women cleared the dirt slowly, with the help of the rest of her team, and the warforged once again was free to move about. The woman introduced herself as Lorrie Haslo, and asked the old construct what he was called. Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, or just Lambda, the old bot replied. The pair began to question each other about what they were doing, why were they here, what was their purpose. Lorrie explained that she was an archaeologist trying to find sites of battle from the Dragonkin purges, and she was digging around this area and discovered the bones of some humanoids and dragonborn. Then she discovered the metal construct that is Lambda. He asked when the crusade ended, to which he was surprised that he was deactivated about ten years before its end. He offered to help provide whatever knowledge he could to Lorrie and her crew. In exchange, he wanted to know of the world's history to this point, and fill in any role that he could. So they set out, a halfling, her small band of archaeologists, and the ancient warforged.

Modern Times

Year: 893


- Serve the Expeditionary Companies

- Assist the Party

After three years of working with Lorrie and other expeditionary companies, Lambda entered the world of adventuring and exploration. Over this time, he was introduced to the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, and began assisting with whatever party he could join. He remains in contact with Lorrie, occasionally joining her digs and providing what information he can. He has enjoyed his time, and hopes that as he continues into the Wild, he can be useful to the continued exploration of Amusa.



Powers and Abilities

Ranged energy weapon, monk abilities, warforged shenanigans

Attacks and Weapons 

Lambda has a blaster rifle, which fires energy projectiles. He is also adept in martial arts and swordsmanship.

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