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[[Category:Player Characters]]
[[Category:Player Characters]]
[[Category:Wicked Wilds]]

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Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros)
The Professor and his "cat".
Languages Common, Sylvan, Gnomish
Affiliations Arcane Academy
Aliases N/A
Marital Status Single
Place of Birth birthplace
Species Warforged?
Gender He/him
Height 6 ft.
Weight ?
Eye Color ?

Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros) is a Warforged Graviturgy Wizard (And his Black House Cat)

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Prof. Mann is a mysterious and somewhat unnerving figure. Standing exactly 6 ft. tall and covered head to boots in thick brown robes, the details of his figure are shrouded in questions. If you manage to catch a glimpse under his deep hood, all you will see is a purple ceramic theatrical mask with an even more disturbing white smile.

Always somewhere near the professor, either perched on his shoulders or lounging on a shelf or counter, is his black cat, Chester Iros, or "Ches". A sleek black house cat with piercing yellow eyes that seem to know more than a cat should. The cat wears a collar with a crystal hanging from the front.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Prof. Mann stands rigid and motionless most of the time. When needing to move, the movements are always quick jerking motions without like a poorly operated marionette. His voice appears to come from all around the room and never seems focused on the hooded figure.

Chester will lazily lounge around the professor most of the time, unless his curiosity is peeked. He will often jump up to the counter to inspect transactions more closely or rub against the legs of women who are browsing the store's wares.

Vocally, Prof. Mann is well spoken and polite, juxtaposing against his lack of movement or puppet-like limbs. He is friendly and informative, using his "customer service" voice while assisting customers.

If a customer is interested in Chester, he will often say to "ignore Chester, he is frustratingly curious and catches more trouble than he catches pests."

History[edit | edit source]

*Below are spoilers, don't read if you want the Professors secrets to be revealed Organically*

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, Sylvan, Gnomish

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Oh, Gravity. Why can't we seem to keep it together?

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Your favorite weapons.

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