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Kaladesh Institute for Aethernautics

The Institute
Location Kaladesh, Hyrule
Affiliation The Consulate

The Kaladesh Institute for Aethernautics (or simply The Institute) was a prestigious organisation based in the northern sector of the city. Their mission was the protection of wildspace surrounding the plane of Hyrule by training Wayfinders and maintaining a fleet of ships.

Whilst officially a branch serving The Consulate they operated mostly as an independent entity separate from the command structure of the Kaladesh military. Students were mostly recruited from within the nation, however it wasn't uncommon to find cadets from all across Hyrule, or even hailing from beyond the plane. People from all backgrounds were accepted; spellcasters were brought on as Wayfinders: pilots and navigators who could attune to and control the aetherships. More martial focused recruits were inducted as Corps cadets, trained in ship-to-ship engagements and handling the difficulties of astral combat.

It's emblem adopted the city's Triquertra, but added a circle to represent the Astral Sea.

Notable Staff[edit | edit source]

Mirt the Merciless[edit | edit source]

Retired adventurer turned Institute Founder. Once an (in)famous swashbuckler of the astral sea, this Dwarven rogue settled in Kaladesh with his riches. After taking on an advisory role with the Consul of Power, he was discovered embezzling government money and subsequently forced to choose between serving the city by founding the Institute, or face imprisonment.

Boatswain Emilia Tarto[edit | edit source]

A born and bred Kaladeshi Elf, she started her career as a Consulate naval officer. Mirt personally invited her to join the Institute as an instructor; overseeing the fresh cadets and the training of the Corps. A tough shell, but one that held the well-being of her students in high regard.

Wayfinder Saerthe Abizjn[edit | edit source]

This aether-touched Human was as enthusiastic as they were enigmatic. Saerthe entered the Institute shrouded in mystery with little experience as an instructor, however their years of Wayfinding experience and open attitude made them incredibly popular with the fresh beginners, and well respected amongst the experienced pilots.

Mister Blip[edit | edit source]

A marvel of lifecraft engineering, Mister Blip served as the Institute's quartermaster. Despite his quirks (and occasional ball-bearing ordering glitch) he was an incredibly efficient construct, and served with great loyalty.

Petty Officer Winston Rybeck (Deceased)[edit | edit source]

A rotund jovial Giff in charge of the Institute's Galleys, making sure cadets were well fed and prepared for their training. Well known for his equally famous/infamous "Gunpowder Chowder", a smokey pile of sludge coming in both meat or bean varieties!

He was killed while supervising a cadet training mission by elementals summoned by cadet Miken Haverstance.

Deck Officers Kip and Pip Whistleslap[edit | edit source]

These twin Gnomes and their white gloves were the menace of ship prep crews; their meticulous inspections were the stuff of horror, passed down as cautionary tales by experienced recruits. Many found their oddly in-sync demeanour and silly way of walking incredibly uncomfortable to be around.

Assorted Personnel[edit | edit source]

The Crew of Queljammer[edit | edit source]

Miken Haverstance (Deceased)[edit | edit source]

A young Human wizard, aspiring Wayfinder, and all round little guy. Pretty shy with poor self confidence, but proved to be an effective spellcaster when protecting his crew. During his training he was hired by an unknown entity to help sabotage Institute operations. His actions lead to the death of Winston Rybeck.

He was killed during an assault on the Institute by mercenaries linked with said entity. They had been sent to free him, or ensure his silence.

H'burt Pasch[edit | edit source]

He's frickin' powerful, okay?

Flabergastrus[edit | edit source]

The most universally loved cadet. Hailing from H'tuul, this fluffy little Drawin won over most with their charm and cuteness. Loved to bust a move on the dance floor.

Veena Matisse[edit | edit source]

The hottest, cliquiest Moon Elf on campus. Absolutely brutalised by Cattywampus day one. The two reconciled during Chet's graduation party.

Chet Dirnst[edit | edit source]

A graduate that refused to move on. He remained in the cadet dorms years after graduation, aiming to hold onto his youth with midday beer pong and hacky sack. His favourite song was One Week by Barenaked Ladies.

Bruno[edit | edit source]

The organisation's finest. The onboard St Bernard of Captain Sardax, loved by the whole crew. Due to the Institute's policy that ship pets never die, he was only ever listed as M.I.A. following the destruction of the Moonraider. A golden memorial statue was erected in his honour in the foyer.

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