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{{Infobox_character|affilliation=affiliation|name={{PAGENAME}}|image=image.jpg|caption=caption|relatives=relatives|languages=languages|alias=alias|marital=marital status|birthPlace=birthplace|deathDate=deathdate|deathPlace=deathplace|species=species|gender=gender|height=height|weight=weight|eyes=eyes}}
'''{{PAGENAME}} '''is (Information on your heritage/background/class)
'''{{PAGENAME}} '''is (Information on your heritage/background/class)

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Gnoll is (Information on your heritage/background/class)

Physical Appearance

Describe your appearance. Eye color, height, weight, hair color, particular clothing items, scars, tattoos, etc.


Is your character social? A drunk? Laid back?


A brief history of your character's life.


Examples include Common, Elvish, TwitchTalk, Thieves Cant, or French

Powers and Abilities

You don't have to give it all away. Just let us know what you're known to do in battle.

Attacks and Weapons 

Your favorite weapons.

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