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"Only through violence, suffering and hardship can one truly express any worth in being alive."
Relatives Rav' Vijannath (father, deceased)

Medda (mother, deceased)

In'fith' Cinderrath (uncle, deceased)
Languages Common, Loxodon (albeit an extremely outdated version)
Affiliations The Meldurnian Rav'vince (Pra'/prince, formerly), The Collective (Emperor, formerly)
Aliases The Cindering Winter King

Winter King
The Phoenix Butcherer
The White Scourge

Lord of Ashes
Marital Status Widower
Place of Birth Capital of the Meldurnian Rav'vince
Date of Death Prehistory (revived)
Place of Death Throne Room of the Collective (revived)
Species Loxodon/Musuuth (ancient precursor to the modern Loxodon)
Gender Male
Height 8' 3"
Weight 402 lbs.
Eye Color Icy blue, with a red tinge

Wintertusk is the former tyrant of a Prehistoric kingdom in the Northern Mountains that he dubbed The Collective. Having been revived by the violent eruption of shadow energy in the north, Wintertusk seeks to reestablish his dominion, this time cementing his eternal reign by annihilating all lesser life with a global winter. He is a level 6 Musuuth (Loxodon) Samurai Fighter.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Being nearly 5,000 years old, most of it spent slowly rotting away in a frozen tomb, Wintertusk's body certainly shows its age. The ancient king belongs to an extinct (at least in spirit) race that called themselves the musuuth in their tongue. Arguably superior to the loxodons they eventually became, Wintertusk's species resembles a larger, furred version of the loxo, complete with an extra set of tusks, greater muscle mass in the upper body, and a mane-like growth pattern of hair.

Wintertusk, as an individual, stands at an imposing 8 foot, 3 inches and weighs around 400 pounds, although this is known to change while he slowly regenerates missing chunks of his body. Both through natural predisposition and decades of war, Wintertusk's body is comparable in musculature to that of an ogre with his torso almost appearing top-heavy. His gray skin is entirely covered by a thick coat of black, cream and dark brown fur. His chest, underside of his trunk, and belly bear cream colored fur, while his forearms, feet, back, and tip of his tail are black. The rest of his body is covered mostly in the dark brown fur. Growing down from the back of his unkempt head hair, is a large mane of thick, brown hair that follows the back of his neck down to in-between his shoulder blades. Some patches near the edges of this mane are braided in a strange method traditional for musuuth royalty. Originally brown in hue, his irises have recently turned a haunting light blue since his resurrection, with them typically accompanied by a red tint. Furthermore, Wintertusk's sclera are a glossy black, likely betraying the way he escaped death. His left eye is noticeably emboldened by a single, deep scar: the reminder of a decision that cost incalculable lives. The other eye is concealed by a blood-stuck bandage that has been tightly wrapped across it, probably in a bid to hide something revolting. Wintertusk also sports two sets of tusks, with one serving as a smaller, vestigial indicator of increased aggression. The larger, primary tusks are about 2 feet long, while their shorter counterparts come in at around 10 inches. Etched into each of these tusks are various runes and titles accumulated over a lifetime; in particular, a larger rune on the inner left tusk depicts an avian skull. His furred trunk seems to be about 2 and a half feet long, and constantly twitches as if it has a mind of its own. Simultaneously, what appear to be small icicles constantly grow from Wintertusk's earlobes, which must be numb to the apparent frostbite. A pair of small, golden earrings accompany the icicles at the base of the left ear, which softly clink against each other whenever the musuuth walks. On a more general scale, Wintertusk's body is littered with old scars; some big, some negligible. Besides the one tarnishing Wintertusk's eye, there is a jagged, three-clawed scar on his right bicep, as well as a particularly gruesome one on his side that nearly goes halfway across his stomach. Accompanying these scars are many open holes in his body, some from the decay over aeons and others from a bloody battle that just couldn't heal. Some of these missing chunks include in his right eye, over parts of his lower ribcage, in his outer right thigh, and in his left heel. The largest hole, however, is the lethal cavity in the center of his chest- the shape of the entrance wound suggests that it was a large blade that created it.

Regarding his attire, Wintertusk is adorned in a greatly damaged breastplate, which seems to be made of a strange, organic metal, but now lies cold and dormant. Beneath this armor, a padded undershirt is left tattered and bloodied. More bandages are wrapped around this shirt at the sternum, likely hiding the hole in the shirt, as well as the torso beneath it; one can see the bandages through the hole in the armor. While most of his arms is left unprotected due to the limited nature of breastplate, Wintertusk does keep his right shoulder covered at the joint with the preserved skull of supposedly a large bird. Used as a grisly pauldron, he keeps the remains as a reminder of what happens should one disgrace him. Attached to his breastplate at the back and waist are an assemblage of different straps and sheaths, which the musuuth uses to carry his weapons- no matter how short those times may be. Beneath his belt are a pair of leather shorts layered with scales of iron, with the polish long since been weathered away. Wintertusk possesses no footwear, as his calloused, pachyderm feet alone have seen him through many harsh campaigns. Strung across his neck is a cord bandolier of assorted teeth, minor bones and marriage rings, which are arranged in such a way that they purposefully clatter together to announce his approach and monstrous intent. There are several other strange qualities about Wintertusk, such as the presence of untouched snow powdering his shoulders, as well as the blatant visibility of his breath when in a lukewarm space. Wintertusk also walks with a subtle, but noticeable limp: something he actively works to conceal.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

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Languages[edit | edit source]

Wintertusk is fluent in Common, as it was quite widespread even before history. He is also well-versed in Loxodon, it being his born language, although it's greatly departed from its modern-day equivalent (similar to if someone were to speak English in a very heavy Gaelic accent, as well as using archaic terms and idioms to boot).

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Originally an independent, frontline warrior using the power of fire and ice, the Cindering Winter King now resorts to using his damaged weapons without the assistance of thermal magic.

Being a progenitor of the Loxo, Wintertusk possesses a stronger mind than most, allowing him to ignore emotions that might otherwise hinder his bloodlust (Loxodon Serenity). He also has tremendous muscle mass in his upper body (Powerful Build), as well as thick skin covered in a coat of thicker fur (Natural Armor). The presence of his trunk also effectively gives him a third hand (Trunk) and a heightened sense of smell (Keen Smell).

After decades of martial combat, territorial expansion, and a total genocide, calling Wintertusk a fighting specialist would be an understatement. Having learned from a young age to put every ounce of ferocity into his attacks, he is able to consistently deal devistating blows to his enemies (Great Weapon Fighting Style) and deliver multiple strikes in an instant (Extra Attack). The thrill of battle is a drug he is proudly hooked on- throughout an altercation, Wintertusk reinvigorates himself with a rush of adrenaline and dopamine, stoking his resolve (Second Wind), deranging his attacks (Fighting Spirit) and hastening his capabilities (Action Surge). Lastly, Wintertusk has a particular prowess in the halberd (Polearm Master): his favorite weapon alongside the longsword.

Recently, Wintertusk has also come into contact with the soul of Tuchello, who granted him and his associates a powerful ward against death (Tuchello's Afterlife Boon).

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Weapon Description Available Attacks
Phoenite Halberd (Dormant)

An intricate, double-ended halberd forged from an organic alloy called phoenite. The large blades are sculpted to resemble swaying tongues of fire, although the weapon has long since gone dark and cold.

Two-handed Melee, Opposite End (Polearm Master)
Snowdrift (Dormant)

A frost-skinned longsword birthed from cold fire. Once enchanted to grant the attuned immunity to ice, as well as dominion over it, Snowdrift now lies absent of most of that magic.

Melee, Two-handed Melee

A pair of simple hatchets geared toward battle. They are in the style of Wintertusk's childhood nation though, which reminds him of a more innocent life.

Melee, Ranged

Adventures[edit | edit source]

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