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* No UA is permitted due to potential balancing issues
* No UA is permitted due to potential balancing issues
* The world of Quelmar has unique racials available that are listed on the wiki at quelmarwiki.com  in the tab “Portals” > ”Gamemaster”
* The world of Quelmar has unique racials available that are listed on the wiki at quelmarwiki.com  in the tab “Portals” > ”Gamemaster”
* Allowed Stat generation includes Standard Array, Point Buy, and rolling 4d6 (drop low).
* Allowed Stat generation includes Standard Array, Point Buy, and rolling 4d6 (as per PHB pg 13).
* No child characters.
* No child characters.

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This page is to serve as a base player resource throughout the Wicked Wilds campaign.

Current Wicked Wild Dungeon Masters

  • Dave (AlchemicalLuck#8895)
  • Aaron (cassel523#1011)
  • Julia (lunadix#8674)
  • Keller (K-dawg12#5590)

Current Wicked Wild Game Locations

  • Master Goblin Games: 234 E College Ave Suite D, State College, PA 16801
  • IGAR Games: 1514 Martin St, State College, PA 16803
  • Jakes Cards and Games: 131 W High St #1624, Bellefonte, PA 16823

Wicked Wilds Character Form

Please use the above google form to detail and submit your character for Within the Wicked Wilds.

Character Creation Rules

  • Player Characters for Wicked Wilds start at 3rd level with 900 XP and all available starting equipment
  • Any backgrounds that provide free feats are excluded
  • This campaign requires the use of the latest version of any published material
  • No UA is permitted due to potential balancing issues
  • The world of Quelmar has unique racials available that are listed on the wiki at quelmarwiki.com  in the tab “Portals” > ”Gamemaster”
  • Allowed Stat generation includes Standard Array, Point Buy, and rolling 4d6 (as per PHB pg 13).
  • No child characters.

Player Character Advancement

  • Characters will be rewarded with XP upon the completion of a game session. XP will be tracked on the Player Tracker spreadsheet and shared through the wiki.
  • XP will be awarded on a sliding scale to help balance the disparity of character levels that may find themselves at the same session. Average character level of the party will be used to determine base XP for the session.
  • XP will be rewarded for player contributions to the Quelmar Wiki. Thresholds will be established that will create diminished returns as players continue to write but the DMs do not, at this time, see a reason to put a cap on XP earned from Wiki contributions.
    • An example of diminished returns would be as follows:
      • 1XP per word, up to a total of 5,000 words.
      • 1XP per 2 words from 5,001 words to 10,000 words
      • 1XP per 3 words from 10,001 words to 15,000 words
      • And so on…
      • Once you have made a contribution to the wiki, fill out the following google form to fill out your information so when can update your XP.
  • Should the level deviation in the player base begin to hinder the ability of the DMs or the general fun and challenge of sessions, the DM team reserves the right to increase starting level and bump all existing characters still at the starting level.

A Slow Walker's Guide to the Land of the Lost

The above page, penned in character by Shelmlock Dolmes, famed detective and reporter for the Galik Herald, is to serve as a short summery of the land of Amusa and its current state summarized all onto a single page.

Reach 5 in a row and win a in-game reward!

House Rules

  • All directions of movement, including diagonals, are 5 feet.
  • Taking a critical hit while making death saving throws is 1 automatic fail, not 2.
  • Ammunition and Carrying Capacity are not tracked. Though it may be determined on a case by case basis if you are carrying too much of something.
  • It's assumed players are supplied basic components for spells at camp between sessions. Very expensive components (like diamonds) are still tracked and necessary.
  • An inspiration point can be used to "De-Inspire" an enemy's check, save, or attack.
  • Allies and Enemies in a line of fire do not provide half-cover (unless they actively choose to provide cover for someone else)
  • The Flanking variant rule is in play, allowing players to get advantage if they attack an enemy from two opposing sides.
  • Players can cast 2 spells on their turn as long as one is a bonus action, and is not limited to Cantrip actions only.
  • Critical Hit Variant Rule:
    • When a critical attack is rolled, gather the entire dice pool as per the standard rule.
    • Remove one of the dice representing the weapons base damage and set it aside with its highest value facing up.
    • Roll the rest of the dice pool.
    • Total the rolled dice pool and then add the highest value of the die that was set aside.
    • Then add any relevant modifiers.

Wicked Wilds Downtimes

In between adventures your characters have the opportunity to work in the basecamp on personal projects to benefit themselves or the company. Each month players can choose a new downtime. Downtimes are public actions and cannot be kept secret.

  • Item Crafting: Spell Scroll
    • “Spend your downtime crafting a magic spell scroll, if you're proficient.”
    • To scribe a spell scroll, you must be proficient in Arcana, Religion, or Nature and must have the spell you are trying to copy prepared. You can only make one kind of spell scroll per basecamp downtime. The spell must be of a spell level you can currently cast. Each spell has a necessary time requirement and cost requirement. If a spell has a material component that has a GP cost, its cost is also included in the cost of the spell scroll.
Spell Scroll Table
Spell Level Amount that Can be Produced Cost
Cantrip Up to 8 15 GP Per
1st Up to 8 25 GP Per
2nd Up to 6 250 GP Per
3rd Up to 4 500 GP Per
4th Up to 2 2500 GP Per
5th Up to 1 5000 GP Per
  • Item Crafting: Potion
    • “Spend your downtime crafting a magic potion, if you're proficient.”
    • To create a potion you must be proficient with and must possess or have access to a set of Alchemist Equipment and the cost for producing the potions is half of the potions normal cost. You can spend your downtime to craft 4 Common Potions, 4 Acid Vials, 4 Alchemist Fire’s or 1d4 Uncommon Potions without a roll.
    • If you wish to create a potion of rarity rare or higher, you must make a check determined by the DM and be in possession of rare materials to receive 1d2 instances of the potion.
  • Relaxation/Rest
    • “Spend your downtime relaxing after an intense month of adventuring. You may use this time to recover from lasting effects/conditions, heal from major injuries, and rest until your next great adventure. If a player does not choose a downtime, this is their assumed downtime.”
    • No Rolls Required.
  • Religious Practice
    • "Spend your downtime communing with your deity or patron. You can use your time to strengthen your belief, build an altar, or seek divine guidance. In return you may be blessed with some benefit from your deity or patron such as a blessing or an otherworldly vision.”
    • Roll a Religion, Insight, or Persuasion Check
  • Training
    • “Spend your downtime honing your skills and abilities, or even use it to learn some new ones. But new skills take time to train.”
      • Training a Language, Tool, or Simple Weapon takes two months of basecamp downtime to complete.
      • Training a Martial Weapon takes three months of basecamp downtime to complete
      • Training to change a Character Subclass/Background takes one month of basecamp downtime to complete.
      • Training to swap one level of class with another takes one month of basecamp downtime to complete.
      • No Rolls Required.
  • Foraging
    • “Spend your downtime searching the surrounding wilderness for strange resources and materials. You can do this to discover rare spell components or find ingredients/treasures to give to NPC shopkeepers so they can expand their magical shop inventory.”
    • Roll any three of the following: Survival, Medicine, Nature, Investigation, or Perception.
  • Fortify Basecamp
    • “Spend your downtime working to improve the company basecamp. This could mean constructing a protective wall, digging trenches, to putting up a guard tower. But it could also mean assisting in expanding the camp’s magical wards, hunting for food, working in the medical tents, or performing to bring up company morale.”
    • Roll any three of the following checks: Athletics, Animal Handling, Arcana, Medicine, Nature, Performance, Survival
  • Scouting Missions
    • “Has there been a location you visited in a previous adventure that you would like to return to or a mysterious ruin you know the location of that you would like to investigate? Well spend your downtime going on a company scouting mission. This allows you to travel to locations in between sessions and discover secrets that may have been missed before or find clarification on some recently discovered information. It also allows you to become more knowledgeable about a certain location, making it easier for the company to send an official expedition out to the site in the future.”
    • Roll Survival and two of the following: Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, Perception, Religion, or Stealth
  • Exploring the Area
    • “Spend your downtime exploring the surrounding region in hopes of discovering something exciting.”
    • Roll any three of the following: Animal Handling, Insight, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival

Code of Conduct

All participants (players, DMs, and organizers) are automatically expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct, and consent to the use of the X-Card, when playing a Wicked Wilds Community table.

  1. All Wicked Wilds Community Campaign participants are here to have fun and should feel safe and included at all times. Fun at others’ expense is no fun at all.  
  2. Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of others at the event. Wicked Wilds is a public, community campaign, open to all State College players of ages 13 and up. Please avoid excessively vulgar, sexual, or overly mature themes when requested.
  3. Follow the DM’s lead, try to avoid extended arguments with the DM or other players over rules, as time is limited at these events. The Dungeon Master has the right to remove a disruptive player from the table. Disruptive behavior includes (but is not limited to):
    1. Speaking over other players.
    2. Excessive cross-talk that is not relevant to the adventure being played.
    3. Not sharing the spotlight with other players.
  4. No tolerance is given for aggressive behavior, and are grounds for immediate removal from the game.
    1. Aggressive behavior includes threats of or actual physical aggression against another player, disrespecting pronouns, using slurs, and otherwise harassing participants.
  5. Any player who oversteps a boundary, whether explicitly set or not, should be held accountable with the use of the X-Card. X-Carded behaviors will immediately be halted and discontinued at the present table.
  6. If a participant feels uncomfortable bringing an issue to the attention of the table via X-Card, the participant should notify a Dungeon Master or Quelmar Representative as soon as comfortably possible.
  7. Participants are required to have received their vaccine for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to keep playing spaces at a level of safety expected by the community. The use of masks at the table is optional but encouraged.

Wicked Wilds Feedback Form

Feel free to use the above document to submit any feedback, suggestions, or concerns you have about Within the Wicked Wilds.

Google Forms

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