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The Neighbours
The Neighburrow
Years Active Circa 1000 PR
Location Dunslough
Tier I

The Neighbours were a gang operating in the city of Ahol starting in 1010 PR. Whilst still a fledgling faction, this shadowy group managed to gain a reputation for taking bold, daring actions against those substantially larger and more powerful than themselves. They also had acquired a reputation of dealing with the arcane; they knew ghosts.

Current Members[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The Neighbours first established themselves within the city from the district of Dunslough, following a job for The Crows that brought them all together. Their waterfront property - an unfinished and abandoned annex of the local Ironhook Prison - once belonged to the area's most prominent gang: The Lampblacks. The swindling that resulted in the Neighbours' claim on the turf left a tense relationship between the two gangs, however cooperation against shared enemies was not unheard of.

One of their first large jobs involved a successful heist against the Red Sashes, raiding their floating treasure vault. The job was taken to help ease tensions with the Lampblacks, as open warfare had recently broken out between the two.

Unbeknownst to the majority of the city, the actions taken by the gang during a heist on delivery company MedEx were the direct cause of the Mothers' Day Spirit Riots of 1010 PR. This would later catch up with the gang when Sister was arrested in connection with the event, and was incarcerated in Ironhook Prison for several weeks.

After multiple confrontations with the group, the gang fell victim to an intricate plot orchestrated by the Red Sashes. It was discovered that the Neighbours had collaborated with the Bellweather Boots, providing knowledge of Lyssa's involvement in the death of previous Crows leader Roric, and a potential Bluecoat cover-up. When this betrayal was revealed to Lyssa and her Crows, she declared war upon the Neighbours.

Finding themselves ill-equipped for the unexpected conflict, the Neighbours sought refuge in new territory beyond the city's limits. Making contact with a group of smugglers, the Fog Hounds, they were able to navigate their way through the Dunslough's underground sewer system, and reach the Old North Port. Through the use of their characteristic guile and theatrics, the Neighbours were able to establish a foothold in the area. It was from here they schemed how to end their war, which included breaking into Roric's tomb and stealing the Ghadar from the Spirit Wardens. They were able to hunt down the ghost of Roric with these; breaking into the Crows Nest - Lyssa's HQ - to steal his spirit bottle.

Once again masquerading as The Caw-Caws the gang were able to invite a large group of Crows to The Rose's Thorn, the site of Roric's murder. Those in attendance - headed by Gemma Dropkick - were already suspicious of Lyssa and her position as leader. It was here Sparks was able to conjure the echo depicting the foul acts of Lyssa and her entourage, and release the spirit of Roric. With the betrayal exposed the Neighbours were able to escape the ensuing chaos, and the Crows would find themselves in the midst of violent internal turmoil, threatening to bring down the gang as a whole. This informally marked the end of the war, and demonstrated to the city the lengths The Neighbours could and would go to.

Allies and Contacts[edit | edit source]

As a low tiered gang, The Neighbours found themselves surrounded by enemies. However, a number of friends could be found throughout the city, willing to lend a hand (even if purely motivated by coin)

  • Laroze of the Bluecoats was an old friend of one of the gang members, stationed at Ironhook Prison. The gang used this relationship to reduce their heat after risky jobs, and gaining intel regarding the police's activities.
  • Nyryx was a prostitute who worked around the city, particularly the docks area. She was occasionally used to provide information to The Neighbours.
  • Sawtooth, a physicker who was willing to assist the Neighbours under the table, performing operations in their own private lair infirmary.
  • Flint was a spirit trafficker who worked at the Bellweather Crematorium. He was friends with Sparks and helped the gang on a number of occasions, mostly just providing information. He was also employed to perform the ritual exposing the echo of Roric's murder.
  • The Booker Boys, two beefy brothers, were originally sent by Lyssa to kill The Neighbours during their war, however thanks to Orphan's persuasive nature, Branon and Brick were convinced to join the gang instead.
  • The Bellweather Boots newspaper - headed by Aldo Farros - held a business relationship with The Neighbours for some time, working as informants within the city should any useful information crop up.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

You don't establish a gang in Ahol without stepping on people along the way.

  • Up until their destruction, the Red Sashes worked against The Neighbours due to their involvement in the war against the Lampblacks.
  • Lyssa and The Crows originally maintained pleasant relations with The Neighbours, providing support and equipment when the group first formed. This changed once it was revealed the gang leaked information implicating Lyssa in Roric's murder, which resulted in a declaration of war. The Neighbours were able to exploit fractures in the gang's loyalties to bring about the end of hostilities.
  • Aldo Farros held the group responsible for the death of his sister Una, after she was caught in the crossfire of the Crows' civil war instigated by The Neighbours.
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