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==Book 1==
==Book 1==
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===Book 1 Summary===
===Book 1 Summary===
Our heroes journey out into the wild jungles of [[Amusa]] with [[The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company]] to explore and travel where no mortal has gone before. But quickly they find more then they expected: Kobold villages, massive unusual dragons, strange oozes, rabid [[gnolls]], and a fungal [[demon]] conspiracy that ties to the roots of the very continent. The first expedition of the company concludes with a massive raid on the company's camp by gnolls, Demons, and fungal cultists as the company returns to the great city of [[Galik]] with more questions than answers.
Our heroes journey out into the wild jungles of [[Amusa]] with [[The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company]] to explore and travel where no mortal has gone before. But quickly they find more then they expected: Kobold villages, massive unusual dragons, strange oozes, rabid [[gnolls]], and a fungal [[demon]] conspiracy that ties to the roots of the very continent. The first expedition of the company concludes with a massive raid on the company's camp by gnolls, Demons, and fungal cultists as the company returns to the great city of [[Galik]] with more questions than answers.
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*The company managed to load the airships with as much supplies as possible and made their return to the city of [[Galik]]. The Gnolls could not have organized this mission on their own, and now the company began their search to see who the real masterminds of the attack were, those hiding someone in Galik.
*The company managed to load the airships with as much supplies as possible and made their return to the city of [[Galik]]. The Gnolls could not have organized this mission on their own, and now the company began their search to see who the real masterminds of the attack were, those hiding someone in Galik.
*For more information check out [[The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company]]
*For more information check out [[The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company]]

==Book 2==
==Book 2==
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===Book 2 Summary===
===Book 2 Summary===
Recovering from the [[Gnolls|Gnoll]] horde [[The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company|attack on the company's basecamp]], [[The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company and its many heroic adventurer expeditionaries return to the city of [[Galik]], the largest city in [[Amusa]]. The company learns that the corruption in the wilds stems all the way out to even the city and come to the understanding that if they are to return to the wilds, the evil fungal influence in Galik must be dealt with first. The company learns that all this evil stems from a powerful demoness known as [[Mother]], a being with great power over fungus and rot. Her two leading cultists in the city are [[Alistair Hearthorne|Alistair]] and [[Lenore Hearthorne]], otherwise known as the Bride and Groom.
Recovering from the [[Gnolls|Gnoll]] horde [[The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company|attack on the company's basecamp]], [[The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company and its many heroic adventurer expeditionaries return to the city of [[Galik]], the largest city in [[Amusa]]. The company learns that the corruption in the wilds stems all the way out to even the city and come to the understanding that if they are to return to the wilds, the evil fungal influence in Galik must be dealt with first. The company learns that all this evil stems from a powerful demoness known as [[Mother]], a being with great power over fungus and rot. Her two leading cultists in the city are [[Alistair Hearthorne|Alistair]] and [[Lenore Hearthorne]], otherwise known as the Bride and Groom.
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==Book 3==
==Book 3==

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This page is the campaign synopsis as told by the DMs. To read a more detailed, fun, and lengthy synopsis of the campaign, see Within the Wicked Wilds/Player Recaps

Wicked Wilds Campaign Trailer
Book 1 Recap

Book 1

Book 1 Summary

Our heroes journey out into the wild jungles of Amusa with The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company to explore and travel where no mortal has gone before. But quickly they find more then they expected: Kobold villages, massive unusual dragons, strange oozes, rabid gnolls, and a fungal demon conspiracy that ties to the roots of the very continent. The first expedition of the company concludes with a massive raid on the company's camp by gnolls, Demons, and fungal cultists as the company returns to the great city of Galik with more questions than answers.

Notable Tags: Gnolls, Thinwhistle, Oozes, Old Alkinimic, Xevriss, Cultists, Mushrooms

Major Events: Establishment of the Basecamp, The Trial of the Sphinxes, The Kidnapping at the Basecamp, The Return of Xevriss, The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company

Session 1a: Kickoff Megagame - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bog

Session Tags: Warden of the Wilds, Oblex

Characters: Tassa (First Session), Wiggler (First Session), Kamakuras (First Session), Cinder Ashtalon (First Session), Joylee (First Session)

DM: Dave (4/29/2023)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest, The Warden of the Wilds

XP Gained: 4300 (990 at Level 3, 861 at Level 4, 732 at Level 5)

Important Things that Happened:

  • Players left base camp and set out into a swampy region west of the base camp. No known threats were identified so it was assumed that this excursion would most likely result in an uneventful stroll through the area.
  • Adrian Tempest led the group into the swamp.
  • The travel was uneventful until they saw a large 15' tall figure standing in an open swamp area.
  • As three of the party approached to investigate, two were attacked by large green tentacle-like creatures. The whole group engaged and began fighting the "tentacles" back. A third "tentacle" appeared as one of the first two was cut away. As the second "tentacle" was cut down a massive "head" like structure appeared and engaged the party.
  • It was about this time that a cloaked figure was seen observing the party while perched on top of a toppled tree 30 feet above the swamp.
  • The figure did nothing but observe as the group fought bitterly to gain the upper hand against the creature(s).
  • When victory was had and the battle finished, the group looked over to see the figure now standing on the far shore of the swamp. The figure raised their hands and magical fire ignited, lighting a path out and away from the swamp. The figure then disappeared.
  • Three of the group followed the lights while three stayed behind to rest and recover from the fight.
  • The lights led to a small round stone cottage that looked as though it had been around for decades. It was simple, sturdy and serviceable. Light and smoke from a fire escaped from the chimney and the windows. The first group approached and knocked. They were invited in to find the individual sitting, still hooded, in front of the lit fire.
  • After pleasantries were shared the individual introduced themselves as a Warden of the Wilds. They were blessed of a nature deity that had tasked them with caring for the natural order of things in this wild place. The Warden had forsaken a life among the mortal races and embraced the task given to them by their god.
  • Soon enough the other three of the party made their way to the cottage. The Warden then informed the group that what they had encountered was an Oblex. These creatures are ooze like but have a special affinity of feeding on creatures memories and, if given enough time, can consume enough of a creatures memories to develop a sort of mimic of that creature. The Oblex the group defeated was one that the Warden had been battling for some time. The first sightings of Oblex in the Wardens space was some 20 years prior.
  • After discussion, the group took their leave of the Warden but asked how they could contact them if need be. Though the Warden did not have an answer they said they would give it some thought. Some days later, individually wrapped gifts arrived at base camp for the group the Warden met.

Session 1b: Kickoff Megagame - Ruins of Maddening Dreams

Session Tags: The Green Knight, Perseus Company, Gnolls

Characters: Lysvan (First Session), Obsidian (First Session), Amaris Luanach (First Session), Chrysaor Purosis (First Session), Deralickt Dadwarf (First Session)

DM: Keller (4/29/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, Cookie, The Green Knight, Bulio

XP Gained: 4015 (803 at Level 4, 923 at Level 3)

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players depart with fellow Tempest Brother Expeditionary employees to visit the basecamp of another expeditionary group, Perseus Company.
  • The players soon discover a destroyed Perseus Company watchtower and deduce that the site was attack by Gnolls. They also discover a body in the tower seller full of mysterious black feathers which suddenly bursts into flames.
  • When camping for the night the players on watch encounter some strange occurrences, such as the trees around them appearing to move, and strange entities watching them from beyond the tree line.
  • The players arrive at the Perseus Basecamp to find it had been raided by Gnolls the day before. They discover that the camp was plagued with madness and find some of the bodies deceased due to strange unnatural causes.
  • The players encounter Bulio who had concealed his cart and shop, "Bulio's Bobbles and Boons," under a large tarp. In exchange for informing Bulio of the location of the Tempest Brother's basecamp, he gifts the players with some magic items before taking his leave.
  • Investigating the camp center inside a large temple, they discover survivors being held at the mercy of a band of Gnolls, all being overseen by a strange Green Knight
  • The players defeat the Gnolls while the Green Knight is able to escape. The players also come into possession of the Zephyr Blade, the strange and magical weapon of Perseus Camp's now deceased leader

Session 1c: Kickoff Megagame - Spiders and Ichor and Ruins....oh my!

Session Tags: Paul Fletcher, Lolth, Spiders

Characters: Reedy (First Session), Therrin Flare (First Session), Sabbaticle (First Session), Paris Hilton (First Session), Sir Yewvane Eedryll (First Session)

DM: Julia (4/29/2023)

Important NPCs: Paul Fletcher

XP Gained: 4250 (Lvl 3- 978, Lvl 4- 850, Lvl 5- 723)

Important Things that Happened:

  • Paul greets all the adventurers who arrived at basecamp, and acquires the team assigned to him to clear out the southern area of the wilds near camp and to explore some proposed ruins that were claimed to be there.
  • Once there, they began clearing out the rooms. The first room was fairly empty, aside from a handful of normal wolf spiders. The second room was the main chamber of the temple, with a large statue of Lolth. The statue was dusty and run down, save for her outstretched palm, which was distinctly un-dusty. Paul informs them that typically sculptures like this has a gem or tribute in her hand.
  • The hallways leading off of this room was covered in webs and a dark ichor. Magical sentinel goopey spider legs manifested from the ichor and hit the players if they ran past. After fighting through, they arrive to a small room, still with the ichor, and  a large nest. The party then fought the patriarch spider that resided there, the Haunter of the Night.
  • After disposing of the spider, the party cut open the nest to find various dead bodies of adventurers past. The party also found a large deep red gem, which Paul took back and placed in the hand of Lolth, which causes a secret door to open, revealing a steep staircase going down. When the gem is removed, the door closes. The party took the gem, and left the temple otherwise alone.

Session 1d: Kickoff Megagame - Kobold Khaos

Session Tags: Kobolds, Thinwhistle, Thelrya

Characters: 22, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, Nassir Tycho, Neru, Rina

DM: Aaron (4/29/2023)

Important NPCs: Bjorn Shattershield, Chief Thrax, Hunk

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 1058, XP at level 4: 920

Important Things that Happened:

  • Bjorn Shattershield sends the group to the west of the basecamp to investigate what seems to be a village of Kobolds. The group arrive at the village, named Thinwhistle, and are greeted by the guards of the village. The group talks their way in civilly and meet with the leader, Chief Thrax.
  • They are lead by Thrax through the village that was recently attacked. Thrax explains their has been a new ravenous apex predator that has moved into the area and has started a turf war with the existing apex. The group gets the location of the nest of the current Apex and sets out with some Kobolds from Thinwistle as backup. After inspection of the nesting grounds the group is attacked by scavenger guard drakes. During the combat the Apex dinosaur Anjanath comes back to its nest. The group fights valiantly against the monster and all the kobolds except one is killed. The surviving kobold named Hunk stood his own against two of the guard drakes and is carried off to safety and healed by the group. As they leave, another dinosaur, the Deviljho, attacks Anjanath and begins to devour it.
  • The group heads back to Thinwhistle and reports the events. Thrax takes them down to the hatchery to show the adventurers what they helped save. On the hatchery wall is a faded mural of what appears to be Kobolds depicted as kings ruling above other races....the Kobolds ancestral home of Thelrya.

Session 2: Curious Company

Session Tags: The Collector, Jack of Hearts

Characters: Black Jack (First Session), Nester Spitemore (First Session), Kompi (First Session), Dragonett (First Session), Marion Ette (First Session), Juno (First Session), Dothand Raki (First Session),

DM: Keller (5/1/2023)

Important NPCs: Cookie, Velemar Decrye, The Collector, Jack of Hearts

XP Gained: 5040 (911 at Level 3, 792 at Level 4, 673 at Level 5)

Important Things that Happened:

  • The Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company is contacted by a powerful and mysterious aristocrat by the name of the Collector to recover a specific tome for him out in the wilds, a First Edition copy of A Cosmos Compendium: An Academic's Guide to Quelmar Starcharting. He meets with the players and provides them with a map and a key to the cavern where it is held.
  • The players depart into the jungle and continue their trek into the night, where they spot a small campfire in the distance. While some players remaining in hiding, the rest of the party meet the charismatic Jack of Hearts and his band of adventurers. Jack of Hearts' crew included the individuals going by the names of Malakar, Theta, Yellana Eedryll, Titan, Tini, and Wren, along with two of the Pentulven Brothers.
  • After the players leave, they discover that some of them were dosed with a sleeping poison and that Jack of Hearts had stolen the map and the key. Rushing to the cavern where the book is said to be, the player's find that Jack of Hearts and his team had already completed most of the dungeon themselves.
  • The party pursues the thieves to the final room where the book is held and engage them in combat, only for the tome's guardian, a massive blue Behir by the name of Grimlight, to attack. The beast entered combat by consuming one of the Penulven Brothers and casting Greater Invisibility on themselves.
  • The players came to a soft truce with Jack of Hearts and his team to defeat the Behir, and eventually came to the deal that the players could take the book as long as Jack of Hearts got to keep the treasure from the cave.
  • On their way back to camp the player's discovered that the book had strange vertigo-inducing effects before handing it over to the Collector. Before he left the Collector revealed that he had also been responsible for hiring Jack of Hearts to retrieve the book.

Session 3: All That Glitters...

Session Tags: Dinosaurs, Magic, Arc

Characters: Helli, Sabbatical, Marion, Hermes, Neru, p'Rahp

DM: Julia (5/10/23)

Important NPCs: Arc

XP Gained: 4,370 (lvl 3- 838, lvl 4- 728, lvl 5- 619)

Important Things that Happened:

  • Arc summoned several of the hired adventurers to discuss their current mission. They previously sent three teams of their personal research assistants also employed by the Tempest Brothers over the last few weeks. They have not returned, thus they're now sending more capable adventurers.
  • Their research showed that the base came and surrounding areas are on a prominent area of a ley line. The local wildlife and animals can be affected by it. Arc wanted to note the effects that this could have.
  • The party started exploring the jungle, looking for any sign of the teams, or anything that may be useful to Arc's research. Eventually the party splits in two, with Sabbatical, Helli, and p'Rahp started looking for bodies in the general area, while Hermes, Neru, and Marion investigated a clearing up ahead.
  • The group looking for (non) survivors found several bodies, some of which had interesting damage marks on them, such as branching fractal patterns and burn marks. they looted the bodies for money, notebooks, and took the partial plate armor off of one of them.
  • The other group entered a clearing with quartz crystalline gravel. In the middle of the clearing was a strange glowing tree, with unknown flowers and fruit. The group decided to harvest some of the flowers and fruit. Marion decided to saw off a branch of the tree, causing the glowing to pulsate.
  • The pulsing summoned an arcane dinosaur who could shoot poison quills. The other half of the party came back and decided to fight. As the fighting went on, another arcane creature appeared, this one being able to summon and call lightning. Once they killed the poison dinosaur, a flying fire engulfed one came to the fight, and started attacking both the party and the remaining lightning dinosaur.
  • Hermes decided to run back to camp. Eventually, the party fled away from the clearing, waited for the fire dinosaur to fly away, and then went back to the clearing to harvest the dinosaur parts. they took a short rest before making it back to camp.

Session 4: River Me Timbers

Session Tags: River, Crocodiles

Characters: Dickweedus, Lysvan, Finny, Yewvane, Twilsby, Millar

DM: Julia (5/20/23)

Important NPCs: Billiam

XP Gained: 4700 ( lvl 3 -976 lvl 4 -848 lvl 5 -721 )

Important Things that Happened:

  • Players were enlisted in the camp by Lyowyn's assistant, Billiam. He informs the players that much of the leadership was busy with their own tasks and he was tasked with investigating this problem.
  • One of the main rivers that provided fresh water to camp was highly polluted with half eaten fish, chum, and bones. The party was assigned with going up river and finding the cause, and solving it.
  • Along the bank of the river, some of the players observe orangey-red glowing mushrooms along the bank. Finny flies off and gathers some in his pack. The mushrooms are extremely warm to touch. Lysvan used their innate knowledge of the wilds to note that they may be connected with Hellfire in some way.
  • The players eventually row up to a large, wide, still water area. They pull the boat ashore, and notice some creatures in the water. They throw pebbles and two mutant sea snakes with humanoid faces pop up and attack them. Two normal crocodiles come soon after, attracted by the noise and commotion.
  • After contending with both the snakes and the crocodiles, the patriarch of the clan, a large crocodile with humanoid arms. It attempts to grapple several members of the party, before getting a steady hold on Ratchet and tries to drag him into the water. Lysvan uses their fire spirit to teleport Rachet out of the gators mouth and onto the boat, where Millar was waiting. The Gator makes a lunge at Millar, while its tail smacks Ratchet, ultimately killing him.
  • They players do remain triumphant, killing all the creatures and resetting the river back to its natural state.

Session 5: Slim Pickins'

Session Tags: Adeline Hatchic, The Red Macaw

Characters: Chrysaor, Nassir Tycho, Obsidian, Felix Francis Fitzgerald (First Session), Amaris Luanach, Lowkey (First Session)

DM: Keller (5/21/23)

Important NPCs: Adeline Hatchic

XP Gained: 4,000 (lvl 3- 767, lvl 4- 667, lvl 5- 567)

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are called together by the Head of Mechanics at the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, Adeline Hatchic, to interview potential applicants to serve as the crew of The Red Macaw, one of the company's two main airships. In return for vouchers at Nettle's Soup Stand, the players would have to interview all potential applicants for each position, and decide on a Captain, First Mate, Engineer, navigator, and a Cook for the ship.
  • As the player's met with the applicants at a location outside the basecamp, they were met with an array of colorful, quirky, and strange individuals all interested in working for the company. This included such strange individuals as a blind ship captain with two eyepatches, two hook hands, and two peg legs, a Nothic who carried with them a bag of magical trinkets, a snooty and angry world class chef, and a blue octopus king who had a immense hatred of any creatures wearing pants...
  • After long interviews and much deliberation, the players decided on a crew.
    • For the cook they hired Bob, a large and clumsy Ogre chef with a heart of gold.
    • For the navigator they hired Bink, a curious and bright Kenku whose only limitation was the fact that she could only speak by mimicking words and voices she had recently heard.
    • For the engineer they hired David who was a down on his luck depressed and divorced dad who had lost his job in Galik and had his home repossessed.
    • For the First mate they hired Tiki-Ti, a strange telepathic Thri-Kreen who was was kind and understanding, with both great experience as a leader and warrior.
    • For the captain, they hired none other then Hawthorne Voss, famed high seas captain and experienced airship piolet with a charismatic demeanor and a face that made even married women swoon. Hawthorne was then murdered by his former first mate who had also applied to be captain, and who was also promptly murdered. The players promoted Tiki-Ti to ship captain and hired Polly the Seagull Aarakocra with an unnatural obsession with food to first mate.
    • In general hires they also hired Klerica, a young an naïve recent college graduate dragonborn, Rome Holiday, the heir to a large tavern empire, and Snoot, a Kobold with a gun.

Session 6: A Penguins Problem

Session Tags: Pennysworth, Demons

Characters: Kompi, Lambda, Therrin, Nester Spitemore, Paris Hilton, Sabbatical

DM: Aaron (5/24/2023)

Important NPCs: Pennysworth, Bjorn Shattershield, Hunk, Jim Stacy?!

XP Gained: 11,625 (lvl 3 1671, lvl4 1453, lvl 5 1235)

Important things that happened:

  • The players were tasked by Bjorn with finding Cpt Pennyworth's downed air ship to the east and help him and his crew get to base camp. After a searching they found the ship billowing smoke and the crew attempting to fix it.
  • Pennysworth fired a warning shot at the players as they arrived and explained the area was dangerous and they were already attacked and suffered a casualty. As the players got close to the airship they realized the ground seemed to be covered in a thick spongey layer of moss and all the trees were covered in strange fungal growths. Pennyworth asked for their help in repairing the ships engine and mast so that they could leave. The ship got damaged when several of the crew began to fight one another in an attempt to kill the other as they flew over the scar of Amusa.
  • Not long after the conversation began humanoid monsters began to appear from the ground as well as the trees. These monsters were covered in fungal growths as well as pustules and sores. These monsters also were speaking a guttural language and chanting different things. Sabbatical was able to recognize the language as Abyssal. The chants were of some menacing Mothers love and of her embrace.
  • During the combat Sabbatical was able to hear what seemed like Jim Stacy's voice amongst the throng of enemies. This voice voice seemed to state that it would be back for revenge. After this comment was made a giant four armed monster appeared from the ground as well. This beast almost ripped Kompi to pieces. eventually the players were able to kill off the monsters and repair the ship. As the remaining monsters were wiped out a shrill voice was heard screaming in Abyssal "MY CHILDREN!" The players immediately left the area

Session 7: Winds of Change

Session Tags:


DM: Julia (5/26/2023)

Important NPCs: Thistlebrook Conclave, Billiam

XP Gained: 4100

Important Things that Happened: [TBD]

Session 8: The Loss of Tassa

Session Tags: Bad icky things and a blood red swamp

Characters: Millar, p'Rahp, Tassa Brightfox, Lowkey, Neru, Dragonett, Deralickt Dadwarf

DM: Aaron (5/30/2023)

Important NPCs: Matilda Shattershield, Mother

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 1144, XP at Level 4: 880, XP at Level 5: 748

Important Things that Happened:

  • The group was asked by Matilda, the camp's lead cleric, to go and find the eyebright plant. This was needed to fix the issue several members of the camp were having from an effect of a monster. To do this they had to enter the swamp that surrounds the Scar.
  • As the party enters the swamp they had a brief conversation with the being known as "Mother". She wanted to know why they were disturbing her children. The group waded through the blood-red swamp and found a tree that looked like it had a face on it, and in this face were large shaped fruits. Once they got close they got ambushed by several monsters which the group manages to defeat.
  • After the battle was over, Mother spoke to them again and made them an offer. Tassa conversed with her when she heard she could get some gifts. Mother promised she could give her the things she wanted and Tassa accepted willingly and was sucked down into the muck and mire of the swamp. The rest returned with the trees eyes and the issue of going blind from the spores was fixed.

Session 9: Oblex Infestation Investigation

Session Tags: Oblex, Juiblex

Characters: Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Rina, Millar, Dochas, Dickweedus, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Balmer the Boulder

DM: Dave (5/31/2023)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest

XP Gained: Level 3: 1120, Level 4: 975, Level 5: 828

Important Things that Happened:

  • Adrian Tempest recruited members of the expedition to follow up on investigating the area around the Oblex. A team of scouts located a cluster of ooze in the near vicinity of the swamp where the Oblex were first encountered. He requested that the group follow up on where the grouping was located and determine if they are Oblex. If possible, eliminate them.
  • After a slow travel with some distractions, they arrived at the area they were told about. The group found themselves outside the hollow base of a huge tree, opening into the interior of the base. Giant roots spread out from the base and stretched in varying directions.
  • The group worked quickly and efficiently to eliminate the oozes. The group determined that the oozes were living in a sort of community with the more mature ones protecting the hatchlings and the Ooze Hatcher.
  • With further inspection, the group found that there was a malevolent magic about the area, finding that the entire tree stump had been enchanted with Conjuration Magic to act as a sort of homing beacon. The magic invoked the Demon Juiblex Demon of Lord of Slimes and Oozes.
  • As the group was investigating the finer points of this magic, Yewvane cast his paladin blessing into the homing beacon. The area reacted violently to the action and armored ooze/slime creatures erupted from the ground in the middle of the tree stump ready to attack the PCs. Sludges also erupted from the area and began indiscriminately fire bombing the entire area.
  • The group made the excellent decision to vacate the area quickly.

Session 10: Heart of Stone

Session Tags: The Green Knight, Kavanmort, Galidant

Characters: Sabbatical, Wiggler, Frankie, Dragonett, Amaris Luanach, Joylee (Jo) Seraphim-Belphegor

DM: Keller (6/03/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Galidant, the Exaltant of Kavanmort, The Green Knight

XP Gained: 9462 (lvl 4 1813, lvl 5 1577, lvl 6 1340)

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are called together by Lucinda Grimfold to investigate the appearances of a number of dinosaur carcasses north of the camp and to discover what may be the cause behind these strange killings. The players board a skiff with a young halfling Skiff Strider named Skippy and depart over the jungle.
  • After a few hours of flying the skiff is beset by the creature behind the dinosaur killings, a massive and terrifying Roc. The players engage the Roc in combat but crash to the jungle floor after it damages the skiff’s arcane core.
  • When the skiff crashes it falls through the floor of the jungle and into a large open ruin filled with mysterious draconic imagery. After some investigating, including the solving of a statue puzzle and the disarming of a makeshift trap to retrieve a magical dagger, the party advances deeper into the ruin.
  • Venturing on, the players enter a room full of strange lifeline statues with a magnificent golden sarcophagus in the back. The players move forward with caution as now and again, it seems that the statues may not be as still as they seem. The players discover that this was formerly a temple dedicated to the great dragon Kavanmort, the Twin Doom, and that years ago some unknown tragedy sunk the temple into the earth.
  • Soon after making these discoveries though, the players are ambushed by the temple’s current resident, a monstrous and mutated Medusa who is able to animate nearby statues to fight on her behalf After a long and drawn out battle the players are successfully able to slay the creature, almost themselves getting turned to stone in the process.
  • The players open the sarcophagus to discover a strange humanoid creature, a dragonborn with bleach white scales, dark robes, red eyes, and sharp fangs who lunges at the players, only to be blocked by a temporary magical barrier. The being reveals themselves to be Galidant, the Exaltant of Kavanmort, and thanks the players for freeing him.
  • The players escape the ruin through a secret tunnel only to be surprised again. Crashing from the sky onto the earth is the Roc, bloody and defeated, and standing atop them is The Green Knight. The Green Knight places a collar around the Roc's neck teleporting the beast to a place unknown before engaging the players in combat, claiming that now having spoken to Galidant, they know so much and must be destroyed. The players barely managed to escape back to the camp on a rescue skiff along with Skippy the Skiff Strider, returning home with more questions than answers.

Session 11: Return to the Underdark

Session Tags: Underdark, Mushrooms

Characters: Paul Fletcher

DM: Julia (6/4/2023)

Important NPCs: Thordon Akieye, Therrin Flare, Nix, Lysvan, Paris Hilton, Redemption Core, Dochas (Deceased)

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 1843, XP at Level 5: 1362 XP

Important Things that Happened:

  • Accompanying Paul Fletcher, the party descended into the deep caverns of the Underdark. Within they encountered a large number of Underdark beasts, including Ropers, Mushrooms Monsters, Cloakers, and even Mind Flayers! The party also found evidence of nearby Drow civilization before departing the caves to return to the surface.

Session 12: Quelmar Con 2023 Game: Trials of the Sphinxes

Session Tags: The Thistlebrook Conclave

Characters: Twilsby Pendergras, Neru, p'Rahp, Balder the Bald Boulder, Dothand Raki, Zimper, Helli Aliosh, Wiggler, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, 22, Redemption Core

DM: Julia and Aaron (6/10/2023)

Important NPCs: The Thistlebrook Conclave, The Sphinxes

XP Gained: 2000 XP each

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party join the druids of The Thistlebrook Conclave for a grand celebration. During the celebration the character are transported to he end of time by the great Sphinxes the druids revere who seek to challenge the heroes. Fighting against beast and riddles he heroes come out on top and are gifted items of great magical power before they are sent back to the celebration.

Session 13: The Shifting Scales of Mount Alkinimic

Session Tags: Old Alkinimic, the Collector, The Philosopher's Stone

Characters: Radion The Forged, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Dickweedus, Lowkey, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Sabbatical

DM: Keller (6/11/2023)

Important NPCs: Velemar Decrye, Lorrie Haslo, The Collector

XP Gained: 8952 (Level 3: 1939, Level 4: 1715, Level 5: 1492, Level 6: 1268)

Important Things that Happened:

  • The rumor was that the Red Dragon Old Alkinimic was dead, passed of old age. Velemar Decrye sent the party out to the dragon's mountain lair to investigate and to see if they can claim any amount of his legendary hoard.
  • Upon reaching the mountain on a skiff with Skiff Strider Skippy, the party discovers a small camp owned by Lorrie Haslo of Haslo's Historical Expedition Company. She reveals she was hired by the Collector to retrieve a magical statue inside the mountain. The Collector offers the party to join them, but the party declines.
  • The Party splits with one approaching the mountain sensing a strange magical disturbance while the other half remains at the camp. The party approaching the mountain are beset by strange illusions before being attack by strange mutated Gnolls and a pack of mutated Kobolds.
  • The party fends off the creatures before regrouping and entering the mountain where they again encounter Lorrie and the Collector. The party comes across an abandoned Kobold Warren and a small kobold named Yosh. Yosh tells the party that a strange figure "made of great flesh" came to the mountain and transformed all his friends.
  • The party leave Yosh behind and discover a vault room full of treasure along with the statue. The vault is a trap and what was once gold and treasure reveals itself to be a powerful mimic which attacks the party with other mutated Kobolds. The party defeat the mimic monsters and claim the statue, refusing to give it to the Collector.
  • The party choose to continue to descend rather then leave and discover a strange lair and the corpses of Old Alkinimic. The corpse then reveals itself to be a mimic monster and the party barely escapes with their lives, returning to the camp with the statue.

Session 14: Nature Finds a Way

Session Tags: The Thistlebrook Conclave, Blight

Characters: Marion Ette, Nassir Tycho, Hermes Purrnes, Thordon Akieye, Juno

DM: Julia (6/16/2023)

Important NPCs: Billiam, The Thistlebrook Conclave

XP Gained: lvl 3- 1367, lvl 4- 1188, lvl 5- 1010, lvl 6- 832

Important Things that Happened:

  • At the behest of The Thistlebrook Conclave the party journeyed out into the wilds to investigate a mysterious blight. Delving deep into the wilds they encountered a strange creature made of roots, bone, and ash, seemingly the source of the blight. as it died the creature whispered about its creator, the Wild Desolation, a being that was once a protector burned by those it served.

Session 15: Off the Rails

Session Tags: Jack of Hearts, The Red Macaw

Characters: Sabbatical, Redemption Core, Wiggler, Frankie, Chrysaor Purosis, Radion The Forged, Cealion (First Session)

DM: Keller (6/25/2023)

Important NPCs: Cookie, Jack of Hearts

XP Gained: Level 3: 1319, Level 4: 1166, Level 5: 1014, Level 6: 862

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is sent by Cookie to help transport ancient tablets to the edge of the Galik domain on the Bronze Hawk Railway.
  • The party arrives to the station on the Red Macaw and prepares for the long journey, posting up in different train cars.
  • The party is suddenly attacked by Jack of Hearts and his crew who furiously battles the party with the help of a charmed Wyvern in order to steal the tablets.
  • In a last ditch effort to distract the party and to steal the tablets Jack of Hearts sets off a bomb on an upcoming bridge.
  • The party defends the tablets while Jack of Hearts and his crew abandon the soon to crash train. With some quick thinking though the party manages to stop the train before it goes over the broken bridge.

Session 16: A New Hire

Session Tags: More bad icky, Tassa with Topi, and mind-controlling spiders

Characters: Thordon Akieye, Therrin Flare, Nix, Twilsby Pendergras, Bellix Braveheart, Deralickt, Nester Spitemore, Aine

DM: Aaron (6/27/2023)

Important NPCs: Lily the Researcher from the College in Galik, Chief Thrax Chief of Thinwhistle, Hunk the Swolbod (Kobold)

XP Gained:

Important Things that Happened:

  • Hunk leads the group to Thinwhistle where the gang meets up with Lily, a violet Tiefling woman. She is a researcher from Galik looking for info on Thelrya and believes the Kobolds of Thinwhistle might have some clues. She tells the party of a cave she found not long ago, and Chief Thrax tells them he sent some riders out to investigate and they have not come back in over a week. Hunk leads the group to the area and the group is met by a very large T-rex like monster. This hulking beast chases them into a cave and unleashes a devasting breath attack on them that they barely escape. The group goes further into the cave and they hear the voice of Tassa "You're early its not time for the party yet."
  • The group explores the cave with caution, but they are taken by surprise by several spider-like creatures, 3 kobolds, and 3 very large lizards. Combat breaks out and they find out these spiders can control the minds of their enemies. Eventually the party overcomes this, and they save 2 of the 3 kobolds that turn out to be some of the riders Thrax sent out. Tassa, Topi and a demon covered in lesions and poxes appear on the other side of the ravine. Tassa tells them they are way too early, and the demon tells them they must leave. Topi smashes the rock bridge that crosses the cavern, and they head deeper into the cave. The group sends a familiar after them and as it heads deeper into the cave it is swallowed up by different fungi and the cave is sealed off.

Session 17: Smoke Signals

Session Tags: Gnolls, Demons

Characters: Redemption Core, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Dickweedus, Wiggler, Amaris Luanach, Radion The Forged

DM: Keller (7/1/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, Ripjaw, Skippy, Scournia

XP Gained: 1208 XP for level 4, 1050 XP for level 5, 893 XP for level 6

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is sent by Lucinda Grimfold and Lyowyn Mossbringer to investigate strange Gnoll activity to the west of camp.
  • The party rides out over the jungle with Skippy the Skiff Strider and arrive at a desolate stretch of jungle where massive plumes of smoke rise from holes in the earth. Here the party kills a Gnoll patrol and discovers a Gnoll with a strange Infernal bullet in it's head.
  • The party descends past the smoke into one of the holes and discovers a massive underground Gnoll Warcamp.
  • The party sneaks inside and finds a group of prisoners and a workshop where Warforged were being scraped and used to make stronger Gnoll warriors. Here they find records of Gnoll tribes working together, including a pack known as the Gearheads, led by a Gnoll named Ripjaw who is famous for attacking settlements near Galik.
  • The party continues on and finds a large work yard where the Gnolls are constructing massive war machines.
  • Deeper into the camp the party finds a massive forge where the Gnolls are forging weapons and engine cores infused with Abyssal energies, all powered by a captured Efreeti. The party creates a diversion and frees the elemental who reveals themselves as Scournia.
  • The party escapes with the prisoners, but not before spotting Ripjaw who had modified himself with Warforged parts along with a strange Myconid creature.
  • The party flees the underground camp and return to the airskiff.

Session 18: Fossils and Fools

Session Tags: Thinwhistle, Vampire

Characters: Nester Spitemore (Deceased), Dragonett, Cealion, Thordon Akieye, Amaris Luanach, Dickweedus

DM: Keller (7/7/2023)

Important NPCs: Lyowyn Mossbringer, Chief Thrax, Skippy

XP Gained: Level 3 1473, Level 4 1303, Level 5 1134

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are brought together by Lyowyn Mossbringer who brings the troubling news that Kobolds are disappearing at the small village of Thinwhistle.
  • The players travel to the village and meet with the chief who worries that whatever is taking his people in the night was drawn in due to recent adventurer activity. The players interview the only known survivor, a Kobold named Hangoon, and set up an ambush.
  • The players find strange Kobolds sneaking into camp and discover they are in fact the missing kobolds, transformed into Vampire Spawn. After killing a few of the spawn, their master arrives, a large monstrous vampiric dinosaur, the Draculadon.
  • The players fight hard and manage to slay the beast, in the process though learning that the original vampire that created the Draculadon is still somewhere out in the wilds.

Session 19: TBD

Session Tags:

Characters: Nassir Tycho, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Felix Francis Fitzgerald, Rina, Nātchko the Third

DM: Julia (7/9/2023)

Important NPCs:

XP Gained: lvl 3- 1160, lvl 4- 1008, lvl 5- 857, lvl 6- 706

Important Things that Happened: [TBD]

Session 20: Road Rage

Session Tags: Gnolls, The Collector

Characters: Lowkey (Deceased), Dragonett, Thordon Akieye, Radion The Forged, 22

DM: Keller (7/14/2023)

Important NPCs: Lorrie Haslo, The Collector, Ripjaw, Lucinda Grimfold

XP Gained: Level 4 1663, Level 5 1446, Level 6 1229

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are called together suddenly by Lucinda Grimfold and Lorrie Haslo of Haslo's Historical Expdedition Company. Lorrie's transport to Galik was attacked by Gnolls made desperate by the destruction of their forge, stealing some "precocious cargo" in the process. Lucinda warns the party that this cargo must be recovered quickly as the Galik military has caught wind of these raiders and plans to blow up the patrol with the cargo.
  • Riding on an airskiff the players discover the roving patrol, riding massive metal Gnoll war machines. The players engage the Gnolls in combat on the back of these machines and begin to fight the leader of the Gnoll Gearhead Tribe, Ripjaw, who modified his own body with vehicle and Warforged parts.
  • The players rescue the cargo which is in fact the Collector, Lorrie's mysterious benefactor.
  • The patrol is then fired upon by Galik Beetlers, massive beetle like artillery, and Ripjaw escapes with two associates. A Myconid referred to as the Colonel, and a strange Galik noble bard referred to as the Music Man. Before the final war machine is destroyed the players board the air skiff and escape.

Session 21: Cabin Fever

Session Tags: Ghosts

Characters: Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, Deralickt Dadwarf, Helli Aliosh, Bellix Braveheart, Heli Moltenshield (First Session), Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros)

DM: Julia (7/15/2023)

Important NPCs: Paul Fletcher

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 1286, XP at Level 4: 1118, XP at Level 5: 951

Important Things that Happened: [TBD]

  • Paul Fletcher gathers the party to investigate a small abandoned cabin discovered deep in the wilds. Upon arriving the party find that the region is full of magical traps which they carefully navigate.
  • Entering the cabin they find it is populated by undead specters. entering the basement, the party discover a powerful banshee which they defeat. In the basement the party discover the remnants of an old ritual.

Session 22: Church Attendance

Session Tags: Gnolls, Demons, Jim Stacy

Characters: Radion The Forged, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Kompi, Cealion, Weedus, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Nassir Tycho

DM: Aaron (7/28/2023)

Important NPCs: Lily the Researcher, Jim Stacy

XP Gained: Lvl 5: 800, lvl: 920, and lvl 3: 1040

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are tasked with investigating the ruins of a temple to North of camp that Hermes found a little while back during their downtime.
  • Upon arrival there is an electricity in the air. The players can feel the power surging in the area as pulse of energy is released and a set of stairs is revealed. The players also see the statues of The Mistress, The Unformed King, and Malice. The second statue is now ceremoniously desecrated and covered in fungus and molds.
  • The players descend the stairs and enter the basement. Weedus goes to open the door that is covered in fungus and spores. Weedus becomes infected by the spores and 'enslaved,' told to go all out and attack Nassir. The party fight him off and knock him out of it. They eventually enter the door and encounter some Gnolls and a fungus spider. Once combat is over the group investigates the room. A few more pulses of energy erupt as this transpires.
  • The groups finds the secret chamber with the mages notes and books on summoning demons. This room also has a small summoning circle where lesser demons were summoned.
  • The group wanders down some hallways with traps and enters yet another room with more Gnolls and multiple demons.
  • During the fight another pulse goes off and Jim Stacy's voice is heard through the door "Do not let them into the summoning chamber". Combat finishes and Kompi sneaks a peak into the summoning chamber and sees everything inside. Kompi warns the group they need to leave and that they are in major trouble. In the chamber is more demons, Gnolls, Jim Stacy, and a greater demon being summoned. Jimmy is successful if summoning the greater demon and the parry escapes.
  • The recovered details how ley lines are powerful and intersecting ley lines are massive fonts of power. These sources of power if tapped into the wielder can do massive feats of power. The boom also had a rough design of the summoning circle used. The took the book back to Lily and she noticed a water mark of a family crest of sorts that she believes is from a Galik.

Session 23: Slow and Steady

Session Tags: Leylines, Xevriss, Old Alkinimic

Characters: 22, Wiggler, Timothar Marek, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Heli Moltenshield, Thordon Akieye

DM: Keller (7/29/2023)

Important NPCs: Cookie, Skippy, Talyth, Dynia

XP Gained: Level 3: 1269, Level 4: 1122, Level 5: 976, Level 6: 829

Important Things that Happened:

  • The players are called together by Cookie the Otter. Using research gathered from the discovery of the previously discovered ley line, Cookie believed they had pinpointed another location where another exposed ley line could be located. The players along with Skippy the Skiff Strider journey out into the wild.
  • The players arrive at their location and discover a strange species of snail-folk known as Gastrosapiens. A Gastrosapien farmer named Moob leads the party to their cave city of Escargotia, centered around an ley line. The ley line itself is fed on by the creator of the Gatrosapiens, a massive multi-headed snail known as the Hydrail.
  • The players meet the advisor to the Hydrail, a fey Kenku Druid known as Talyth, the same druid who awakened Wiggler. Talyth informs the party that many others are also interested in gaining access to the ley line, which includes Dynia, a pumpkin headed member of the Gourdheart Disciples, a cult that worships the long passed Xevriss and food, along with Oobu, a strange mimic-like Kobold who serves the dragon Old Alkinimic.
  • Talyth challenges all interested parties to a race and the players are off, traveling through the jungle, completing multiple trials of strength, will, and character. Eventually they make it to the end and win the race, narrowly beating Dynia.
  • Oobu forsakes the rules of the race and like a parasite possesses the Hydrail and attacks the party with many of his Kobold allies. The party frees the Hydrail from Oobu's control, but not before Oobu declares that Old Alkinimic will rise and move on Galik.

Session 24: Alkinimic's End

Session Tags: Old Alkinimic, The Philosopher's Stone, Allard's Revenge

Characters: Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Heli Moltenshield, Radion The Forged, Nix, Rina, Redemption Core, Dragonett

DM: Keller (8/5/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold

XP Gained: Level 4 2136, Level 5 1857, Level 6 1579

Important Things that Happened:

  • Aboard the Allard's Revenge Airship, the players approach the living Mount Alkinimic alongside Lucinda Grimfold. Armed with Rings of Feather Falling the players jump off the airship while the ship's cannons bombard the mountains.
  • After avoiding attacks of tendrils, teeth, and acidic gas, the players enter the mountain and approach the aberrant dragons lair.
  • Surprised from behind the players fight the ferocious dragon and all nearly lose their lives in the process.
  • With a final blow Radion finally puts the dragon to rest, but not before the dragon warns them that even greater evils hide in the wilds and the players catch a vision of a strange figure in possession of an artifact known as the Philosopher's Stone.

Session 25: TBD

Session Tags:

Characters: Therrin Flare, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Balder the Bald Boulder, Neru, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Radion

DM: Julia (8/8/2023)

Important NPCs:

XP Gained: XP at Level 3:1025, XP at level 4: 907, XP at Level 5: 789, XP at Level 6: 670

Important Things that Happened: TBD

Session 26: Tassa's Demise

Session Tags: Mother, Thelrya

Characters: Ainz Kageno (Deceased), Kompi, Dragonett, 22, Thordon Akieye, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Nassir Tycho

DM: Aaron (8/17/2023)

Important NPCs: Tassa Brightfox

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 1396, XP at Level 5: 1214, XP at Level 6: 1032

Important Things that Happened:

  • Tassa Brightfox, now taken by the demoness Mother has attacked the camp with Jim Stacy and taunted those within. At the end of the attack she steals Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda away and Jim steals Matilda Shattershield. A few days later 2 different groups head out to recover those who were stolen.
  • The group that heads after Lambda is able to track Tassa as she continues to taunt them. They are lead to a cave system and follow it under ground. They follow the cave system for a few miles till the reach a large opening with glowing crystals. Ahead of them is the body of Lambda near the edge of a cliff. The group cautiously enters and is very quickly attacked by Tassa and her now giant plant Topi. Tassa and Topi are eventually killed and Lambdas body recovered, though the group realizes he missing a very important part of him. A piece of his head they functions as his mind. Over the edge of the cliff the group sees a large city kingdom mostly covered in demonic mushrooms.....the Kingdom of Thelrya.

Session 27: Recovery and Loss

Session Tags: Demon, Mother

Characters: Radion the Forged, Dickweedus, Otto von Gerwig, Twilsby Pendergras, Cealion, Redemption Core (Deceased), Sneeze (Deceased)

DM: Aaron (8/26/2023)

Important NPCs: Jim Stacy, Matilda Shattershield, Bjorn Shattershield

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 1879, XP at Level 5: 1634, XP at Level 6 1389

Important Things that Happened:

  • After the attack on camp Bjorn Shattershield leaves a note he is heading into the western swamp to recover his wife, Matilda Shattershield, from the clutches of Jim Stacy. A group headed out to find the source of the attack on the camp as another group heads off to find their friend Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda.
  • Another group heads after Bjorn has taken off to the west of camp to find Jim Stacy and recover his beloved wife. As the group gets to the swamp they are lead by a trail of water the color and thickness of blood to a set of ruins. Chaos ensues and members of the party are infected with mind-controlling spores. Jim transforms into a monstrous beast and attacks the group. All hell breaks loose and multiple members of the party are downed and killed. After the dust settles Bjorn and Matilda are rescued and the grouped finds the robotic mind of Lambda was separated from his body. Jim and Mother were trying to break his mind through torture and manipulation.

Session 28: Doing Hard Time in Thinwhistle

Session Tags: Gnolls, Thinwhistle, The Green Knight, Dinosaurs, Jack of Hearts

Characters: Amaris Luanach, Thordon Akieye, Heli Moltenshield, Marion Ette, Black Jack

DM: Keller (9/2/2023)

Important NPCs: Hunk, Chief Thrax (deceased), Jack of Hearts, Ripjaw, The Green Knight, Ramskull Ancient

XP Gained: Level 4: 1214, Level 5: 1056

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party all wake up in a barren prison cell with no memories of how they got there, with low health and resources, and missing all of their equipment. They also find they are wearing strange arcane collars around their necks.
  • The party discover they are in an underground prison run by Gnolls along with many other prisoners. They get into a short scuffle with other prisoners who are revealed to be Jack of Hearts and his fellow party members Titan and Theta who were also captured by Gnolls. The party also discovers the purpose to the collars as the Gnoll prison guards can activate them to electrocute prisoners.
  • Also held in the prison are many dinosaurs along with other wild beasts that were captured, including the infamous Deviljho, the World Eater.
  • Jack of Hearts reveals all he knows about the prison and with his help the party forms a plan to escape. The party splits up, some creating a diversion, some sneaking off to where the equipment is stored, and some going to the warden's office where the key to their collars are. After making a suitable distraction one player gets dragged to the interrogation room where their mind is scanned by a mushroom creature.
  • As the players are executing their plan, new arrivals came to the prison including The Green Knight, Colonel Cordyceps, and the previously identified "Music Man" revealed to be Ferdinand Core who arrives to speak with the warden, Ripjaw. The Green Knight orders the closing of the prison and the transferring of all of the beasts to his personal domain, along with the executions of all of the prisoners. Watching the conversation is a strange figure in a red cloak with a ram skull for a head.
  • The players manage to retrieve their equipment, get the key to their collars, and send out a distress beacon to nearby skiffs as they make their escape, and all hell breaks loose as dinosaurs are released to slaughter the prisoners. The players also manage to rescue the Kobold warrior Hunk and the Kobold Chieftain Thrax who were also in the prison.
  • The players manage to escape, only to realize the horrifying truth that the prison is in Thinwhistle, which was devasted by Ripjaw using controlled dinosaurs after the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company failed to intervene. The Ram-skull figure appears, dubbed Ramskull Ancient by the party, and tells them that this is all their fault and that mortals were a mistake.
  • The party narrowly escapes the Green Knight's mount, a giant Roc, and escape on a skiff piloted by allies of Jack of Hearts. Believing that Chief Thrax was corrupted by the fungus, the party burns him to a crips and throws him off the skiff.

Session 29: Ice To Meet You

Session Tags: Ice Dragon, Gnolls

Characters: Radion, Dickweedus, Amaris Luanach, Marion Ette, Wiggler, Chrysaor, Fchlya 80

DM: Julia (9/3/2023)

Important NPCs: Talon

XP Gained: XP at level 3: 1491, XP at level 4: 1319, XP at Level 5: 1147, XP at Level 6: 975

Important Things that Happened: TBD

  • The company received reports of a an ice cave spotted in the jungle and sent a group to investigate. Upon arriving, the party found a group of Gnolls led by the Gnoll hunter Talon trying to wrangle/collar a young white dragon.
  • The party engaged the Gnolls in battle, killing Talon and forcing the others to retreat. Though some how even after death Talon rose again, only to retreat as well. As the Gnolls fled, the white dragon ended up attacking the party, nearly wiping out several members with its ice breath. After a long battle the party was able to slay the young dragon with powerful fire magic.

Session 30: Work for the Warden

Session Tags: The Warden, Gnolls, Oozes

Characters: Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Neru, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Danke Schön, p'Rahp, Therrin Flare

DM: Dave (9/14/2023)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest, The Warden of the Wilds, Gary the Slime King

XP Gained: Level 3: 1533, Level 4: 1333, Level 5: 1133

Important Things that Happened:

  • Adrian Tempest brought the group together and thanked them for undertaking the request of the Warden. They were directed to head in the direction of the swamp where the Warden was first encountered. They headed out and met the Warden as they come to the far side of the swamp. The Warden thanked them for their help and directed them to areas on the edge of their domain where they suspect the gnoll activity. The Warden does not have specifics but they know the gnolls are riling up the oozes and slimes that live out in those areas. The Warden leaves it up to the group to determine the best way to search them out.
  • The group traveled west and their searches end up finding the ruins of a walled keep on the top of a plateau with a huge hoard of gnolls assaulting the keep, all being resisted by a wide assortment of slimes and oozes. The largest of which is apparently a dragon. They telepathically reached out to the dragon and asked if the group could help fight the gnolls. The question was met with a cacophony of voices at first but one quickly pushed the rest aside and responds politely that they did not need help and the group would be best to stay out of the situation.
  • The group ignored the dragons answer and jumped into the fray. After some combat a green slime appeared took on the detailed appearance of a male and with a touch of jest, thanked them for their help, but he informed them that their help was not needed. The slime then asked how much it would cost to get the party to leave and the party retreated, but not before being given a small pouch.
  • The party decided to sneak around the far side of the plateau and looked for a way into what may be lower levels. They found what was probably an old drain pipe. They cleared out the rubble and found a green slime waiting for them. It rose up in to the same defined male visage that addressed them earlier. It told them they were not welcome, thanked them for their help with the gnolls, gave them a similar pouch, and told them to clear out and not come back.
  • The group made their way back to the Warden and the Warden thanked them for their effort and awarded the group a Druidic Staff of Protection When planted in the ground, it would offer protection for the area. In this case, the encampment. The staff must be left in the ground once placed. The power contained within is finite. An abundance of protection will eventually burn it out. If it is removed while still active, the power would discharge.

Session 31: We're Going in Circles!

Session Tags: Thelrya, Thinwhistle

Characters: Billium Teddly, Twilsby Pendergras, Dragonett, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, 22

DM: Keller (9/16/2023)

Important NPCs: Cookie, Lorrie Haslo, Oliver Vincent Bartholemew, Skippy, Tertha’volf

XP Gained: Level 3: 1794, Level 5: 1380, Level 6: 1173

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is called to the tent of Cookie the Otter, master abjurist for the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. Alongside Cookie, the party meets with Lorrie Haslo, looking worse for where since beginning to work for the Collector. She informs them that in his good will the Collector has offered to help the company find one of the other lost Kobold villages, since Thinwhistle had been destroyed and was taken by Gnolls. they claim that they can connect the party with an explorer who can lead them to this village.
  • With Lorrie's help the party calls upon the aid of Oliver "Olly" Vincent Bartholemew, an eccentric explorer who is summoned through a strange ritual and who appears from the mists outside of camp, followed closely by his two assistants. The adventurer offers to lead them on a hard and dangerous trek through the jungle, but the players say they can take an airship instead. Olly is bewildered by the airship and the players realize that the adventurer may have been disconnected from time for some while.
  • With Skippy the Skiff Strider as their pilot, the party flies out over the jungle while being followed by a strange fog. Upon landing to camp for the night, a few members of the party are drawn out deeper into the jungle and encounter a strange wolf-like beast that seems to create illusionary constructs based of the greatest moments of loss in the party-members lives. The party quickly reconvenes and after resting return to the air.
  • After flying for some time Olly forces them to land and the player complete a strange door puzzle that Olly claims is necessary to "continue the journey." When they rest again they are once again accosted by the wolf-like beast, a large creature of rotting fur and dark smog. The players continue their journey and are forced to land the skiff to avoid a pack of wyverns nearby. they continued on foot and are attacked by the creature. They manage to fend it off one last time and finally arrive at the village, Drakemire Hollow, a village left empty and deserted long ago by a volcanic disaster.
  • The players question Olly on what has been going on and under a Zone of Truth spell he admits the truth. Hundred of years ago he led an expedition where his ignorance caused the deaths of 46 of his fellow expeditionaries. From then on the gods cursed him to continue his expedition forever, now chased by this wolf-like creature, the pure embodiment of death and entropy, now dubbed Tertha’volf or “the wolf that consumes," by the party.
  • Olly and his team leave the village, disappearing back into the fog and the party investigates the destroyed village, discovering a strange underground tunnel which they sense contains a strange magical energy. The party calls an airship to retrieve them from camp and the party returns in hopes to rest up, regroup, and return to Drakemire Hollow to see what secrets it may hold.

Session 32: Hop to It

Session Tags: Gnolls, Leylines

Characters: Dickweedus, Wiggler, Dragonett, Thordon Akieye, Heli Moltenshield, p'Ash'r'Ohn, Ahriman Zestari

DM: Julia (9/23/2023)

Important NPCs: Nettle, Ripjaw, Talon

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 1513, XP at Level 4: 1296, XP at Level 5: 864, XP at Level 6: 735

Important Things that Happened:

  • Nettle had an idea of harnessing fruit from leyline trees to create better magical soups for the company, and asked for some people to harvest some for them. The party went to a previous site and found Gnolls led by Ripjaw and Talon attempting to harvest the leyline tree.
  • The group rushed up to attack and Ripjaw called down a flying fire dinosaur, called Pyroquatzal, with his dinosaur controlling gauntlet. During the fight, the party was able to defeat the gnolls and break Ripjaw's control over the Pyroquatzal. Ripjaw and Talon were able to escape, and the party burned away any other fungal spores that were dropped during the fight.
  • The party collected some of the remaining fruit and brought them back to Nettle, who provided them with improved healing soups as a reward.

Session 33: What Lies Beneath

Session Tags: Dungeon, Kobolds, Gnolls, Thelrya

Characters: Prof. Mann (and Chester Iros), Dragonett, Dickweedus, Paris Hilton, Marion Ette, Sir Yewvane Eedryll

DM: Keller (9/24/2023)

Important NPCs: Skippy

XP Gained: Level 4: 3748, Level 5: 3213, Level 6: 2142

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party flew out over the jungles to return to the lost Kobold village of Drakemire Hollow and to the strange entryway that led to the tunnels beneath the village.
  • After exterminating a pack of elemental Mephits leftover from when the village was destroyed, the party began to navigate the dangerous traps and puzzles of the ancient catacombs, solving a strange door puzzle to enter into the center ritual chambers of the catacombs.
  • During their expedition they encountered many dangers in the dungeon including trapped pits, a Basilisk, Kobold Zombies, and a Gnoll scouting party which had also been investigating the catacombs.
  • The party reached the final chamber of the catacombs where they found a large drill pod which they believed was how the Kobolds of Drakemire Hollow escaped the fall of the ancient city of Thelrya. After defeating some ancient constructs that had been forgotten down in the tomb, the party excavated the drill's core and returned to camp.

Session 34: Gotta Getta Grung

Session Tags: Gnolls, The Warden of the Wilds, Grung

Characters: Radion The Forged, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, p'Rahp, Tommy, Thordon Akieye, Neru

DM: Dave (9/24/2023)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds, Adrian Tempest, Oma

XP Gained: Level 3: 1444, Level 4: 1238, Level 5: 825, Level 6: 701

Important Things that Happened:

  • Three of the group that went to assist The Warden of the Wilds in the previous expedition were tracked down by Adrian Tempest during morning chow to deal with the Grung situation that the camp became notified of. Three others who were sitting with them were recruited to go also. The party was told that The Warden still had the grung alive if they wished to inspect it or had also sent the whereabouts of the grung village if they wanted to go directly there.
  • The group chose to visit The Warden. After meeting up with The Warden at the swamp near their hut, they brought to see a grung, tied by vines to a tree. They did not learn too much more than they had been told or assumed but in visiting the warden, the party asked for a way to quickly and efficiently get to the grung village. The Warden just happened to have what they needed, presenting the party with a simple bronze amulet necklace on a leather thong that gave them the ability to cast and maintain the druid 6th circle spell Find the Path.
  • The group, using the spell was able to make quick travel to the village. Upon reaching the village, there is no sign of life. After some searching the group finds a child grung that they offer some food to and gain his trust. The child told them that there are no adults left, only younglings and Oma, the elder matriarch. She is the one protecting the younglings.
  • The child grung leads the group to see Oma. The Oma meets them outside their hut/tent and tells the group that Gnolls attacked the village but were driven off by the grungs. The grungs began patrolling outside their village and the gnolls began picking them off and apparently taking them. Search groups were formed but did not return. Soon, there were no more adults left in the village.
  • Oma gave a rough direction of where the gnolls came from and the party headed out that way. Through searching they came across gnoll weapons as well as scraps of clothing, fur and even a pouch. Tracks in the area gave the group a direction to go. The group at one point overheard gnoll voices on the other side of a low hill. The party snuck up on the gnolls and made quick work of them. The gnolls were relieving themselves in a well used makeshift latrine.
  • The group followed where the gnolls came from and found the remains of a run down village. In the middle of the village, a group of grung, commanded by gnolls, were being used to dig ~10 ft wide and 40 ft long trenches. They were in the process of filling in the third trench when the party arrived. In addition to grungs and gnolls there was a collection of 9 humanoids that were covered head to toe in fungal growth. The party made quick work of most of the gnolls. Two gnolls, one identified as the leader, order everyone to attack. Then they ran away. As the last gnoll still fighting fell, the grungs and fungal creatures began acting erratically and chaotically. The party incapacitate and tied up the grungs to save them. They looted the bodies of the gnolls and found that the trenches had the fungal growth bodies laid side by side tight like sardines. The party proceeded to burn everything. The party returned the grungs to the Warden and attempted to convince Oma to join, but Oma decided to remain in the village.
  • On one of the Fungus people, the party found a strange letter:

To the attention of Aftren Calpeth,

On behalf of the Masters of the Coopers Guild of the great city of Galik, we are pleased to offer you an apprenticeship in our prestigious Guild. The results of your testing have shown great talent in your abilities and the Guild looks forward to assisting you in honing your skills. Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

Grentha Falasir, Coopers Guild Clerk

Session 35: Honey, I Shrunk the Adventurers

Session Tags: Halloween, The Collector, Xevriss

Characters: Thordon Akieye, Danke Schön, Amaris Luanach, Twilsby Pendergras, Rina, Amelie Luxaeterna

DM: Keller (10/1/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, Velemar Decrye, Skippy, Bulio, The Collector, Lorrie Haslo, Dynia, Big Tony, Don Rat'ilion

XP Gained: Level 3: 3208 XP, Level 4:2750 XP, Level 5: 1833 XP, Level 6: 1558 XP

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is called to the tent of Lucinda Grimfold and Lyowyn Mossbringer. They along with Velemar Decrye debrief the party on their mission: The Collector is holding a Hallow's Eve celebration at his countryside estate and has invited the company. The company plans to attend but asks the players to try and investigate the Collector while there, hoping to learn about the Collector's true intentions regarding his work with the company.
  • After dressing up in costumes made with materials purchased by Bulio, the party boards the Red Macaw alongside Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, and Skippy who joined as it was his day off and he wanted to go to a party. The party arrives at Amberville and meet the Collector at his party, along with his strange attendant dressed as an Autom. Soon into the festivities the party is crashed by Dynia, a pumpkin headed humanoid who uses his magic to liven up the party, as well as bringing in cloth golem attendants known as Rag-o-Dolls and a massive pumpkin.
  • As the party begin to investigate the Collector's countryside estate, Dynia sets off his trap. The massive pumpkin turns into a pumpkin-like beast and transforms the guests into the creatures their costumes depict. The party is saved from this spell when they are given strange abjurative amulets by the autom-dressed attendant.
  • The party wake up in a small vial and it is revealed that Dynia cast a spell that shrunk them all to one-inch tall. Dynia gives the artifact that held the power of the spell, a magic hourglass to a Rag-o-Doll, before heading off. Using the help of the house cat, the party free themselves from the bottle, but then are forced to escape and scare the cat away when it gets hungry. Fleeing into the walls, the party spot the autom-dressed attendant of the Collector kill another attendant before breaking into the Collector's records room.
  • In the walls of the manor, the party encounter a roving gang of rat gangsters led by Big Tony. Big Tony leads them to Don Rat'ilion who is at the celebration of his daughter's wedding. The Don agrees to allow the party into "the family" if they can best some of his strongest men. Against all odds members of the party are able to defeat some of the Don's muscle in a series of Boxing matches. With the Rat Mafia's help the party reach the top tower of the manner, find the Rag-o-Doll with the hourglass, and destroy the hourglass returning to normal size.
  • The party returns to the great hall and engages the pumpkin beast in combat along with the remaining Rag-o-Dolls. They manage to defeat the beast and free the party guests from the transformation spell. Dynia applauds them for their heroics, but reveals he completed his ritual and returned the orange dragon Xevriss, the Devourer of Gourds, to Amusa. He wishes them a happy Hallow's Eve and disappears. The autom-dress attendant is also revealed to be Lorrie Haslo. Knowing that tough times are to come, the party celebrates the remainder of the evening.

Session 36: Harvest Hoedown

Session Tags: Halloween, Xevriss, The Warden of the Wilds

Characters: Cealion, 22, Tommy, Juno of Galik, Nassir Tycho, Therrin Flare

DM: Keller (10/15/2023)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest. The Warden of the Wilds, Dynia, Chadwick Sagemoore, The Pumpkin King, Sam the Door

XP Gained: Level 3: 3208, Level 4: 2750 XP, Level 5: 1833, Level 6: 1558

Important Things that Happened:

  • All of the food across Western Amusa from Galik all the way to Nestle mysteriously disappeared! The militaries and governments of the region approach Adrian Tempest who they know can contact The Warden of the Wilds who they hope can find the culprit to this horrid act, Dynia, a Hallow's Eve spirit who recently summoned the Orange Dragon Xevriss, the Devourer of Gourds, back into the realm. Adrian tempest calls the party together to meet with him and informs them of the continents plight. After Adrian Tempest contacts the Warden, the Warden reveals that they may know a way to find the trickster Dynia, by traveling to the fey court of his origin, The Court of Hallow's Eve in the Feywild.
  • The party travels with the Warden into the Feywild along with the captain of the Gourd Guard Chadwick, an order who in ages past satiated the hunger of the orange dragon Xevriss, who is free once more in Amusa. With the Warden's blessing the party arrives in the Court of Hallow's Eve and receives an audience with the court's ruler, the Pumpkin King. The party are invited to a feast in the king's court and here they discover that Dynia is the head chef of the court.
  • The party attempts to inform the Pumpkin King about Dynia's past actions, but the Pumpkin King tells them he cannot pass judgement without proof and offers them until the end of the feast to find the proof they need. Investigating the court between courses of the feast, the party encounters many strange oddities in the court, including a pair of scarecrows named the Scare Pair, a pumpkin Minotaur, and a door named Sam.
  • They find Dynia's kitchen where it is revealed he as a number of copies and clones of himself operating all across the court. They also find strange totems which they believe may have been the tool Dynia used to steal all of the food. In addition they search Dynia's home where they discover the clockwork contraption he used to break into the Collector's vault as well as a letter from an unknown sender. The party finds that the seal of the letter beared the same owl-like crest that members of the party had encountered before when fighting demons.
  • At the last course of the feast the party reveals Dynia's deceit to the King. Dynia activates a failsafe which incapacitates the king and begins his final ritual to send all of the food to Xevriss so he may devour it all. The party destroy the totems and manage to defeat Dynia, sending all the food back to it's rightful owners. In the end the party rejoices. The Pumpkin King rewards them for their heroism, one of Dynia's clones take up his spot as head chef, and Sam the Door can now be human again once a year.

Session 37: A Hunting We Will Go!

Session Tags: The Warden of the Wilds, Grung, Yuan-Ti

Characters: Heli Moltenshield, Tommy, Balder the Bald Boulder, Dickweedus, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Danke Schön

DM: Dave (10/17/2023)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds

XP Gained: Lvl 4: 1238 Lvl 5:825 Lvl 6: 701

Important Things that Happened:

  • The adventurers were sent out quickly to The Warden of the Wilds who had asked for help. They came upon the Warden fighting off Infected Gnolls and Witherlings. The party jumped in and turned the tide of the fight and killed the Gnolls.
  • The Warden thanked them and told the group that they think they may have found a break through in curing the infected adult Grung that she had in her care. She needed the party to retrieve a plant called a Neem Plant. It has natural antifungal properties and can live in environments were Myconids thrive while most plants cant. The Warden directed them to look south of their swamp. Neem plant is not known to grow in cluster anywhere but at the thresholds of caves. The Warden says they need at least 12 whole plants to be able to experiment on the gnolls and hopefully develop a poultice strong enough to cure them. If the group could bring back more than 12, the Warden will use the extra to try to help the encampment.
  • After much traveling, the party decided to take a rest. But during their rest they spotted a creature, very well hidden, spying on them. When the creature realized it was discovered it bolted through the underbrush and away from the group.
  • The group managed to hunt down the creature and finished it off. The party, coming into the opening realized that the creature was a Yuan-Ti guarding a large hole in the ground cave entrance. In the cave there were raised gardening beds built out of stone all around the cave, all blooming with edible and medicinal plantings.
  • The party kept quiet and searched for Neem plant. They ended up finding 15 plants scattered in the opening as well as in the beds. They uprooted all of them and took them back to the Warden. The group decided NOT to enter the Yuan-ti cave to see if there was more Neem down there.

Session 38: Disrupting Demons' Designs

Session Tags: Demons, Artifacts, Swamp, Ruins

Characters: Thordon, Heli Moltonshield, Lambda, Amaris, Wiggler

DM: Guest DM Talia (10/21/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Alkiir Scalesborn

XP Gained: Level 5: 2723, Level 6: 1815

Important Things that Happened:

  • The Tempest Brother’s company was requested to assist a white dragonborn named Alkiir Scalesborn in retrieving an artifact from the wilds before demonic forces could obtain it. The party took an air skiff to the far side of a swamp from which they traveled for an hour on foot in order to avoid detection. Outside the ruin, they battled a patrol force of Gnolls accompanied by a demonic centaur creature and fungal demons. They then encountered a magical barrier that prevented any dragon-kin creatures from actually entering the ruin.
  • Inside the ruin the party discovered murals and iconography of ancient dragon battles and fought a demon that was transforming gnoll corpses into ghouls that it would then use to overwhelm the protections of the ruined vault. They then provided proof of having defeated a dragon themselves in order to dismiss a celestial guardian which had been preventing the demonic forces from entering earlier. This led to the relic chamber, which contained an empty pedestal. Digging through the collapsed rear of the chamber revealed the artifact: an obsidian statuette of a dragon with several black opals embedded into it within the nest of a giant lizard. They convinced the lizard to part with the object peacefully and failed at an attempt to convince it to follow them back to the camp.
  • With the artifact successfully acquired, they returned to Alkiir waiting on the surface and hesitated to give it to him, as they suspect it contains the soul of a black dragon. After Amaris cast Sending to a former ally, the party felt more confident that Alkiir could be trusted with the item. The party accepted their payment and gave the artifact to Alkiir who then disappeared by using a Plane Shift spell.

Session 39: In the Sewers

Session Tags: Demons, Galik

Characters: Winter, Lupine Lucas, Tinkerton Tinklebottom

DM: Keller (10/22/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, One Eye'd Jack, Tinkle Tinklebottom, Bugbear John, Bugbear Jim

XP Gained: XP Level 3: 767

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party meets together in the city of Galik at the headquarters for the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. There they meet Lucinda Grimfold who wishes to test the new adventurers before sending them out into the wilds of Amusa. She informs them that there have been a sting of disappearances down by the seaside docks and asks the party to investigate and report back.
  • In their investigations the party interview an old dock worker by the name of One Eye'd Jack who warns them of white specters haunting the docks. Continuing their search the party goes to the Two Toed Troat Inn and Tavern, a location that the most recently kidnapped victim frequented. After a short encounter with an angry Bugbear, the party learns that the most recent victim was with a worker of Bartholomew's Weapons and Provisions the night they disappeared.
  • Following this lead the party meets with Tinkle Tinklebottom who informs the party that the halfling he was with on the night of the disappearance was dragged into the sewer by strange white figures that appeared out of nowhere.
  • Investigating the sewers the party encounter camouflaging Troglodytes who had been kidnapping dock workers. The party also encounters and defeats two Bugbear brothers who had summoned a frilled lizard demon in the sewer depths, which the party also defeats.
  • The party manage to save the kidnapped dock workers, and with their test completed, they board and airship to the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company Basecamp.

Session 40: Operation Gnoll Tank

Session Tags: Gnolls, Cultists, Grung, Oozes, The Warden of the Wilds

Characters: Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Thordon Akieye, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Dr. Richard Weedus, Therrin Flare

DM: Dave (10/26/2023)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds, Gary the Slime King

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 2277, XP at Level 6: 1590

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party had just completed a supply delivery to The Warden of the Wilds, and as they played with the Grung babies in the Warden's domain, the were approached by a strange figure. It turned out to be the mysterious Slime King, projecting through a yellow slime. He said he had information about Gnoll and cultist activities and he needed the help of the entire group that was with him in order to deal with it. The party recognized the figure as the same figure they encountered in the ruins battle between oozes and Gnolls.
  • The Slime King told them the Gnolls and cultists had recently managed to gather parts and assemble a new Arcane Forge to replace the one that the company had previously destroyed. They had used the forge to create an armored machine in their underground encampment that they were about to send out to over land and down into Thelrya. The party needed to intercept the tank, disable it and destroy the power source inside that was apparently called a Throbotic Resonator
  • The party asked him what his name was and he responded by identifying himself as "Gary," Gary the Green
  • He told them he would reward them handsomely and asked what items they would like in payment. He studied what he had in his stashes and negotiated with them, offering payment once the mission was completed. The party, finding the payment and mission suitable, set out and found what they believed to be the prepared path through the jungle for the machine and set an ambush.
  • Using illusions and magical potions the party attacked the cultists and the Gnoll tank, quickly disabling the tank's weapons. During the fight some of the cultists displayed powerful warlock abilities that none of the party had seen before. The party moved quick to remove and deactivating the Thrombotic Resonator.
  • As soon as it was out, a hoard of slimes and oozes seeped up out of the ground. The Slime King appeared, thanked them, and insisted the device be destroyed. The group found a pile of the promised items along with a "care package" of potions, scrolls, gems and coin as well as a crudely written thank you note.

Session 41: For Gourds and Glory

Session Tags: Halloween, Xevriss

Characters: Amelie Luxaeterna, Juno of Galik, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Black Jack, Thordon Akieye, Radion The Forged, Heli Moltenshield

DM: Keller (10/28/2023)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Chadwick Sagemoore, Ureena Alleeves, The Bogge, Elrdrous, Project Daena

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 4714, XP at Level 5: 3143 XP at Level 6: 2671

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party are called together by Lucinda Grimfold to join her in observing and assisting in the raid on the lair of the Orange Dragon Xevriss, the Devourer of Gourds by the military forces of Western Amusa. In in meeting up with these forces, the party spent time reconvening with both old friends, and old enemies.
  • The party soon discovered that Chadwick Sagemoore, the captain of the Gourd Guard informed the Cult of the Dragon of the incoming raid in order to save his family, and as they warned everybody about the leak of their plan, they were suddenly attacked by Xevriss and his forces. Such forces included large Pumpkin Giants, dragon cultists, and multiple adult dragons including the fearsome Jatil Jivelg. After a long battle and felling one of the Pumpkin Giants, the party got caught up in a Blue Dragon's breath weapon and were sent crashing into Xevriss' underground lair.
  • In his lair the party found a mural depicting Xevriss alongside other notable dragons of the region, including Old Alkinimic, Kavanmort the Twin Doom, and one only referred to as "The Dragon Lost to the Underground."
  • The party located the hoard of the orange dragon and soon engaged it in combat when it entered it's lair to flee from the war aboveground. After a long and difficult combat, the party successful managed to defeat the terrible dragon and but an end to its gluttonous reign of terror. After it perished, the spectral form of the Pumpkin King, ruler of The Court of Hallow's Eve came to take the spirit of Xevriss away, to return to the Feywild.
  • For slaying the dragon the party was blessed with a dragonmark from Xevriss' spirit and were free to claim his hoard for their own. The party returned victorious from their battle to the basecamp, now with more food then they can shake a stick at.

Session 42: He Who Watches Over the Wilds

Session Tags: The Green Knight, Gnolls, Dinosaurs

Characters: Lupine Lucas, Winter, Paris Hilton, Marion Ette, Nassir Tycho, Amaris Luanach

DM: Keller (11/04/2023)

Important NPCs: Cookie, The Green Knight, Skippy, Ferdinand Core, Talon, Deviljo, Melldriana

XP Gained: XP for Level 3: 3660, XP for Level 5: 2092, XP for Level 6: 1778

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is called to the office of Cookie the Otter to discuss the discovery of ancient ruins out in the jungle. Before the party sets of though, Cookie warns them that a figure fitting the description of the infamous Green Knight has been seen nearby. The party then departs on an air skiff piloted by Skippy the Skiff Strider.
  • Upon arriving at the ruins, the party is greeted by researchers Zeek, Shela, and Bobby who came in advance to assist the party. Investigating the strange ruins, the party discovered that the structure had a number of magical traps that mysteriously appeared to be deactivated. Traveling further the party found a large coliseum like structure with a large fighting fit at it's center, its purpose unknown. Around the arena were seven statues depicting strange primordial beings whose motive's were still unknown.
  • The party eventually discovered a chamber with six trees chained in cold iron. The party learned that these trees were actually Dryads who had been forcefully bound to the structure to power it's many magics. The party freed the Dryads, including the Dryad Melldriana.
  • Moving on, the party discovered a child's bedroom, an armory, a trophy room full of prizes taken from powerful monsters, and a locked room holding the recently missing Ferdinand Core who was last seen working with the Green Knight. Ferdinand Core explained that after his funds for the Demons dried up and his willingness to work with them fading after the death of his daughter, he was locked away for purposes he was unaware off.
  • The party then came upon a chamber full of many statues depicting different figures in the dress of the Green Knight, revealing that the Green Knight wasn't just one man, but rather a titled passed down by generations of warriors, and that this wasn't just any ruin, but his lair. The party also came across an oculus Orb which allowed them to scry at any point in the structure. Using the orb to look into the bowels of the arena, the party saw that there were trapped and locked away dinosaurs, all with familiar Gnoll control collars.
  • At this moment the Green Knight returned to his domain riding his Roc mount. Discovering that all his defenses were turned off, he released two of his monstrous pets to hunt down any would be intruders. After engaging with the beasts, the party using the orb saw that the Gnoll Captain Talon had also arrived at the structure, seemingly there for a meeting with the knight. Before moving forward the party with the dryad's helped trapped the Roc to prevent it from pursuing them on their airskiff.
  • The party moved to intercept the Green Knight who met them at his arena. At this point the party had pieced together the knight's identity as Lord Bellaphon, and that he was the father to the most recent Green Knight, his son who had tragically passed. he told the party that he was sick of taming the wilds and that it was time for the wilds to run free. The party engaged him along with an arriving Talon and a dinosaur released from his dungeon, the monstrous Deviljo.
  • After a long and heated battle party sundered the Green Knight, freed Deviljo from his control, and fed Talon to the dinosaur. The party took the Green Knight's helmet which seemed to continue to attempt to reconstitute his body. To prevent this the party would go onto leave his helmet in the bonfire in the camp's center.
  • The Seven
    • The Twilight Phoenix
    • The Endless Expanse
    • The Lord of the Beneath
    • The God Ravager
    • The Mother of the Lost Parade
    • The Great Reclaimer
    • He who watches alone

Session 43: Man Made Flesh

Session Tags: The Collector, Undead, The Philosopher's Stone

Characters: Wiggler, Chrysaor Purosis, 22, Heli Moltenshield, p'Ash'r'Ohn, Mirth

DM: Keller (11/12/2023)

Important NPCs: Paul Fletcher, Skippy, Lorrie Haslo

XP Gained: XP for Level 3: 2310, XP for Level 4: 1980, XP for Level 5: 1320, XP for Level 6: 1122

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is called together by Paul Fletcher to go and investigate the disappearance of one of their survey teams. He informs the party that Lorrie Haslo was on this expedition as well to look into the disappearance of a strange artifact on the behalf of The Collector. The party prepare to depart with Skippy the Skiff Strider before Paul out of breath rushes over and joins them. The party seeing Paul's behavior as strange make sure to keep in close contact with the camp.
  • The party find the missing survey team who informs them that at some point during their expedition their airskiff was damaged by what thy believe to have been an animal. When the party investigates this they find that the damage may have in fact been intentional.
  • Discussing with Lorrie Haslo she reveals she is on the search for The Philosopher's Stone, a powerful artifact last known to be in the possession of Perseus Company before it was stolen. She tracked it down to some ruins in the wilds with the help of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, but has run into trouble with the undead infesting the ruins.
  • The party agrees to assist in dispatching the undead, discovering in the process that someone was using the ruins to hide out. After they finish up in the ruins though, they exit to find Paul's body with a knife in the back of his head. The party still suspicious if this is actually Paul examine the body and discover it to be a fake amalgamation of aberrant flesh. they return to the survey team and question them on recent events, discovering that one of the survey teams members is also one of these strange doppelgangers.
  • Using magical detection, the party discovers a powerful source of transmutation energy under the camp, Digging away the earth they find a strange flesh monstrosity holding the Philosopher's Stone and wearing Paul's face. The creature taunts the party and engages them in combat, attempting to transmute their very flesh. The party defeats the creature and even prevents its escape, retrieving the stone. The only questions the party has left, is how did the Paul doppelganger get into camp, and what will they do when and if the creature returns to get back the stone?

Session 44: The Node at the End of the Leyline

Session Tags: Thelrya, Gnolls, Leyline

Characters: Thordon Akieye, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Danke Schön, p'Rahp, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Therrin Flare

DM: Dave (11/15/2023)

Important NPCs: Bjorn Shattershield, Skippy

XP Gained: XP for Level 5: 2033, XP for Level 6: 1362, XP for Level 7: 1180

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is all mustered together quickly by Bjorn Shattershield onto the waiting Skiff of Skippy the Skiff Strider. Bjorn informs the party that they are going out in response to recent Gnoll activities and he has reason to believe that where they are searching, there will be found some sort of ancient Kobold technology in an underground location that the Gnolls are making a move on it. Bjorn tells the party to investigate the area, and if here is some powerful Kobold tech, to do whatever is in their power to stop the Gnolls from getting it.
  • The group started a ways away from the area they would need to investigate. It took them only moments to idetify the location. The noises made by a large group of Witherlings led them to a clearing. The group efficiently dispatched the creatures and moved into the clearing to find a finely crafted and unweathered stone archway with stone double doors in it. They discover ancient magical writing on the door which read as so:

Brawn and brains, wit and wisdom

Those worthy of entry shall need them all.

The spaces within are vast and hidden

Their challenges many will enthrall.

Move ever forward and should you succeed, access to you will be granted.

If the tests be too hard use the doorway in reverse and to this entrance you will be decanted

Lay your hands together upon the stone and ask for passage

But be forewarned that those that pass within may perhaps never again see the light of day.

  • Upon touching the doorway the party was teleported into a strange room. From here the party engaged in a series of puzzles, including invisible changing mazes, magical guardian statues, scarabs, and musical instruments.
  • Upon completing this gauntlet of puzzles, the party came across the final room. This room was the Experimental Arcane Forge created by the Kobolds away from Thelrya to allow for dangerous creation and experimentation while protecting the city populace. The room was massive with the thrumming of a large arcane crafting alter in the center of the room. The party investigated the room and discovered many unique and powerful magical items.
  • Two cultist showed up bloody and bruised and were quickly dispatched off. The party decided to leave and tried to collapse some of the forge to stop access but not necessarily destroy it. The damage they did collapsed the ceiling and created a pile of rubble between the entrance and the forge. Though with time, maybe the forge could be rediscovered.

Session 45: Pixie Pilfering

Session Tags: Fey, The Warden of the Wilds

Characters: Wiggler, Rina, Otto von Gerwig, Radion The Forged, Cealion, p'Ash'r'Ohn

DM: Keller (11/25/2023)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest, Skippy, The Warden of the Wilds, Princess Alyara Everlilly

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 2444, XP at Level 5: 1629, XP at Level 6: 1385

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party meets up with Adrian Tempest who informs them that The Warden of the Wilds has called upon them with a request for assistance. The Warden has made great progress in developing a fungal cure using Neem Plants but has hit a recent roadblock in their progress.
  • To continue the work they need to acquire a very rare flower known as the Shimmering Sundew, a flower that grows only once every thousand years. The only flower of its kind that they know of in Amusa is in the care of the Fair Folk of Fairyflower Mountain, a domain inhabited by Pixies, Sprites, Quicklings, Brownies, and more.
  • The Warden has been unable to acquire the flower from the Fair Folk and requests the party's help to instead steal it. To assist in this effort the Warden calls upon a favor from a former member of the Court of Fairy Flower Mountain, a Sprite named Teedles. Teedles informs the party of the many obstacles between them and the flower and even provides the party with Fair Folk disguises, shrinking them down and allowing the party to infiltrate the court.
  • The party forms a plan and infiltrates the court which is hosting a massive ball where the court's ruler, Princess Alyara Everlilly will pick out a suitor to marry. The party begins to execute their plan, navigating curious guards, spying spiders, magical doors, prismatic lasers, and desperate to marry fairies. Even with some complications along the way, the party manage to steal away with the Shimmering Sundew, returning it safe to the Warden who rewards the party for their assistance.

Session 46: Hunk's Vengence

Session Tags: Thinwhistle, Gnolls, Cultists, Jack of Hearts

Characters: Danke Schön, Dickweedus, Lupine Lucas, Ren Atherton, Mariar, 22, Heli Moltenshield

DM: Aaron (11/28/2023)

Important NPCs: Hunk, Bjorn Shattershield, Yellana Eedryll

XP Gained: 2338 XP at Level 3, 2004 XP at Level 4, 1336 XP at Level 5, and 1135 XP at Level 6

Important Things that Happened:

  • The group was woken up at camp by Hunk and Bjorn Shattershield arguing over the state of things. Once things calmed down Hunk told them he needed the expeditionaries help to hold of some Cultists that were looking for the body of Thrax, the former and deceased chief of Thinwhistle. Hunk took them out of camp a few miles before his raptor riders surrounded the party with weapons drawn on them. The party realized that Hunk's demeanor had drastically changed, and Hunk told them that they will be a diversion for him and his little war band so that they could search for the body to get it before the Cultists do.
  • Hunk led them to where the main force was. There the party encountered a few zombies, Cultists, one of Jack of Hearts crew, and 2 biotanks. While the group was planning a strategy the Cultists sent out some gnolls to find the body and scout. The gnolls were able to reach the body at the same time as Hunk. The Cultists got word of this and retreated from the battle, and in the end the Cultists were able to claim the body. Though Hunk was still thankful for party's help, his attitude toward the company had soured. He blames the adventurers for the death of his village and left on uncertain terms.

Session 47: Fundraiser Megasession

Session Tags: Gnolls, Demons, Cultists, Oozes, The Warden of the Wilds

Characters: 22, Thordon Akieye, Heli Moltenshield, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Radion The Forged, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Therrin Flare, Arthur, Lupine Lucas, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Ren Atherton

DM: Aaron, Dave, Keller (12/03/2023)

Important NPCs: Darian Tempest, Adrian Tempest, Cookie, Pennysworth, Bjorn Shattershield, Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, The Slime King, The Warden of the Wilds, Ripjaw, The Green Knight, The Gnoll King

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 3200, XP at Level 5: 2910, XP at Level 6: 2640, XP at Level 7: 2400

Important Things that Happened:

  • It was another quiet day at the Tempest brothers Expeditionary Company's camp when the attack came. Gnolls, cultists, and Demons in greater numbers then ever seen before descended on the basecamp with the goal of wiping it from the face of the realm. Using the Staff of the Warden, the company called on the powers of the forest to hold the hordes of for a time, giving members of the company an opportunity to act.
  • Members of the company were able to disassemble and save the newly built arcane forge as well as protect the staff under the onslaught. The company was able to defeat many of their longstanding enemies for good including the Gnoll Hunter Talon, the artificer Ripjaw, and the terrifying Lord Bellephon. Though new threats began to rear their ugly heads, as The Gnoll King finally revealed themselves from the shadows ready to lead their armies in full.
  • The company managed to load the airships with as much supplies as possible and made their return to the city of Galik. The Gnolls could not have organized this mission on their own, and now the company began their search to see who the real masterminds of the attack were, those hiding someone in Galik.
  • For more information check out The Raid on the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company

Book 2

Book 2 Summary

Recovering from the Gnoll horde attack on the company's basecamp, [[The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company and its many heroic adventurer expeditionaries return to the city of Galik, the largest city in Amusa. The company learns that the corruption in the wilds stems all the way out to even the city and come to the understanding that if they are to return to the wilds, the evil fungal influence in Galik must be dealt with first. The company learns that all this evil stems from a powerful demoness known as Mother, a being with great power over fungus and rot. Her two leading cultists in the city are Alistair and Lenore Hearthorne, otherwise known as the Bride and Groom.

The company and its members deal with many threats in the city, including criminal cultists, sewer dwelling werecreatures, and mysterious statues that channel the power of Mother. After expelling the cult of Mother from the city of Galik and scattering the gnoll hordes at The Gnoll Counter-Offensive, the company prepared to put an end to Mother's evil plans once and for all. Hidden within the wilds was an ancient city known as Thelrya which hid a major leyline node. Mother hoped to use this node to achieve godhood and so the company moved to stop her. Even after using the remaining statues she had left to raise a fungal army, the company and its heroes were able to enter Thelrya, kill her greatest servants, and banish her influence from Amusa once and for all. Afterward the company gained great fame and rewards and prepared for their next expedition on the eastern half of the continent.

After the Thelryan Restoration megasession was run, a few epilogue sessions were played to wrap up remaining plots in Year 1 of Wicked Wilds and to set up some new ones for Year 2.

Notable Tags: Galik, Thelrya, Cultists, Mother, Sly, Circus, Mystery, Lycanthropes, Bounty, Zombiess

Major Events: The Return to Galik, The Bounty on the Company, The Circus Comes to Galik, The Fungal Cult's Expulsion From Galik, The First Expedition into The Scar of Amusa, The Gnoll Counter-Offensive, The Thelryan Restoration

Session 48: Unpaid Debts: The Musical

Session Tags: Galik, Bounty, Jack of Hearts

Characters: p'Ash'r'Ohn, Chrysaor Purosis, Coryn Alaeth, Amaris Luanach, Juno

DM: Keller (12/17/2023)

Important NPCs: Velemar Decrye, Widgit Wizzlepop, Ser Charles, Jack of Hearts

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2415, XP at Level 4: 2070, XP at Level 5: 1380, XP at Level 6: 1173.

Important Things that Happened:

  • Now operating in the city of Galik, a party of Tempest Brother Expeditionary Company members are called upon by Velemar Decrye to assist in the hiring of a Gnome artificer named Widgit Wizzlepop who has recently designed a suit that can allow its wearer to survive the harsh environment of the Scar.
  • Visiting Widgit's apartment above Sugersprinkle's Wonderland Confections, the party finds that Widgit had been kidnapped by criminals for failing to pay back his loans. Furthering their investigation they track the Gnome back to the Boltward Syndicate, a criminal organization that deals in loans.
  • They meet with a high ranking member of the syndicate operating out of the Belching Brew Inn and tavern by the name of Ser Charles. The crime lord agrees to hand over Widgit in return for the party accomplishing some odd jobs for him.
  • After completing these tasks the party returns only for Ser Charles to betray them, revealing that a bounty had been placed on them and all company members. The party fight against Ser Charles and his men, including a recently arrived Jack of Hearts, and manage to escape with Widgit Wizzlepop. In the process they capture the man who had delivered the bounty to Ser Charles and interrogate him at the company headquarters. The man claims to work for powerful people in Galik who seek to wipe the company from the face of the realm before exploding in a blast of acidic fungus.

Session 49: Into the Cursed Collection

Session Tags: Galik, The Collector, Cultists

Characters: Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Amelie Luxaeterna, Mirth, 22, Dr. Richard Weedus, Rina

DM: Keller (1/6/2024)

Important NPCs: The Collector

XP Gained: 2567 XP at Level 4, 2200 XP at Level 5, 1467 XP at Level 6, 1247 XP at Level 7

Important Things that Happened:

  • The company was approached by The Collector who offered some of his vast information to assist the company in return for the company sending out members to help him with an issue.
  • It seems that an outside power had taken notice of the Collector's work and sent him a magic item to serve as a Trojan horse trap. This item, a simple mannequin, once in the collection began to free some of his items which now threatened to break loose into Galik. The Collector wanted assistance in sealing away these artifacts once more and destroying this meddlesome mannequin.
  • The party accompanied by the Collector descended into his underground compound and encountered many strange and esoteric items, including a gravestone that teleported you six feet underground, a mask that would flay your skin, and a painting inhabited by a terrifying spirit.
  • As the party began to seal away the items they were attacked by the mannequin which had turned into a massive monster. After defeating the creature, the Collector gave his thanks, gifting the party some magic items as well as some of his knowledge of the wilds.

Session 50: Day at the Circus

Session Tags: Galik, Circus, Hearthorne

Characters: Heli Moltenshield, 22, Thordon Akieye, Gurmyr Argrour, Ren Atherton

DM: Aaron (1/13/2024)

Important NPCs: Benjamin Hearthorne

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2415, XP at Level 5: 2070, XP at Level 7: 1173

Important Things that Happened:

  • Members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company got invitations to go the The Traveling Fools Circus that is just outside Galik. The party were greeted by Benjamin Hearthorne, the circus' ringleader, and as soon as the entered the Circus, things started to seem strange. In a quick flash one of the party members caught a glimpse of a starved, gaunt figure in the crowd with a large toothy smile which then suddenly disappeared. Benjamin mentioned all the attractions in the Circus, including a dart toss game, a pie eating contest, a fortune teller, a test your strength machine and more!
  • As night fell, each member of the party was thrown into a horrific nightmare of their worst fears, forced to fight against their deepest fears and regrets. After escaping the circus though, their memory of the horrid events that transpired within seemingly faded away as if nothing had really happened.

Session 51: The Curious Case of Aftren Calpeth

Session Tags: Galik, Cultists, Cooper's Guild, Sly

Characters: Lupine Lucas, Dragonett, Dickweedus, Kh'jan, Balder the Bald Boulder

DM: Dave (1/19/2024)

Important NPCs: Adrian Tempest, Master Idryel Il’lylune, Smokey, Alric, Sly

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2640, XP at Level 4: 2310, XP at Level 5: 1320, XP at Level 6: 1122, XP at Level 7: 924

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party is collected by Adrian Tempest who informs the group that he and other company people had tried using their connections to learn more about the two individuals on the note that was found on the body.
  • They hit dead ends going through above bar channels. What some snooping did uncover is that the Cooper Guild Master Roderick Sampsel is suspected of having some connections to underground pit fighting in the district where his guild hall is located. The party creates a plan to infiltrate one of these fighting rings as they locate a bar, Smokey's, in the district that would likely know about the fight pits and how to get into them. After some heavy palm greasing, Smokey told them how to get into the pit fights.
  • The party pays Smokey to find out information on Grentha the Guild Hall Clerk. Smokey offers to collect the info but requests for two hours to find info. Suspicious that Smokey may rat them out, the party tail him. Smokey goes to a warehouse, speaks to someone inside, pays some of the money the party gave him, then leaves and goes to a house in the residential district of the district. Smokey then becomes wide eyed and spooked when he approaches the door before hurrying back to the bar. Investigating the door the party finds a mark from an assassin named The Shadowblade, marking the home's resident for death.
  • The party makes their way down to the fight pits using the password that Smokey gave them. They arrive before the fights actually started and realize that they have come through the spectator entrance. They meet Alric, a large man who runs the place. They negotiate with him for an opportunity to fight in the pit. It's rough going but eventually they come to an agreement.
  • The party joins the fighting ring, engaging a pair of minotaurs and a number of goblins. During the fights, they find a high elf named Master Idryel Il’lylune who is there to watch the fights. The party observes Alric speaking to a man he determined was named Sly. They are arguing about the commodities shipments not being enough. At some point in the conversation Alric drops the word bodies and Sly quickly hushes him.
  • The party after their victory goes to dinner with Master Idryel and engage in conversation. He knows about Sly but says nothing about WHAT he knew. He knows about Roderick Sampsel and that says that he is a silent partner in the underground fighting ring. Ultimately Idryel convinces the group to let him be their manager. They tell Alric to arrange them another fight. Idryel is going to firm up the negotiations. Idryel tells the group that they can leave a message for him at the Grand Meridian Hotel, a posh, upscale hotel on the coast.
  • The group ultimately brings all their information back to Adrian who takes it all in and will work on deciding how to proceed with the investigation.

Session 52: Night at the Moonsea Museum

Session Tags: Galik, Kavanmort, Cultists, Hearthorne

Characters: Marion Ette, Juno, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Chrysaor Purosis, Coryn Alaeth, 22

DM: Keller (1/20/2024)

Important NPCs: Shelmlock Dolmes, Jaqueline Hearthorne, Clarence

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 2348, XP at Level 5: 2013, XP at Level 6: 1342, XP at Level 7: 1140

Important Things that Happened:

  • The company is contacted by the famed Tortle reporter Shelmlock Dolmes who believes he has a lead on the cult activity in Galik. Recently contacts of his in the poorer districts of Galik have been going missing, with the only through line in that each claimed to have spotted Gnolls in the sewers before they disappeared. Following this lead Shelmlock discovered there was a conspiracy to steal the Heart of Kavanmort, the heart of an ancient long dead two headed dragon, now on display in the Moonsea Museum. What's worse is that he discovered that the museum itself was in on the theft, helping the cultists to steal the heart for their nefarious plans.
  • After agreeing to help him, Shelmlock Dolmes got the party tickets to a Midnight Gala at the museum when he believes the heist will go down. After investigating the museum, making friends with a guard named Clarence, and getting horrible fashion makeovers, the party arrives at the Gala.
  • As midnight strikes the party learns about the true magic of the museum, in that in comes alive at night. Moving amongst the gala and the back hallway, the party encounters a woman named Jaqueline Hearthorne, a daughter of a rick aristocratic family in Galik who claims she is also there to help stop the hearts theft, though she gives little reason as to why.
  • The party arrives at the heart's exhibit just in time as cultists partnered with Gnolls break into the museum, led by a family of three mobster assassins named the Torchelli's. The party manage to defeat the Gnolls and cultists with Jaqueline's help, and make a deal with the museum for the party to steal the heart in return for letting the museum collect on the heart's insurance. The party end up giving the heart over to the Collector after the heist and mutually part ways with Jaqueline who says she may be by again in the future to help the company.

Session 53: Restart My Hearth

Session Tags:

Characters: Black Jack, Billium Teddly, Heli Moltenshield, Twilsby Pendergras, 22, Laurence Awrkright

DM: Guest DM Mercedes (1/21/2024)

Important NPCs: Malakar the Maleficent, the Bollezzi family, Snowdrop, Tanis

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2013, XP at Level 4: 1725, XP at Level 5: 1150, XP at Level 6: 978, XP at Level 7: 805

Important Things that Happened:

  • At the behest of Adeline Hatchic, head of mechanics for the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, those who were available in the lobby of the expedition company’s headquarters hurried to help Adeline’s friend and the company’s source of glass for paneling and tools, Snowdrop of Galik Glass Emporium.
  • Upon arriving at the Emporium, the party were greeted by disarray, cats in every corner of the floor, brooms and bags organizing themselves, and one Snowdrop. A Tabaxi wild magic sorceress, who is distraught at the kidnapping of her forge master, Tanis, who keeps the furnaces for the glass blowing hot.
  • Down in the hearth, the party finds the furnace, a tunnel, and what seems to be Tanis’ quarters which resembles something like a nest or a horde. The party finds evidence that it is the Bozzelli crime family who took the forge master and dug a tunnel to the hearth of the Emporium. They overcome a trap at the front of the tunnel and travel through to find themselves at the docks. When exiting, they trigger a trap that collapses the tunnel, but everyone makes it out. At the docks, they see the forge master in a cage, waiting to be taken away, with evil mercenary Malakar the Maleficent and several dock hands, thugs, and wolves keeping watch to defend their prize.
  • Using some charm and intimidation, the party sends away three of the thugs, warning them that things are about to get ugly, but one of them refers to Tanis in her cage as a dragon! They release Tanis from her bonds and battle against Malakar and his minions, but Malakar fights back, summoning a water elemental. Tanis is able to use her fire breath once and Malakar loses control of the elemental! The party corners Malakar until he is consumed by his own summon.
  • They finish off the elemental and free Tanis from her prison, escorting her back to the forge and reuniting her with her best friend, Snowdrop. The party is paid handsomely and given some magical items from Snowdrop’s collection and Tanis’ horde.

Session 54: End of the Line

Session Tags: Galik, Cultists, Hearthorne

Characters: Juno, Heli Moltenshield, 22, Ren Atherton, Marion Ette

DM: Keller (1/27/2024)

Important NPCs: Jaqueline Hearthorne, Benny Thistlewick, Sid

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 1898, XP at Level 6: 1265, XP at level 7: 1075

Important Things that Happened:

  • The company is informed by Jaqueline Hearthorne that a high ranking member of the fungal cult, an individual part of an order known as the groomsman, will be riding the Galik City Railway. A party of the expeditionaries board the railway in an attempt to find the Groomsman and get caught in a web of conspiracies and lies including a murdered conductor, stolen money, and evil enchantment spellbooks.
  • The party manage to solve the mystery of the murdered train conductor and trace it back to a kind Gnomish man named Benny Thistlewick, identifying him as the Groomsman and as a powerful spellcaster. In order to save the lives of the rest of the passengers and their own, they party engage Benny in a game of high stakes poker, where they bet chips and their own lives. Eventually they manage to beat the Groomsman after he loses a hand where he bets his own life, and thereby ending it. The party depart the train with secrets they pulled from the Groomsman during the game as well as a briefcase of stolen gold.

Session 55: A Pile o' Bodies

Session Tags: Galik, Bounty Hunters, Jack of Hearts

Characters: Wiggler, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, Dr. Richard Weedus, Amaris Luanach, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, p'Ash'r'Ohn

DM: Keller (2/3/2024)

Important NPCs: Skippy, Jack of Hearts, Ripjaw, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Theta

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 3594, XP at Level 6: 2396, XP at Level 7: 2036

Important Things that Happened:

  • On a quiet day at the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company headquarters while most members were out and about, the party met with Skippy the Skiff Strider. Since being in Galik and his Skiff pilot services being in less demand, Skippy was tasked to look into the bounty that had been placed on the company.
  • He discovered that the bounty had been placed through the Red Blades, an order of assassins and mercenaries. He discovered that the bounty was bound by a spell cast upon the person who took out the bounty in the first place and if that spell is broken, the bounty will disappear. Working with Cookie, Skippy was able to design a magical tool that could break the spell and with Cookie's help divined that the one who took out the bounty was someone who ran in Galik's aristocratic circles.
  • Before the party could move on this information, an arrow was shot through the window with a letter tied to it, only informing the party that "They're Coming." Without warning scores of bounty hunters descended on the headquarters and the party valiantly defended their home.
  • The criminal and mercenary Jack of Hearts arrived as well but in a twist began to help the party fight off the attackers, even helping to fight against his previous adventuring party.
  • After the fighting concluded, the party received help from the Lyreguard to clean up the mess, only to discover that Jack of Hearts had disappeared. The party found he had snuck into the headquarters basement and stolen the head of the Mad Gnoll Artificer Ripjaw.

Session 56: Carnival of Chaos

Session Tags: Galik, Circus, Hearthorne

Characters: Thordon Akieye, Mirth, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Marion Ette, Coryn Alaeth, 22

DM: Aaron (2/9/2024)

Important NPCs: Nifty the Goblin, Benjamin Hearthorne

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 3364, XP at Level 6: 2243, XP at Level 7: 1906

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party, members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, were met by a goblin named Nifty. Nifty came to the Tempest Brothers looking for help find someone important to her she couldn't remember, her brother.
  • She was questioned about who she is and she explained she used to work for the Hearthorne family, an old aristocratic family at the heart of Galik society. After the death of the family's heir, Lucius Hearthorne, Nifty was sent to the circus by the new head of the family, Alistair Hearthone. This was so she could follow Benjamin Hearthorne, who was believed to have murdered his brother. The party was able to confirm from Nifty that Jaqueline Hearthorne was a member of this same family.
  • Nifty said they had to go to circus after nightfall, as that was when the true circus was able to be seen. The party went around the circus visiting each booth and getting thrust into horrid nightmares.
  • Eventually the Big Top in the center lit up and Benjamin Hearthorne, the circus' ringleader, welcomed them in. Some smack talk was exchanged and battle ensued. The battle was tense and brutal.
  • As the party defeated Benjamin, the true master of the circus was revealed, a horrid nightmarish False Hydra, a creature with many long necks and silently singing humanoid faces. Any creature it devoured would have their identity stricken from everyone's memory. The party fled the circus with the body of Benjamin in tow.

Session 57: The Search for Sly

Session Tags: Galik, Cultists, Cooper's Guild, Sly

Characters: Kh'jan, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Dr. Richard Weedus, Dragonett, Therrin Flare

DM: Dave (2/15/2024)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Master Idryel Il’lylune, Sly

XP Gained: TBD

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party was assembled by Lucinda Grimfold to help follow up the previous investigation regarding strange fungal bodies and missing persons. Lucinda used a contact she had from her days with the Lyreguard to gain information about missing persons in the docks district where the Coopers guild hall and fighting arena are located. For this matter Lucinda was able to obtain a missing persons list from the Disrict Sherrif as well as a Temporary Investigators License for the company on this matter only. For further investigation, Lucinda in points an individual known as Sly who is believed to be involved with the movement of humanoid bodies in the city.
  • Members of the party meet with Master Idryel Il’lylune, a man who operates within Galik's underground fighting rings and who had previously sponsored members of the company in the fighting pit. They request the elf's help with drawing out Sly to which Idryel aggrees.
  • Other members of the party go to meet with a bartender contact named Smokey, but find they are followed by a group of three men that they recognize from the fighting pits. They ambush the men who reveal that they were sent by Mr. "Sly" Sylvester to follow them.
  • The party then set their ambush for Sly at the docks. With cunning, trickery, and some brute force they manage to draw Sly out into the open and capture him to bring back to the company headquarters for further questioning.

Session 58: Blood, Sweat, and Gears

Session Tags: Galik, Theta

Characters: Dr. Richard Weedus, Ronin, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Ren Atherton, Heli Moltenshield, Chrysaor Purosis

DM: Guest DM Jon (2/16/2024)

Important NPCs: Commando Reconnaissance Unit Theta, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Iota

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 4258, XP at Level 5: 3650, XP at Level 6: 2433, XP at Level 7: 2068

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party are gathered to help fundraise for the company by attending an event where many of Galik's richest investors would be attending to help gather funds for a return to the wilds.
  • At first, their efforts seemed to garner some support, with investors liking what they were hearing from the adventurers and what their goals were in the wilds. As the party made their rounds, it seemed that they were getting some mixed signals, almost two different stories were being shared. They soon discovered a figure that appeared to be their friend an ally Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda at the event as well.
  • They quickly discovered that this Lambda was an imposter and a fight broke out between the party and the false Lambda who fought alongside a band of rogue Warforged. The fake Lambda, revealed to be one of Lambda's brother, a Warforged named Iota was destroyed with the second brother, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Theta]], escaping.
  • Even after the chaos investors still wanted to back the company and the party received large investments of gold to return to the wilds.

Session 59: Lost and Found

Session Tags: Galik, Nobles, Fungus

Characters: Danke Schön, Ren Atherton, Paris Hilton, Marion Ette, Amaris Luanach, Therrin Flare, Spurs (First Session)

DM: Julia (2/21/2024)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Captian Gharol Kharzog, Tamlin Elkreak (mentioned), Zyler Elkreak (mentioned), Marycane

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2070, XP at Level 5: 1183, XP at Level 6: 1005, XP at Level 7: 828

Important Things that Happened:

  • Lucinda Grimfold calls the party together to lend assistance to an old ally of hers, the current commander of the Lyreguard, Captian Gharol Kharzog. Captain Kharzog reveals the High Burger himself Tamlin Elkreak has sent a request for a covert mission to help him find his nephew, Zyler Elkreak, who has been missing for several months. With the upcoming political campaign, he doesn’t want his house to appear in disarray, thus using the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company Resources. This is the first election that they’re worried about losing, and that there’s a new comer who seems to have a way with the people.
  • Captain Kharzog gives the party a letter sealed with the seal of the High Burger which will open previously locked doors and grant them special access to more private material in the archive. The party makes it to Zyler’s home and are greeted by his housekeeper, an elderly halfling woman named Marycane. She tells them about Zyler and that he had not been home in several months. A few months ago, Zyler came home all excited, saying that he made new friends that made him feel like he belonged. The next day, three very people came to pick him up and after that he was gone. Marycane says he also noticed, in the evening that day, some mushrooms growing in the cracks in the doorway. Investigating Zyler's room the party found many journals and paintings depicting flora from Isonhound and using Feywild mushroom based paints.
  • The players then make their way to the archives and access the private material. They learn of the Elkreak family's history and find where Zyler's parents are buried.
  • At Zyler's parents crypt they find a strange letter that seems to have been written by Zyler in front of a statue of his mother:

Mother, I miss you. I often feel as if I should have been in the house that night. Uncle Tamlin means well, but it feels as if I am a marionette that he controls, pulling the strings while I perform as he wishes. He rarely understands that I am my own person with my own interests and desires. I felt adrift, completely on my own. That was, until I met my new friends. I was skeptical, at first, but they kept talking…and it all made sense. We all belong together, like a big network of a family. You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be alright. I have a new Mother to take care of me now.

  • After the letter is read the old nobles rise as zombies and attack with strange fungal powers. After defeating the zombies the party returns to Captain Kharzog who rewards them for their discoveries.

Session 60: The Bride and Groom Reveal Themselves

Session Tags: Galik, Bounty, Cultists

Characters: Ronin, Helli Moltenshield, Twilsby Pendergras, 22, Ren Atherton, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler

DM: Keller (2/24/2024)

Important NPCs: Skippy, Shelmlock Dolmes, Jaqueline Hearthorne, Alistair Hearthorne, Lenore Hearthorne

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 2588, XP at Level 5: 2218, XP at Level 6: 1479, XP at Level 7: 1257

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party are called together by Skippy the Skiff Strider and Shelmlock Dolmes who believe they have found a way to get rid of the bounty on the company's head. With the bounty contract being magical in nature, they ere able to create two daggers which when stabbed into the one who placed the bounty, will void it in its entirety. In addition Shelmlock Dolmes believed he has tracked the source of who placed the bounty to the Hearthorne family, an aristocratic family in the city who is one of Galik's oldest families.
  • The party head off to meet with the first Hearthorne they are familiar with, Jaqueline Hearthorne and arrange a meeting with her. They also discover that Alistair Hearthorne, Jaqueline's only surviving sibling and the head of the Hearthorne family is running to be the next High Burgher of Galik. The party splits up, one half to meet with Jaqueline and one half to check up on Alistair as a political debate.
  • When meeting with Jaqueline they are able to prove she is not who set the bounty in return for some information. Before she leaves she warns the party to stay away from the Hearthorne's and allow her to keep the issues "in the family."
  • At the political debate the party find Alistair is a very likeable candidate with a large portion of the populace supporting him. At the time he had a large contingent of Lyreguard soldiers protecting him after Alistair recently surviving an assassination attack by an unknown masked assailant. At the debate the party also see's Alistair's wife, Lenore Hearthorne.
  • After some complications the party follow Alistair and Lenore to his next speech and attack Lenore with the dagger, revealing she was who set the contract and voiding the bounty. In the fray both Alistair and Lenore reveal themselves to be the mysterious and terrifying bride and Groom, the leaders of the fungal cult in Galik. After a scuffle where they transform multiple Lyreguard warriors into fungal monsters they escape to campaign another day.

Session 61: Slithering into Sly's Secrets

Session Tags: Galik, Cultists, Sly

Characters: Dragonett, Ren Atherton, Kh'jan, Twilsby Pendergras, Heli Moltenshield

DM: Dave (2/25/2024)

Important NPCs: Sly, Lucinda Grimfold, The Bride Lenore Hearthorne (mentioned)

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 2070,XP at Level 6: 1380, XP at Level 7: 1173

Important Things that Happened:

  • The group gathered at the request of Lucinda Grimfold. Through interrogation of the criminal named Sly, it was revealed he was a member of the fungal demoness, Mother, and a member of the cult dedicated to her in Galik, working under the mysterious Bride and Groom. He revealed the location of his lair, a sewer by the dockyard slums. He also revealed that Lenore Hearthorne, the Bride's, maiden name was Bozelli, a name tied to the Galik mob. Through this Lucinda and the party were able to piece together the mystery of the cult's heraldry, in that it was a combination of the icons of both the Hearthorne and Bozelli households.
  • From here the group decided to continue their investigation at Sly's lair. They search the Sewer Slums area of the lower coastal area of the city and find a sewer out drain whose grate had been strangley altered to be more fortified. They find a number of guards outside the entrance who the group quickly dispatches of.
  • Inside they find many cultists dedicated to Mother. They find themselves in a massive cavern space carved out of the earth and covered in mushrooms of all types and sizes. Upon investigation they see fungal creatures emerge from coffin size raised planters that have fallen over. The party engage these creatures in battle, finding that these fungal humanoids have control over powerful mind controlling spores.
  • The cave is searched and they find a ledger containing information on goods movements. The information is incomplete as to where and what was moved. In the ledger is a collection of correspondence. They are letters from Lenore Hearthorne to Sly outlining the events that have happened over the last year regarding the cult, activity in the wilds, interactions with the Tempest Brothers and finally, the gift given to them from the Mother, a statue they find in the cave that can infuse fungal creatures with powerful abilities. These creatures are being prepped for "the second phase" of Mother's plan to deal with Galik.

Session 62: Chittering in the Sewers

Session Tags: Galik, Sewer

Characters: Thordon Akieye, 22, Amelie Luxaeterna, Twilsby Pendergras, Therrin Flare, Heli Moltenshield

DM: Julia (3/3/2024)

Important NPCs: Paul Fletcher, Eldrous (mentioned), Granir and Gruc

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 2180, XP at Level 7: 1454, XP at Level 8: 1236

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party was gathered by Paul Fletcher to investigate some strange going ons in the sewers that may be connected to both the fungal cult and to wererats. They are made aware of a powerful lycanthrope named Eldrous who is a Loup Garou. Paul directs them to an entrance to the sewers connecting to a series of secret tunnels. The party are also provided a strange code that was discovered during a previous expedition into the sewers.
  • The party delves into the sewers and use their many magics to avid the sewer's hazards. The party encounter a pack of large rats in the sewers and after sending a quick warning shot are swarmed with rats. The party works their way deeper into the sewers, fighting through hoards of rather normal, just extremely large rats.
  • Once they managed to get through a long hallway, they reached a fork in the road, with one side being blocked by a massive living wall of rats. At this point, Ogre Rats and a Rat King appeared. After the rat king was incapacitated, the wall of rats disbanded, allowing the party to loot their nest.
  • On the other side of the wall of rats, the party overhears two voices, Granir and Gruc, twin dwarves that were part of an old mining guild. They were almost unrecognizable with hulking forms and seeming to be stuck in a half transformed state between rat and humanoid. After defeating the twins, and through some careful investigating, the party find another inscription on the wall, identical to the code they had. The party manage to decode the message which read “Blood is thicker than water, but bones remain last” Speaking the phrase causes a secret door to open, revealing a secret passage with many mushrooms of the demoness Mother present.

Session 63: Vault Hunters

Session Tags: The Scar, Demons

Characters: Captain Amelie Luxaeterna, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Coryn Alaeth, Radion The Forged, p'Ash'r'Ohn

DM: Keller (3/9/2024)

Important NPCs: Widgit Wizzlepop, Cookie, Mother (mentioned), Vault

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 2063, XP at Level 7: 1375

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party returned to the wilds on the deck of the Red Macaw joined by Cookie and Widgit Wizzlepop. With help from company expeditionaries, they had identified what seemed to be an ancient structure in The Scar of Amusa that held many dangerous and valuable artifacts. Using suits designed by Widgit Wizzlepop the party descended into the Scar, avoiding many dangers before eventually arriving at the structure itself.
  • Upon entering the structure, the party encountered a strange arcane consciousness inhabiting it who identified themselves as named Vault. Seeking to toy with the party it forced them to solve dangerous puzzles and avoid deadly traps seemingly for its own amusement. One of these traps involved a dangerous golem made purely of Existence Crystals.
  • Delving deeper the party learned more about the structure's secrets, including the ancient order who founded it known as The Order of the Kingdom Keepers, ancient knights who used to serve the kingdom of Sotchala before the kingdom's fall. Eventually one of the order's members was corrupted by the demoness Mother and slew most of the order's members before he was defeated and both his hand and hammer were sealed away. Eventually Mother would lead a gnoll to claim the hammer, a gnoll that would become The Gnoll King.
  • After being forced to sacrifice some of their happiest memories, the party would do battle with the hearts of Vault, defeating the entity and claiming some of his greatest treasures before the structure was lost to the Scar. An artifact tied to the cursed hammer was taken as well, weakening the Gnoll King's power. As they escaped, the party got one last vision, of an ancient underground city coated in fungus and shrouded in the shadow of Mother.

Session 64: Left For Dead

Session Tags: The Warden of the Wilds, Zombies, Tears of the Celestials

Characters: Dr. Richard Weedus, Ash Oakriver, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Coryn Alaeth, Tommy, Thordon Akieye

DM: Aaron (3/13/2024)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds, Bjorn Shattershield, Adrian Tempest (mentioned), Mother (mentioned)

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 4696, XP at Level 5: 4025, XP at Level 6: 2683, XP at Level 7: 2281, XP at Level 8: 1878

Important Things that Happened:

  • The session started with Bjorn Shattershield telling the group how he was out with Adrian Tempest when he received a message from The Warden of the Wilds asking for help. The party arrived at the Warden's domain where the Warden mentioned how there was some new mutations to the zombies of the swamp and how usually they stayed within the swamp but are now venturing out. They sent the party out and asked them to bring samples or a full specimen back.
  • The groups heads out to the swamp and finds several zombies, strange creatures known as Corpse Lillies and Corpse Mounds, fungal Demons, and an Alchemist making them stronger. Battle ensues and the Alchemist takes notes from a safe distance with the Demons.
  • After a slog the party came out victorious. The group grabs a corpse lilly and bring it to the Warden. They examines it and pulls out a small wooden statuette of Mother from the mound. The Warden explains that the statue must have been coated in corrupted Celestial energies. They tell the group about the old temple in the swamp that was dedicated to Celestial Deities long ago and how it had a fountain. At this fountain you could get water from the Celestial Realm called 'Tears of a Celestial' and that the enemy has found a way to use it. They also says that Mother's plans must be father along than they first thought.
  • As the group overhead the Alchemist mention his creations will be perfect for the upcoming siege. With this new revelation and with the info of the Celestial energies, the Warden implied that Mother aspires to Godhood not just to enter the material plane, as they hunger for more.

Session 65: Helpin Gary

Session Tags: Mushrooms, Oozes

Characters: 22, Dragonett, Therrin Flare, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Kh'jan, Balder the Bald Boulder

DM: Dave (3/14/2024)

Important NPCs: Gary the Slime King, The Warden of the Wilds (mentioned)

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 2567, XP at Level 6: 2200, XP at Level 7: 1467, XP at Level 8: 1247

Important Things that Happened:

  • "Gary" the Slime King intercepts the group as they were heading to meet up with The Warden of the Wilds. He asked for their help. Agents of the Mother had found one of the access points to his underground lair and augmented the slime/ooze summoning power to summon woodland creatures and infect them with Myconid fungus. Gary sent a green ooze named Squee with the group as a guide to get in.
  • Something serving the fungal mother had taken up residence in the caverns below and established a lair. Because of this, Gary was cut off from that part of his domain. The party hurried to the location and found shambling fungal creatures in the area of the massive tree stump. They were quickly dispatched and from a large patch of mushrooms, an infected bear rose up and attacked them. The party dispatched them all and Squee led them into a secret entrance in the river.
  • The group dropped down into a large pool of water that contained old ruins of what looked like a long abandoned hidden sanctum, where they were attacked by a mushroom infected Bulette. The group moved through the ruins and heard scurrying in front of them, quickly dispatching of a small fungal creature. Moving through the ruins, they came across a section where the water from the pool had breeched into the ruins and created a washout that led to an underground cave network.
  • The group came across fungal growth and spider webs, and as they moved through the area, they were attacked by fungus that dropped from the ceiling and latched onto them. They came across a massive spider and it's minion creatures skittering down into a hole below, dispatching it and its spawn. Squee went down the hole and came back to the opening piloting a massive construct that bore a mask capable of projecting an antimagic field.

Session 66: Soul Dealing and Gunslinging

Session Tags: The Ten Hells, Devils, Demons, The Warden's Cure

Characters: Wiggler, Rina, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Heli Moltenshield, p'Ash'r'Ohn, Ronin

DM: Keller (3/16/2024)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds, Alkiir Scalesborn, Baron Samuel Boarhide, Elytria, Sellena "Snake-Eyes"

XP Gained: XP: at Level 5: 2567, XP at Level 7: 1467, XP at Level 8: 1247

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party are called to the ruins of the basecamp to meet The Warden of the Wilds who had captured the infernal Demon Hunter, Alkiir Scalesborn. Alkiir revealed that the Company and the Warden could weaponize the Warden's fungal cure against Demons using infernal gold. Alkiir gave the party a contact of his in Duumal, the first layer of The Ten Hells who could get them the gold.
  • The party descend into the Ten Hells and behold Duumal, a layer of Hell heavily influenced by the old Pterran Wild West. The party using infernal disguises arrived in the town of Brimestone Gulch where they had a run in with the Marilith-Spawn outlaw known as Sellena "Snake Eyes" who challenged them to a dual. The party then met Alkiir's contact, Bellshnir, a Barbed Devil infernal rodeo clown. Bellshnir led the party to his benefactor, a greedy boar-like archdevil named Baron Samuel Boarhide who agreed to give the party infernal gold in exchange for the party retrieving a special gun known as The Vaulkner, a gun with five bullets that could supposedly kill any devil. A gun in the possession of Sellena "Snake Eyes."
  • The party met Sellena at high noon and killed her in a dual, escaping from her outlaw cronies with the Vaulkner. After having a run in with the layer's ruler, Sheriff Elytria, the party gave the gun to Baron Boarhide and return to the material realm with the Infernal Gold in tow.

Session 67: Tears on my Fungal Blade

Session Tags: The Fungal Cure, Demons

Characters: Amelie Luxaeterna, Wiggler, Otto von Gerwig, Dr. Richard Weedus, Ren Atherton

DM: Keller (3/19/2024)

Important NPCs: The Warden of the Wilds, Jim Stacy, Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, Mother (mentioned)

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 4658, XP at Level 7: 3105

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party journey out into the wilds to meet The Warden of the Wilds who is near completion of their fungal cure. The Warden informs the party that the last ingredient needed are the "Tears of a Celestial." The Warden has heard legends of a fountain said to have fallen from the heavens that may have what they need.
  • The party journey to the celestial fountain to find it overgrown with fungal rot, finding that the demonic forces of Mother have desecrated the site. They find cultists of Mother using the site to create the same statuettes of Mother that the company had previously discovered that were being used to create fungal zombies. The party also encounters Jim Stacy, the villainous champion of Mother. The party do battle and once and for all defeat Jim Stacy.
  • Before the party can celebrate, the Warforged Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda reveals themselves and swears their allegiance to Mother, claiming to be her new champion, before disappearing.
  • The party gather the Celestial tears from the fountain and return to the Warden who once and for all is able to finish the cure.

Session 68: The Ravenborn Estate

Session Tags: Cultists

Characters: Wiggler, Amelie Luxaeterna, Dragonett, Kh'jan, Amaris Luanach, Radion

DM: Guest DM Gingie (3/23/2024)

Important NPCs: Mr. Rod Ravenborn, Joren

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 1705, XP at Level 7: 1137

Important Things that Happened:

  • Mr. Rod Ravenborn asks for help from The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, cashing in a favor that the Tempest Brothers owed him. Rod asks for the group to clear out the house of anyone who is not suppose to be there. He was turned away from entering the property and provides evidence that the property is his.
  • The group approaches the perimeter of the estate and find four thugs on watch around a campfire. They quickly kill them and hide the bodies in the carriage house. They then continue on and enter the house.
  • As they investigated, the party entered the dining room where the doors locked behind them and strange supernatural events begin to unfold. After some time they figured out the puzzle and moved on to the next room where they found a letter confirming Rod's connection to the house. They entered the greenhouse and started to find evidence of mushrooms.
  • They were summoned to the attic where Joren, the ghost of the house's former owner. He asked them to check the basement and clear it out of the creatures locked down there. After they were convinced, they went to the basement where they found a few Myconids and a statue of Mother covered in mushrooms. They killed the mushrooms and destroyed the statue. They discovered that this is a base that was being used to make more fungal zombies from dead bodies being delivered weekly.

Session 69: Unmasked

Session Tags: Jack of Hearts, Cultists

Characters: Ren Atherton, Black Jack, Therrin Flare, Spurs, Ronin

DM: Keller (3/24/2024)

Important NPCs: Lyowyn Mossbringer, Jack of Hearts, Wren, The Lord of the Beneath, The Bride and Groom Lenore and Alistair Hearthorne

XP Gained: XP at Level 4: 2683, XP at Level 5: 2300, XP at Level 7: 1303

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party are gathered by Lyowyn Mossbringer who believes they have tracked down the location of the stolen head of Ripjaw, the mad Gnoll artificer, which was recently stolen from the company headquarters by the criminal Jack of Hearts. The party track down the location to a townhouse in Galik and identify that it is one of many properties owned by the Hearthorne family. As they approach they learn that Alistair Hearthorne won the election for High Burgher of Galik. During that same period sirens go off as guards rush to aid the High Burgher as someone had tried to assassinate him.
  • The party arrive at the townhouse, quietly incapacitating a pair of lookout guards and entering the home which they find barren, save for hidden supply bags and disguise kits. Reaching the top floor, the party avoid a trap and find the head of Ripjaw connected to strange magitech technology. Here they suddenly run into Jack of Hearts who bursts in beaten and bruised. After dealing with a corrupted fungal Lyreguard who then attempted to kill Jack of Hearts, the party escape the townhouse with the criminal and demand answers.
  • Jack of Hearts reveals themselves to be Jaqueline Hearthorne, sister of Alistair Hearthorne. She tells the party about the lost city of Thelrya and how the demoness Mother plans to use it to ascend to godhood. She also informs them that her brother plans to use his position as High Burgher to weaken Galik's defenses so it will not stand in Mother's way. Finally she informs them that Alistair brought an ally of Mother's into the city, and ancient demigod like being that helped Mother in the far flung past.
  • The party rush to confront Alistair only to find the entire council of Galik dead and the vermin of the city congregating around the building. Here they find Alistair and Lenore Hearthorne along with a strange cultists of worms. Alistair and Lenore flee to Thelrya through a teleportation circle and the cultists takes the lawbook, the new laws established by Alistair still in the process of writing themselves.
  • As the Bride and Groom flee, their honored guest arrives, a strange figure made of worms and vermin known only as "The Lord of the Beneath." It transforms into a massive worm like monster and collapses the building into the caves and sewers below Galik, where it then proceeds to begin sinking other sections of the city bringing great destruction. The party manages to defeat the cultist and revert the laws Alaistair set in place. Then before the Lord of the Beneath can continue destroying the rest of the city they trick it into smashing through an underground seawall, trapping it and forcing it to transform back into its smaller form and flee.
  • The party say their goodbyes to Jaqueline who agrees to do her best to clean up her families mess before doing away with their identity as Jaqueline for good.

Session 70a: Camp Emberclaw

Session Tags: Gnolls

Characters: 22, Thordon Akieye, Dragonett, Twilsby Pendergras, Kh'jan

DM: Aaron (3/29/2024)

Important NPCs: Ripjaw (mentioned)

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 3738, XP at Level 7: 2492, XP at Level 8: 2118

Important Things that Happened:

  • A small strike force heads to the known location of the gnoll encampment Camp Emberclaw. They find the camp empty as a much larger force battles their allies in an all out war on the surface above the underground stronghold. The group searches the camp for clues that could lead them to the location of the camp's arcane forge which had been rebuilt by the Gnoll Artificer Ripjaw. After some thorough search they find an illusionary wall. After a series of rooms and puzzles they finally find the forge itself and a lone withered gnoll appeared to be working on it. Without question the gnoll is killed immediately and the team rig the forge to explode. The group high tails it out just in time to watch arcane energy erupt from the forge turning Camp Emberclaw into a smoking crater.

Session 70b: Camp Emberclaw

Session Tags: Gnolls

Characters: Paris Hilton, Marion Ette, Dr. Richard Weedus, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Coryn Alaeth, Chrysaor Purosis

DM: Keller (3/29/2024)

Important NPCs: Lucinda Grimfold, Talyth, The Gnoll King

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 3738, XP at Level 7: 2492, XP at Level 8: 2118

Important Things that Happened:

Session 71: Thelrya Megasession

Session Tags: Mother, Thelrya, Lycanthropes

Characters: Paris Hilton, Dr. Richard Weedus, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Coryn Alaeth, Chrysaor Purosis, Amelie Luxaeterna, Twilsby Pendergras, Dragonett, Kh'jan, Therrin Flare, 22, Sallen "Hummer" Mason, Black Jack, Thordon Akieye, Heli Moltenshield, Ren Atherton, Laurence Awrkright, Ronin, Ash Oakriver, Karma Runes, Leo, Kiamana Pohihi

DMs: Aaron, Dave, Julia, Keller (4/7/2024)

Important NPCs: Mother, Lenore Hearthorne, Alistair Hearthorne, Eldrous

XP Gained: XP at Levels 4: 6417, XP at Level 5: 5500, XP at Level 6: 3667, XP at Level 7: 3117, XP at Level 8: 2567

Important Things that Happened:

Session 72e: Caffeinated Chaos

Session Tags: The Wilds, Spiders, Coffee

Characters: Lupine Lucas, Morten Nusi, Laurence Awrkright, Juno, Beauregard, Sallen "Hummer" Mason

DM: Guest DM James (4/20/2024)

Important NPCs: Saul Cherrywood, Matthias Stone

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 3000, XP at Level 4: 2571, XP at Level 5: 1714, XP at Level 6: 1457, XP at Level 7: 1200

Important Things that Happened:

  • Local Galik cafe owner Saul Cherrywood turns to the party for help in finding some of his missing employees who had been lost in The Spider Swamps of Dolina. He suspects that a rival coffee shop owner named Matthias Stone had something to do with it.
  • The party delve into the Spider Swamps and they find the missing employees who were being held captive by two assassins along with Giant Spiders who had been fed magical coffee beans.
  • In the end the party defeated the assassins and spiders and saved the hostages from the evil clutches of Matthias Stone.

Session 73e: Rise of the Allaince

Session Tags: Fairyflower Mountain, Fey

Characters: p'Ash'r'Ohn, Wiggler, Otto von Gerwig, Radion The Forged, Mirth, Finnegan (Finny) Warbler

DM: Keller (4/20/2024)

Important NPCs: Queen Alyara Everlilly, Theta, Wren, Doctor Carmine Carnelle, Ailmar Rivleam, Faerenia

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 6038, XP at Level 6: 4950, XP at Level 7: 3300, XP at Level 8: 2805

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party traveled out to the Fair Folk haven of Fairyflower Mountain, who requested their assistance. The Queen of the Mountain Alyara Everlilly revealed the existence of an ancient rift to the Feywild which her ancestors used to flee the Feywild in ancient times before founding the mountain. She told them that a Fey Sorceress named Faerenia hoped to use this portal to release a faction of ancient and Wild Fey into Amusa and asked for the parties help to stop her.
  • The party arrived at the temple, enchanted grounds in which the Fair Folk couldn't enter, and were ambushed by the rogue Warforged Theta along with other strange Warforged.
  • The party defeated Theta and entered the temple, finding Faerenia and other allies of her whom she had gathered across the land, having promised them the opportunity to right the greatest wrongs in their life. The party did battle with her and Faerenia revealed herself to be a powerful Fey Dragon. The party managed to stop her and prevented the Wild Fey from entering into the realm.

Session 74e: TBD

Session Tags:

Characters: Therrin Flare, Ren Atherton, Ash Oakriver, Mirth, Ronin, Beauregard

DM: Julia (4/28/2024)

Important NPCs:

XP Gained:

Important Things that Happened: TBD

Session 75e: The Tournament of the Elements

Session Tags: Galik, Bozzelli

Characters: Dr. Richard Weedus, Dragonett, Amelie, Chrysaor, Balder the Bald Boulder

DM: Dave, Co-DM Keller (4/28/2024)

Important NPCs: Master Idryel Il’lylune, Mr. Bozzelli

XP Gained: XP at Level 5: 5600, XP at Level 6: 4800, XP at Level 7: 3200, XP at Level 8: 2720

Important Things that Happened:

  • The team is gathered by their High Elf Underground Fighting Ring Sponsor Master Idryel Il’lylune who has gathered them due to their prowess and reputations in the ring so that they may compete in the Tournament of the Elements, one of the most prestigious, famous, and most dangerous underground fighting tournaments in the realm.
  • The team enters into the qualifiers where they must compete against two other teams and survive an onslaught of eye rays from the Beholder Kaleidoscorch. After succeeding in the qualifiers, the fighters enter into the tournament proper, competing in a series of one-on-one unarmed fights, eventually all reaching it to the finals.
  • The team is approached by the mobster Mr. Bozzelli who offers them a large sum of money in return for throwing the fight. The team refuses and one of Bozzelli's men attempts to poison the team. Entering into the arena for the last time the team confronts the tournaments champions, four powerful elemental genie wrestlers. Winning by the skin of their teeth, the team comes out on top, receiving the title of champions of the tournament and receiving a large sum of money from risky bets they made before the match.

Session 76e: Army of the Unseen

Session Tags: Thelrya, Philosopher's Stone, The Lost Parade

Characters: Ronin, Wiggler, 22, Ren Atherton, Heli Moltenshield

DM: Keller (5/4/2024)

Important NPCs: Paul Fletcher, Hunk

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 2970, XP at Level 7: 1980, XP at Level 8: 1683

Important Things that Happened:

  • As the rain pours the party join Paul Fletcher and Hunk the Kobold Paladin in search of the final lost village of Thelrya, Emberglen. Tracking down its location using old Thelryan maps, the party arrives on the outskirts, discovering runes that suggested a massive magic circle surrounding the village.
  • Going deeper, the party found an old Kobold farmhouse that was seemingly abandoned, with signs that there had been some strange occurrences in the village, as well of signs of an unseen onlooker. As the party continued to the village, they discovered that a strange being resembling Paul had infiltrated the group, only to disappear before they could do anything about it.
  • Arriving at the village they find it abandoned, save for the strange signs of creature nearby that always seem to disappear when the party approaches. While investigating they are beset by an invisible creature which could be seen only through mirrors. Defeating it, it is discovered to be a strange mutated kobold. At the same time the party continues to be stalked by the creature that resembles Paul.
  • Investigating the villages library, the party discovers the hidden sanctum of a kobold wizard. Reading their notes, it is revealed that in their folly in hopes to regain Thelrya, the Kobold wizards of the village summoned something from the beyond, a disease that took shelter in the town well. Anyone who then drank the water would be transformed into a monstrous Skulk, doomed to march at the beat of the Lost Parade. The party complete a ritual to destroy the disease while fending off a horde of the Skulk, and manage to free the remaining villagers who had been petrified for their own safety, saving the village of Emberglen.

Session 77e: TBD

Session Tags:


DM: Julia (5/5/2024)

Important NPCs:

XP Gained:

Important Things that Happened:

Session 78e: Fur and Fangs

Session Tags: The Wilds, Druids

Characters: Dr. Richard Weedus, Ren Atherton, 22, Twilsby Pendergras

DM: Guest DM Anna (5/10/2024)

Important NPCs: Roxanne, Quin-Ora

XP Gained: XP at Level 7: 4785, XP at Level 8: 4067

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party journeyed out into the wilds at the request of a druid sanctuary searching for assistance. As they approached the border of the sanctuary, they came upon a herd of colorful, horned sheep consuming a corpse. As the party got closer, the herd were provoked and attacked, attracting attention from nearby plant-like wolves that accompanied the sheep. After defeating the two animal packs, they came on a small wood elf who discovered them. Finding out they were from The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, they lead them into the now-ransacked Silver Ivy Sanctuary, where their small community was rounding up infant beasts and incapacitated monsters under their care.
  • The druid Roxanne met them soon after to notify that a few of their rarer infants have been captured and stolen - and that the wards that normally keep unwanted interlopers out was dismantled. The party pushed a little further, and she gave them a scroll to revive the wards once they made sure all the animals were recovered and all the ward stones were in place.
  • The party successfully located a weak link at the north end of the sanctuary, discovering a last pack of poachers were on their way out - each with a crate in tow that emitted various bestial cries for help. The party quickly dispatched the brigade, recovering the animals.
  • As the final goon fell, the boss - Quinn-Ora, thought to finish the job herself. She attempted to negotiate, but the party pounced on the warlock quickly. Beaten by two giant apes, slashed up, and out of any other options she cast dimension door to scramble away, claiming to return with better help.
  • Afterwards, the party located the misplaced ward stone - placing it back and restoring the ritual to replace the protective barrier. The baby beasts were saved, and the Silver Ivy Sanctuary gifted them with unique items and offered to aid the company should they require guides or other help navigating within the Wilds.

Session 79e: Heist in the Collection

Session Tags: The Collector, Circus

Characters: Dragonett, Heli Moltenshield, Kh'jan, Twilsby Pendergras, Amaris Luanach

DM: Aaron (5/12/2024)

Important NPCs: The Collector

XP Gained: XP at Level 7: 2860, XP at Level 8: 2431

Important Things that Happened: The hero Dragonett gathers a team of likeminded adventurers to perform a heist of the Collection, a large storage sight of many powerful artifacts owned by the mysterious Collector. Using the information they had gathered, the locate the sight of the Collection's secret location, beneath the Luggland Embassy. The party arrives and bribes their way in to the Collection. They pass through a large arcane door and are ominously told that the Collector is on the other side.

The first room the party is in is a massive library. The party investigates the bookshelves for traps and all the books on the shelf fly off the shelf and attack before flying into the air. The party manages to befriend the books and uses their help to escape the library. The next room is a large open space with many statues, each holding different objects. They find a stone plaque with a strange riddle identifying three separate tasks. The party complete the first two tasks but fail he third, causing one of their party to get disintegrated.

The next room was entirely black and the party hears a child's cry. Investigating they find a small child crying for it's Mother. Questioning the child, the party discover it was from the circus. At this moment the child reveals themselves to be the monstrous False Hydra which had escaped its previous encounter with the party's allies and it attacked. After a difficult battle the party comes out on top.

A door of light appears and the party enter it. Sitting in a chair in a massive empty room is the elf from earlier holding the mask of the Collector in his lap. The party offer several magic items in exchange to true resurrect their dead ally, which the Collector accepts. He tells the party he is collecting and containing cursed items that are tied to The Seven. Keeping them from being used this restraining some of The Sevens power. He mentions how since this location has been broken into he will be relocating his collection. He gifts the party some items for the efforts in jest before leaving.

Session 80e: TBD

Session Tags:


DM: Julia (5/16/2024)

Important NPCs:

XP Gained:

Important Things that Happened:

Book 3

Session 81: Quelmar Con 2023 Game: Kiss of Ice

Session Tags: The Glacial Rift, The Seven

Characters: Therrin Flare, 22, Selene, Ronin (Wicked Wilds), Tryska Bjorndottyr, Thordon Akieye

DM: Keller (6/2/2024)

Important NPCs: Skippy, Eleria the Winter Dryad, Unknown Blue Giant, Unknown Ancient White Dragon

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 4171, XP at Level 7: 3575, XP at Level 8: 2383, XP at Level 9: 2026

Important Things that Happened:

  • After the establishment of the new waystation, the party were instructed to travel the entirety of the road leading from the waystation all the way to Xender City to identify any potential threats and dangers along the way. The party chose to take their friend Skippy with them and began to make their way.
  • Halfway through their journey while they rested during the night, they were accosted by a mysterious creature none of them could identify. Their encounter with this being was interrupted by a terrifying howl that shook the jungle. Investigating the source the party found a torn-open T-Rex covered in strange frost.
  • Traveling on, a few days later the party found a similarly dismembered animal, and searching forward they discovered a massive out-of-place Yeti. After defeating the strange beast, the party began to look into how such a creature came to Amusa. Following its tracks the party found a massive dome made of solid ice. Entering through a small crevice carved into the dome, the party found a mystical frozen jungle, where all the plants were coated with ice and where snow rained down from the sky. The party also found solid ice sculptures which they soon discovered used to be living people and animals.
  • Arriving at the center of the dome, the party found a strange ice rift formed in the center of a massive tree. The gate was watched over by a strange Winter Dryad known as Eleria, who offered the opportunity for the party to remain with her forever, frozen in perfectly preserving ice. Combat ensued and after a difficult battle with many close calls the party defeated Eleria. As she was defeated, the party received a strange vision from the night of The Thelryan Restoration. The party saw the grove when it was in its pre-frozen state, full of life and tended to by fey dryads. The leyline surge from the Thelryan event caused a strange crown artifact held by a ranger staying with the dryads to react, tearing open the strange frozen rift.
  • During the fight one of the party members got pulled into the strange rift, waking up to endless fields of snow and ice ringed with tall mountains. On the forest mountain stood a castle of tall stone and ice, and approaching him was a towering humanoid figure with blue skin. Beholding the rift the figure proclaimed:

"Start spreading the news, we leave today. Long live the Frostfell Empire!"

  • The figure then blew on a large horn, awaking what appeared to be a massive ancient white dragon on a nearby mountain top. After the Winter Dryad's defeat and seeing the approaching dragon through The Glacial Rift, the party fled back to their cart, finishing their journey to Xender City, with many more questions then answers.

Session 82: TBD

Session Tags: TBD

Characters: 22, Ren Atherton, Iris, Zarril, Beauregard Shryke, Chrysaor

DM: Guest DM Kade (6/14/2024)

Important NPCs: TBD

XP Gained: XP at Levels 3 and 4: 3802, XP at Level 5: 3259, XP at Level 6: 2173, XP at Level 7: 1847, XP at Levels 8 & 9: 1521

Important Things that Happened: TBD

Session 83: Farmstead Investigation

Session Tags: Wilds, Farm, Scarecrows

Characters: Finnegan (Finny) Warbler, Valdor, Nokori Naru, Ghargux, Coryn Alaeth, Sallen "Hummer" Mason

DM: Dave P (6/19/2024)

Important NPCs: Darian Tempest, Derwin, Ellie, Devin Markster, Frederic Willhelm

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 2713, XP at Level 7: 1085, XP at Level 8: 1008

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party was chosen for the investigation mission by Darian Tempest while they were eating breakfast. In the central fort (The Big House),they met Devin Markster & Frederic Willhelm, two farmers who lived up the road that leads to Troverth. Darian told them that the men were having trouble with something skulking around the jungle around their farm.
  • On their way to the farm Devin informed them that they were discovering animal carcasses around their farm, the farm animals had been spooked, there had been strange noises in the wilds, and a strange figure was seen killing animals in their barn before fleeing. The party also learned that Fredrick's daughter Ellie had a strange imaginary friend name Hopper. The party later learns that Hopper is a Shield Guardian, with Ellie as his amulet holder.
  • As they investigated, the party spotted strange humanoid figures skulking around the farm as well as seeing strange blue lights. After much investigating they found a strange hut occupied by a man named Derwin. Derwin revealed that the figures were animated scarecrows of his creation. He had also created two larger scarecrows called Harvest Reapers made to protect farms. The party deployed the Harvest Reapers which protected the farm, keeping whatever had been harassing the farm at bay. But whatever that thing was was still out there......

Session 84: Men in Tights

Session Tags: Jack of Hearts, Troverth, Frost Giants

Characters: Ronin (Wicked Wilds), Amelie, Wiggler, Allinor Kalth, Thordon Akieye

DM: Keller (6/21/2024)

Important NPCs: Jack of Hearts, Velemar Decrye, Cookie, Binkle and Twinkle

XP Gained: XP at Level 6: 3850, XP at Level 7: 3300, XP at Level 8: 2200, XP at Level 9: 1870

Important Things that Happened:

  • The party was gathered by Velemar Decrye to investigate reports of bandits robbing merchants along the Troverthian road. He worried that if these attacks continued it could bring an end to trade along the route between the waystation and Troverth.
  • Accompanied by the Otter Wizard Cookie, the party joined the gnomish merchant couple of Binkle and Twinkle on the road to see if they could find and stop these bandits. Along the way they found the strange aftermath of a battle between a now dead [[[Frost Giant]] and a large bipedal fiendish creature. The party questioned how a Frost Giant could end up in the wilds of Amusa.
  • Continuing along, the party were ambushed by figures wearing brightly colored tights. The leader of this group of merry bandits was revealed to be Jack of Hearts, a mercenary and freelance adventurer the company had encountered in the West. Jack revealed that after his encounters with the company, he wished to turn a new leaf, traveling out east and forming his band of brigands who would rob traveling merchants to give their wares and riches to the poor villages of Troverth.
  • Jack of Hearts brought the party to his camp where they debated with him the actual heroics and morals of stealing to give to the poor, with members of the party split on the issue. Engaging in festivities at the bandit camp, the party members participated in a series of fun challenges while getting questions answered by Jack of Hearts. He told them he was aware of more Frost Giants in the area, having arrived through the glacial rift. He informed the party that the giants were looking for something, but he wasn't sure what.
  • As the night was coming to an end the party was pulled aside by a figure who revealed themselves as a captain of the Troverthian military. The captain asked the party to help arrest Jack and his crew, though the party was split on the issue. As they debated one party member warned Jack who fled with his band of merry men. Afterwards the players would find a letter from Jack informing them that the party had inspired him to move beyond thievery and to attack the heart of the issue, to become a revolutionary.

Session 85: Storming the Tower

Session Tags: Xender Royal Family, Magic

Characters: Therrin Flare, Esperanza Alnilam, Kh'jan, Lysvan, Karma Runes

DM: Guest DM Drew (6/23/2024)

Important NPCs: Gafizmaphram the Magnificent

XP Gained: XP at Level 3: 3738, XP at Level 5: 3204, XP at Level 6: 2136, XP at Level 7: 1815, XP at Level 8: 1495

Important Things that Happened:

  • The Royal Family of Xender Pleth told the Tempest Brothers that a testy wizard had stolen a priceless portrait of a 'beautiful child' and that two negotiating parties had not returned from their efforts to retrieve it.
  • The party was briefed on the mission to recover the portrait and find out what happened to the other parties. They flew by Red McCaw to a nearby camp and scouted ahead with familiars to discover a stone monolith with no clear entrance. They hiked to the location the following morning to find a tower with no doors or windows and covered with some type of force shield. Magic mouths in the tower announced that it belongs to "Gafizmaphram the Magnificent".
  • They searched the area, found a mine entrance that was from long before, and followed it to a mined entrance into the tower foundation. In these catacombs, they fought undead before finding their way to a trapdoor into the tower proper. They discovered that the undead were, in fact, the remains of the previous two parties who were sent to investigate.
  • The party emerged on the next level in a storage room and burst in on the gnome wizard while he was eating breakfast. The defenses of the tower activated and the party had to fight fire elementals while being peppered with spells from the mage and scorching rays from the fireplace. The party successfully banished the mage and they continued up the tower.
  • On the next level they searched a library, finding clues and having a shouting match with the mage that suggested that there was a different side to this story. The tower defenses activated again and they had to fight animated objects.
  • After the fight, the party debated about whether to continue forward, having exhausted almost all spells and having only a fraction of hit points remaining. They continued one more floor, finding an alchemy lab. There, they found additional evidence which confirmed a different story about what happened and confronted the mage and his Simulacrum.
  • The mage, Gafizmaphram, had been accosted by the Royal Family who had requested that he become their court mage. Gafizmaphram rejected this offer and was in the process of being taken into custody by castle guards when he grabbed a portrait off the wall, smashed out the frame and used it to distract the guards while he teleported back to his tower. The wizard had no idea that this portrait of a scrawny, ugly baby bird had any value whatsoever and was using it for scrap paper throughout the tower. The party was able to recover all three pieces of the portrait of a baby aarakocra. They collected loot and left the tower without confronting the wizard further, returning to camp.

Session 86: TBD

Session Tags: TBD

Characters: TBD

DM: Julia (6/25/2024)

Important NPCs: TBD

XP Gained: TBD

Important Things that Happened: TBD

Session 87: TBD

Session Tags: TBD

Characters: TBD

DM: Dave S (6/30/2024)

Important NPCs: TBD

XP Gained: TBD

Important Things that Happened: TBD

Session 88: TBD

Session Tags: TBD

Characters: TBD

DM: Guest DM Nin (7/2/2024)

Important NPCs: TBD

XP Gained: TBD

Important Things that Happened: TBD

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