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Twenty (20.3 Mk II)
"This land has not drowned itself yet. It is worth protecting."
Relatives Other Aizan Sentries (likely destroyed)
Languages Common, Druidic, Elvish, Primordial, Sylvan
Affiliations Aizan Sentries (former)
Aliases Twenty
Marital Status Single
Place of Birth Land of Calian
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species Warforged
Gender Nonbinary
Height 6'3
Weight 211 lbs

Circle of Wildfire Druid. She/They.

Physical Appearance

Twenty is a 6'3 wooden robot. They wear no clothes or armor because such things are unnecessary for them; this shows that their body is made from brown and reddish segments of smoothed tree bark. Twenty's face bears no traditional eyes or mouth; rather, she has a visor-like carving that allows her visual processing unit to view her surroundings. Her mouth is a speaker component that projects a relatively feminine voice, though they are capable of changing tones if desired. Their chest segment can open up to reveal a burning yellow flame that is their power source. They bear a thick, medium wooden shield on their back because they needed something to watch their back after their fellow sentries fell with the rest of Calian. Twenty's appearance is not special; there were other almost identical sentries before Calian drowned and took the others with it.


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Twenty was created with the programming to speak Primordial and Sylvan because these languages are naturally tied to the land and Aiza, her creator, was a nature goddess. Common was acquired to allow proper communication with those who approached the Gleamtree, mainly to demand surrender of trespassers and assist Aizan acolytes with rituals or prayers. As for Elvish, all Aizan Sentries were created with an additional language to account for more personal communication with outsiders. Other sentries knew Gnomish or Halfling or Draconic, etc. Twenty learned Druidic after washing up in Amusa and being taken in by a Druidic Circle. Their favorite language is Druidic because it reminds them of the simplest time in their life—one where they weren’t saddled with the responsibility of orders or memory.

Powers and Abilities

Twenty was created as part of the Mark I line of sentries to serve as a line of support and defense. When they were a light cleric of Aiza, they focused on using supportive spells to buff the offensive Mark II line and revive any fallen allies. Now, as a druid relying on their internal Glimmerflame rather than a goddess, Twenty has the programming to attack rather than just defend. Twenty specializes in fire-based spells when it comes to offense, and they are capable of fighting either at range or in melee. At a distance, she can target and burn multiple foes with spells like Scorching Ray or Heat Metal and be effective at crowd control with Fog Cloud and Moonbeam. Up close, Twenty can conjure a Flame Blade to scorch the unprepared with. She's also fond of using Burning Hands to torch people who try to rush her. Twenty has retained the healing protocol from her sentry days, though it now runs in the background rather than being upfront and will still heal injured or fallen party members if she registers an opportunity to do so. The physical manifestation of her inner Glimmerflame, her Wildfire Spirit, is capable of executing rescue protocol by teleporting either herself or others away from danger and leaving bursts of flame in its wake.

Attacks and Weapons 

Typical Weapon: Quarterstaff.

Cantrips: Guidance, Mold Earth, Shillelagh

Prepared 1st Level Spells: Absorb Elements, Burning Hands, Cure Wounds, Entangle, Fog Cloud, Healing Word, Speak with Animals

Prepared 2nd Level Spells: Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Heat Metal, Moonbeam, Scorching Ray, Wither and Bloom

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