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A brief history of your character's life.
<nowiki>*</nowiki>Below are spoilers, don't read if you want the Professors secrets to be revealed Organically*
<spoiler>Professor Mann's story begins with a human named Chester Iros. Born to a sex worker and never knowing his father, Chester grew up on the streets of Galik. He was something of an academic prodigy, and was discovered at a young age by a kindly local merchant, and eventually rose to the point where he was keeping his account books.
He continued to impress through his teen years, eventually earning a scholarship to Galik Arcane University, where he studied force magics, particularly the field of Graviturgy. Amongst his instructors he was known as a quick study, but with his peers he was known as an insufferable flirt with roguish charm, known to leave broken hearts in his wake.
He eventually graduated, youngest in his class, and was quickly offered a spot in the Dominion of the Arcane with the rank of Apprentice. He was a professor's assistant at the university, working under Professor Kin'grac, where he maintained both his stellar academic reputation and also his penchant for fraternizing with female students.
Professor Kin'grac was given a research grant from the university to study the effects of Graviturgy Magic on the eccentric forces within the Fey Realm, and took his PA Chester with him.
While in the 3 month research trip to the fey, Chester Iros came in contact with Reltaria, an Archfey Queen on the Syilee Court. Seeing an opportunity to learn even more spells and expand his power quickly, he managed to seduce her and they had a two week affair. Upon learning that Archfey's could not be obtained without a pact and refusing to get tied down relationally, Chester left Reltaria in the lurch.
Furious and looking to teach Chester a lesson, Reltaria placed a powerful fey curse on him. Because he acted like a feral Tom cat, selfishly thinking only of himself in life and love, she turned him into a black cat with white paws. The curse prevents any form of transformation magic to work on him, and cannot be broken until he learns to truly love someone and be loved in return. Fortunately for Chester, the curse allowed him to still speak and cast magic, and so, desperate to find a cure for his condition, he stole the remainder of the Grant money (which he was able to do through embezzling, since he was keeping the research mission's books). He then disappeared, and when Professor Kin'grac returned to Galik, he reported Chester as missing.
Knowing that his ill-gotten goods wouldn't last forever, and needing space to research without his peers knowing about what had become of him, Chester put together a plan. In order to get into the Guild of mages in Galik, a space has to open up. Chester knew that the Space only opened up because of the death of an older graviturgy mage, Master Mann.
Enjoying the irony, Chester constructed a very basic robotic familiar, and dressed them in heavy cloaks. He would then open a small shop in the wilds to keep his research funded as he continued to look for a cure for his condition. Chester Iros now pretends to be the familiar of "professor Mann", but the truth is that it is that the cat is the wizard.
Meanwhile, Chester grows increasingly frustrated, particularly at the lack of female companionship.</spoiler>


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Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros)
The Professor and his "cat".
Languages Common, Sylvan, Gnomish
Affiliations Arcane Academy
Aliases N/A
Marital Status Single
Place of Birth birthplace
Species Warforged?
Gender He/him
Height 6 ft.
Weight ?
Eye Color ?

Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros) is a Warforged Graviturgy Wizard (And his Black House Cat)

Physical Appearance

Prof. Mann is a mysterious and somewhat unnerving figure. Standing exactly 6 ft. tall and covered head to boots in thick brown robes, the details of his figure are shrouded in questions. If you manage to catch a glimpse under his deep hood, all you will see is a purple ceramic theatrical mask with an even more disturbing white smile.

Always somewhere near the professor, either perched on his shoulders or lounging on a shelf or counter, is his black cat, Chester Iros, or "Ches". A sleek black house cat with piercing yellow eyes that seem to know more than a cat should. The cat wears a collar with a crystal hanging from the front.


Prof. Mann stands rigid and motionless most of the time. When needing to move, the movements are always quick jerking motions without like a poorly operated marionette. His voice appears to come from all around the room and never seems focused on the hooded figure.

Chester will lazily lounge around the professor most of the time, unless his curiosity is peeked. He will often jump up to the counter to inspect transactions more closely or rub against the legs of women who are browsing the store's wares.

Vocally, Prof. Mann is well spoken and polite, juxtaposing against his lack of movement or puppet-like limbs. He is friendly and informative, using his "customer service" voice while assisting customers.

If a customer is interested in Chester, he will often say to "ignore Chester, he is frustratingly curious and catches more trouble than he catches pests."


*Below are spoilers, don't read if you want the Professors secrets to be revealed Organically*


Common, Sylvan, Gnomish

Powers and Abilities

Oh, Gravity. Why can't we seem to keep it together?

Attacks and Weapons 

Your favorite weapons.

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