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Ren Atherton
Relatives Chadicus Atherton (father), Maria Allen (mother), Dale and Lucy (younger siblings)
Languages Common, Draconic
Affiliations Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company
Aliases Allen Nittany, Nicholas Seawell, Suzie Bluth
Marital Status single
Place of Birth Seawell
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species Human
Gender Male (he/him)
Height 5'9"
Weight 140 lbs
Eye Color Gray

Ren Atherton is a chaotic good human from Seawell. He has the Criminal background since he was falsely accused of a crime and exiled from the town. He started with one level in Rogue, and then began as a Warlock (Great Old One - Pact of the Chain).

Physical Appearance

Ren is a 21-year-old man. At 5'9" and 140 pounds, Ren is average height and thin. He has gray eyes, medium-length black hair, and generally dresses in darker clothes and wears a black cape.


Ren is social and laid back, but it hesitant to get too close with people too soon.


Ren grew up in the coastal city of Seawell with two parents and two siblings. His father Chadicus Atherton is a dragonborn blacksmith and locksmith, so he learned how to pick locks as his apprentice as a child. His mother Maria Allen is a changeling bard who teaches at the local school. He gets along well with his younger siblings Dale and Lucy.

Ren often ran late for school as a kid, so he learned to dash and hide as needed to convince teachers he'd been in class the whole time and was not late as they had thought.

He befriended a former thief named Ashe, who changed his ways after breaking into a noble's house and being adopted instead of arrested. Ashe still knew how to pick locks and remain undetected however, and taught Ren how to do some of these things when absolutely necessary for the greater good.

While attending Seawell Community College, Ren saw a drunk man harassing a woman on the street at night, so he intervened, accidentally pushing the man to the ground. The man said that the city guard all follow him, claiming he'd sue for assault. The city guard believed the drunk man (who Ren was unable to identify), so Ren was found guilty of assault and exiled from Seawell.

Ren set out for the only major city he knew of, Garik, and stopped at an inn on the way there. That night in his dreams, a mysterious entity calling himself Igor spoke to him, offering a deal. In exchange for fighting for justice and taking down powerful and corrupt villains, Igor would grant him eldritch powers. Ren agreed and continued to Garik, where he joined the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company.

When he got to Garik, he signed a Pact of the Chain with Igor, and when he cast Find Familiar, it took the form of a magical cat named Morgan. The two then began adventuring together with the party.


Since learning to disguise himself, Ren has taken on three go-to identities:

Allen Nittany passes himself off as a student at the nearest college to access their libraries and listen in on conversations to gather intel.

Nicholas Seawell is allegedly a merchant with connections to the Port of Seawell. Ren sometimes takes on this identity to meet nobles and other officials.

Suzie Bluth claims to be a member of the powerful Bluth family of carpenters and developers that own a disturbing amount of the land in the Seawell area. She claims to be surveying other lands to find some places to build real estate, but Ren usually takes on this identity to gather info from men at taverns, before leaving when the 1-hour duration of Disguise Self is up.


Like most people in Seawell, he learned Common. He also learned Draconic from his father, who mostly spoke Common in town but would use Draconic half of the time at home and always when swearing after a workplace injury.

Powers and Abilities

Ren is the embodiment of "the power of friendship and this gun I found" (persuasion and Eldritch Blast). He tries to avoid violence if he can, turning toward Persuasion first. If he can stay hidden and disengage from melee, he almost always will try to. But if needed, he's happy to use Eldritch Blast and Hex to hurt and hinder enemies from a (hopefully) safe distance. With high dexterity and Mage Armor, he's harder to hit, but if he does get hit, things get rough for him.

Since his mother and siblings are changelings but he is a human and unable to shapeshift freely, he learned the Mask of Many Faces invocation so he could do the same once he returns home to his family.

His familiar, Morgan, can take on many forms, but is usually in the form of a cat. Ren plans on developing Morgan's surveillance skills as he gains a better understanding of the Pact of the Chain.

Attacks and Weapons 

Ren occasionally uses a shortbow from a distance, or of he's forced into melee, a rapier for sneak attack. He doesn't like melee though, so he tries to stay out of it.

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