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Tales of Quelmar are one-session games that fill in blanks and tell interesting stories that do not need long drawn out campaigns. They often times revolve around one interesting idea or event and introduce a plethora of previously unexplored characters and faces. Tales may be about the most important day ever or about the most mundane tavern brawl. No matter what happens in them, one thing is for certain, these stories will go down in Quelmar's history.

Lost in the Underdark[edit | edit source]

Offline. The very first one off involved the rescue of Paelias Galanodel from the Underdark by a group of misfits including Amra and Sir Davidos, who teamed up with another banished soul named 11 and a Dr. Frank N Stein. It took place in the year 796 PR, loosely following the events of the Towson Tabletop finale. At the end, they were able to send an SOS back up to Quelmar through Paelias:

"We're from Quelmar. We're holed up at the DoomVault. Some of us were dragged down to the underdark by a demonic presence. I'm from AID. Back where I was from, AID was summoning demonic creatures in their search for the origin of the soul. I was the result of some of those experiments. I'm a warforged. A machine with a soul. They experimented on me to try to figure out where my soul came from."

Year: 699, later an undetermined year in the Underdark

Location: The Underdark

Players: Matt D, Ben P, Lianna B, Glen H

Short Synopsis: People ripped into the underdark discover that Demons who try to pull people from Quelmar (or people who try to go to the abyss) get stuck in the Underdark, which is a buffer layer. They save a wizard who was REALLY stuck.

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Demetrides and Memetrides[edit | edit source]

Year: 699

Location: Galik, Galik, Amusa

Players: Matt D, Zach M

Short Synopsis: A disgruntled doctor and an identity thief cross paths and pull off a warehouse heist.

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Just Another Unimportant Day[edit | edit source]

Offline. This session took place in the town of Hamleton on the east side of Amusa, and involved a time traveller named Kolgrim who was convinced that a baby born on that day needed to be killed.

Year: 675

Location: Hamleton, Lugg, Amusa

Players: Tess H, Matt I, Zach B, Will M

Short Synopsis: What happens when some adventurers help give birth to a child...only for a man from the future to arrive, attempt to kill it, and claim that child will be the end of the world? Hilarity ensues.

Offline, DC, DM James.

The Tomb of Horrors (2016)[edit | edit source]

Year: Prehistory

Location: The Tomb of Horrors

Players: Glen H, Lianna B, Matt I, Griffin D, Alex W

Short Synopsis: A highly ranked and well-proven group of heroes decided once and for all to tackle Acererak’s tomb...death, destruction, and great loss paved the way to their forfeit. Who will be next to tackle the tomb?

Offline, DC, DM James.

Dungeons and Dinos!?!?!??![edit | edit source]

Year: ~1100

Location: Isle Trademark

Players: James R, Dean W, Thomas G, Logan L, Lucas S

Short Synopsis: All hell breaks loose as the Clonomancy rituals used to bring this theme park to life backfire in the face of the tourists and scientists stranded on the island with their dinosaur captives.

Offline, DC, DM Linus.

The Faerie Forests of Isonhound[edit | edit source]

Year: 795

Location: Faerie Forests of Isonhound

Players: Dean W, Logan L, Allie P, Brad B

Short Synopsis: Newly freed Dryads go on what’s supposed to be an easy trip to town for supplies...are horrified to learn that houses are made of wood. Luckily at the end of the day they made out with plenty of GoldSilverCopper. Doraleous Ex Machina.

Offline, DC, DM James.

Ale's Day[edit | edit source]

Year: ~800

Location: Burnale Clan Mountains, Osugbo

Players: Dean W, Linus O, Allie P

Short Synopsis: Three unlikely dwarven allies help one fellow brother in arms recruit the heart of the loveliest maiden with the biggest beard...by killing zombies and goblins! I’LL DRINK TO THAT!

Offline, DC, DM James.

If Day[edit | edit source]

Year: ~800

Location: Ymbtrymman, Amusa

Players: Steve B, Skylar H, Zach B, Allie P, Tess H, Bridget L

Short Synopsis: For 900 years Ymbtrymman prepared themselves for any oncoming dragon onslaught, despite Dragons having long been extinct. After commercializing and facetiously treating it like a holiday, their actual dragon slaying abilities finally come into question...

Offline, DC, DM James.

The Atheist[edit | edit source]

Year: 800

Location: Bywater, Osugbo (Halfling community)

Players: Glen H, Lianna B, Thomas G, Tess H, Rachael H, Allie P

Short Synopsis: Greedy gods fight to the death over converting the realm’s most stubborn hobbit. It all ends in death as their utmost divine destruction winds up not converting but rather confirming the halfling’s nihilistic beliefs. On his deathbed, it ultimately was the goddess of death, the Raven Queen, who left the most impact.

Offline, DC, DM James.

Terror at Erkrom Asylum[edit | edit source]

Year: Unknown

Location: Ostrom, Scurflink, Pteris

Players: James R, Rose H, Rachael H, Sam O’F, Thomas G

Short Synopsis: When a small boy is kidnapped in the dangerous and seedy streets of Ostrom, investigative reports reveal he’s been taken to the Erkrom Asylum, a long abandoned house for the criminally insane so secure it’s on its own island. As the cops take charge of the search, they find not just the boy, but more about their own fears and passions.

Offline, DC, DM T.

Steading of the Hill Giant Chief[edit | edit source]

Year: 821

Location: The Traveler’s Stop on Inn, Diimgard, Osugbo

Players: Rachael H, Dean W, Dan B, Ben P, Lianna B, Jesse M

Short Synopsis: A group of story tellers meet up in a tavern to exchange stories and legends, while simultaneously trying to tell THEIR version of the famous legend: “The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief”. Hilarity ensues as conflicting stories lead to sudden plot twists and surprise endings.

Legend Synopsis: After the kingdoms have banded together to stop the onslaught of the giant’s alliance, the realm’s best heroes learn to work together and infiltrate the Hill Giant’s farmstead in a rather “Ocean’s Eleven” inspired conquest.

Introduction of the "Plot Point"

Offline, DC, DM James.

The Last Crusader of Kragnux[edit | edit source]

Year: 821

Location: Manquel, Bigaji-Ho, Osugbo

Players: Rachael H, Allie P, Dan B, Steph H, Lianna B, Glen H, Tess H

Short Synopsis: The Alleen family, fleeing from a dark past, come across a drunken warlock and his beet-nik friend as they wind up caught in the middle of a court battle against the very last of the Kragnux Draconic Crusaders. After a dragon attacks the town, the players find themselves all in suspicious positions, leaving everyone to flee town before noon. Meanwhile, the last of the crusaders dies as he lived, slaying the dragon and possibly saving the town.

Offline, DC, DM James.

The Forge of Fury[edit | edit source]

Year: 821

Location: The Traveler’s Stop on Inn, Diimgard, Osugbo

Players: Dean W, Lianna B, Griffin D

Short Synopsis: A group of storytellers meet up in a tavern to exchange stories and legends, while simultaneously trying to tell THEIR version of the famous legend: “Forge of Fury”. Hilarity ensues as conflicting stories lead to sudden plot twists and surprise endings. Legend Synopsis: It’s said that long ago, a group of noble adventurers made their way into Khundrukar, the forbidden dwarven Vault, in search of extraordinary blades forged by Durgeddin the Black. To get the blades, the adventurers must fight through an entire Orc colony...one by one.

Offline, DC, DM James "Plot Point" adventure.

The Dardin Games![edit | edit source]

Year: 692

Location: Dardin, Oppidan, Pteris

Players: Dean W, Rose H, Dan B, Kelly H, Kayvon K

Short Synopsis: Tasterface the Fighter, Napoleon the Barbarian, Turbine the Artificer, and Silence the Monk go up against veteran of the games (and crowd favorite) Narrowinch as they toss dwarves, snipe targets, toss more dwarves, and ultimately go head to head in the ultimate DANGER DOME in a quest for the title of Dardin Games Champion! (Spoiler alert: Silence the Monk Vanara takes the crown!)

Offline, DC, DM James.

Characters in Search of a Player[edit | edit source]

Year: 499

Location: The Lair of an ArchDruid, probably Isonhound.

Players: Dean W, Lianna B, Dan B, Steph H, Ben P, Rose H, Matt I

Short Synopsis: After falling into a vat of memory moss during battle, the ArchDruid’s daughter and the adventurers combating her find themselves completely unaware of the devastating fight that they were just in. The group learns to trust each other as they rediscover who they are. With memories wiped and facial-blindness in full force, they work together to get back into the Archdruid’s lair...until the Archdruid’s daughter rediscovers her purpose and once again they are at each other’s throats.

Offline, DC, DM James.

Something Stirs the Fog[edit | edit source]

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Return to the Tomb (2017)[edit | edit source]

Players: Tess H, Lianna, Matt I, Thomas G, Glen H, Jesse M

Offline, DC, DM James.

...Have Happened (The Abyss)[edit | edit source]

The destruction of Demogorgon in The Abyss.

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Secret of the Woven![edit | edit source]

Offline, DC, DM Dean.

Stuckey's Begins[edit | edit source]

A session that was almost entirely composed of Tavern Games.

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

A Little More Action, Please[edit | edit source]

Offline, Maryland, DM Lianna.

The Little People of Lugg[edit | edit source]

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

The Dreamwalker's Blade[edit | edit source]

A group of heroes must unite and fight the Dreamwalker's evil brother in a Dreamscape, which they learn to control with their minds to give them whatever powers they wanted!

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Corduth's Kobolds[edit | edit source]

Offline, Maryland, DM James.

Mages and Monodrones[edit | edit source]

Online, DM Matt.

The Key of Turk[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DM James.

A False Sense of Security[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DM James.

Magic at the Windy Wall[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DM James.

Defenders of Isle Meregrund[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DM James.

To Croon the Coronet[edit | edit source]

Date: 3 Torustell

Characters: Wanda, Croach, Solem, Luther

XP Total XP Each
1248 312

Big Things That Happened:

  • Luther, Solem, Wanda, Croach introduced at level 3.
  • Wanda discovered Yro sitting in a thrift store.
  • Yro asks the team to help return him to Rou-De-Lour, a small artists circle in the city where his former owner Radonis Calfenris lived.
  • Radonis, it seems, died mysteriously, and the four adventurers begin a quest to find out whodunnit. In the process, Yro kills one of the suspects and sets the villa on fire.
  • Realizing the dangers of Yro, the group agrees to abandon him at the burning villa, in the posession of a dwarf known as Thriskarn.

Other Things That Happened:

  • Croach turned into a Boar and back into an Aarakocra.

Offline, PA, DM James.

A Little Pandemonium[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

Arcadia's Gift[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Modrons of Mechanus[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

I Thought Angels Were Supposed to Be Nice (Mt. Celestia)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Minds of Madness (Limbo)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

Gehenna's Great Drop[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Battlefields of Acheron[edit | edit source]

Introducing "Stun's Out, Guns Out."

Online, DM James.

To Skin a Sæhrímnir (Ysgard)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

Arborea's Glades[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

I'm a WHAT? (The Beastlands)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Tomb Goes Online (2019)[edit | edit source]

Players: Brad, Rose, Matt D, Kelsey, Sam M

Online, DM James.

By Hades' Flame[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

Glittergold's Gates (Bytopia)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Library in Carceri[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Many Floors of Pelor (Elysium)[edit | edit source]

Online, DM James.

The Familiar Way Out[edit | edit source]

On both sides of the ocean, our heroes face trials and tribulations—but when unable to solve the problem, they can always rely on...THE CREATURE TEAM. A one-shot, statblock-based adventure starring all your favorite animals and familiars, from snakes and parrots to hippogriffs, panthers, and camels.

Offline, PA, DM James. Soux the Rat (Rachael), Hippogriff (Caitlin), Sheep (Kevin), Guinea Pig (Mike), Tiger (Laura), Camel (Jeff).

The Wild Sheep Chase[edit | edit source]

After a night of being ambushed by Snake Charmer bandits, four adventurers arrived in Bayberry, East Levinkan. A sheep with a scroll of modified Speak with Animals in its mouth bounded up to them in The Flannel Flagon. The sheep claimed to be Finethir Shinebright, a powerful transmuter true polymorphed into a sheep by his apprentice using Finethir's wand. After dispatching a half-orc, a bear, some wolves, and Finethir himself temporarily, the adventurers tentatively set off to retrieve the wand from the apprentice. Chaos ensued: the purported apprentice transformed a bed into a dragon, Kelluruk turned into a potted plant, and Finethir died when the monk Bar attempted to use the modified wand to turn him back into a high elf. The adventurers looted the deceased transmuters' lab, and watched the treehouse burn.

Offline, PA, DM Kevin, half-orc wild magic sorcerer Kelluruk, dwarven drunken monk Bar Bar Doreenks, imp Theo(philus) and his miner warlock Dexter Gygas, gnomish druid G.G.G.G.G.

Fight at the Museum[edit | edit source]

Five people were hired to be night guards at the Zobeck Art Gallery for the duration of a travelling exhibition: Ancient Art: Alive! However, the owner had an ulterior motive: to turn them into statues with a magic pedestal. The heroes were drugged, removed of their weapons, and bound. They managed to escape with tyrannosaurus teeth, looting the Arms and Armor hall and fighting through a handful of animated statues. In a climactic battle against a statue of a tyrannosaurus rex, Nick Rivers brought the mummified corpse of Paelias Amenruta into the moonlight. Revived by a blessing from his god Sehanine Moonbow, Paelias summoned his manticore Koronet and rushed into battle. Before he could get a swing in, though, the night watch finished the dinosaur on their own. They then did what night watches do best: loot the very gems they were hired to guard and drink the night away at The Lion's Paw. During the celebrations, old Dorothea snuck away to deliver the necromantic pedestal to her fiendish patron and make another deal.

Offline, PA, DM Kevin, bard Nick Rivers, halfling barbarian Jo, rogue Moyra Gray, wizard Veras Langford, and warlock Dorothea Doubtice. 8 Dalsk, 1250 PR. The first in the one-shot collection Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck.

Your Days are Numbered[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DM Connor. Tabaxi bard Tabitha, bremish human ranger Nalapoq (Pock), human sorcerer Wes, centaur shaman Eala, human rogue Jade, halfling monk Thad. 1st Century PR.

Pudding Faire[edit | edit source]

Online, PA players (COVID-19), DM Kevin, Love Paladin Amedie, halfling barbarian Jo, wizard Veras Langford, warlock Dorothea Doubtice, imp Theo(philus) and his miner warlock Dexter Gygas. Dalsk, 1250 PR.

Bodacious Pants Heist Deluxe[edit | edit source]

Brand Aware Marketing Strategists accept a mission from Mert to go steal pants from an octopus. Gained a total of 8 Bonding Points. Were paid not in money but in pants and pairs of Doc Martens.

Online, DM James, Team called Brand Aware Marketing Strategists (or BAMS). Level 1 (Boss's Son) Dragonborn Ranger Walter HasPants, other characters at level 3: Ka'Rul Baskin the Half-Orc barbarian, Tommmi Salami the Rogue Halfling thief, and Lead Tsunami the Tiefling Bard of Valor.

Microbrewing Up Trouble[edit | edit source]

Colinth Amber: The Best of the West meets the Yeast of the East

The Furries accept a mission from Gottik Waxbeard to save his precious microbrewery the Battlefield Brewery. They make Colinth Amber there, which combines Elvish Hops with Dwarvish Yeast. However, the yeast went crazy and now attacks things, so adventure awaits! Eventually the team recovers a sample of the yeast while slaying the rest, allowing Colinth Amber to continue production down the line...but it might be a while as the brewery was destroyed in the epic battle that ensued.

Online, DM James, Team called The Furries. Level 4 Human Rogue Pirate named "First Mate Pete" (Taylor), Halfling Fighter named Ooric (Jeff), Human Wizard named "RumbleRoar" (Kelsey), Kobold Paladin named Koco (Rachael), Ursin Bard named "Beary Potter" (Brendan), and Goliath Barbarian named Beetle (Tyler).

The Lockblocker[edit | edit source]

A group of mercenaries for hire work against each other to try to con an old adventurer out of his money. After several very lucky close calls, the team formulates one final plan. Unfortunately, a wild case of Murder-Hoboism overtakes some of the team members, leading to two of them being arrested, one of them dead, and two having made off with money or victory. The team earned 6.5 Bonding Points.

Online, DM James, No Team, individual level 4 adventurers working together (and against each other). Susan (high elf), MaCAWley CAWkin (kenku), Magic Michael (high elf), Gluteus Minimus (halfling), and Zenon Zyquil (half-elf).

The Keep on the Borderlands (Monster Edition)[edit | edit source]

A group of guards and locals residing in Kreendale Keep tell a story about a group of monsters who were captured and subsequently escaped. However, the storytelling get progressively more and more drunk as they tell the story, resulting in an absolutely undecipherable mess of details and illogical story beats that ultimate ends with 100 modrons being summoned from the skies to tear the keep to the ground.

Online, DM James, Plot Point Adventure, Bulgogi the Kobold Monk (Thomas), Orsin Delves the Minotaur Barbarian (Steve), Vivian Tains the Bugbear Sorcerer (Zach B), Leer the Gnoll Rogue (Jeff), Garkgreel the Lizardfolk Druid (Dan), and Oka the Goblin Cleric (Jesse).

Seawell Revisited[edit | edit source]

50 Years after the original Lighthouse incident, a copycat pirate stops ships from arriving at the port of Seawell by putting out the lighthouse. However, this time there are 3 unlikely heroes that will find the Pirate and stop his evil ways. Along the way, Orphans are encountered, unrequited love appears---and a very special night happens for two strange men in the hostel.

Online, DM James, Crankle the Rogue Gnome Criinal (Randy), Freyja the Druid Tiefling Folk Hero (Christy), Raven Stash the Elf Fighter Soldier Military Veteran (Thomas).

Bad Things in Small Packages[edit | edit source]

Members of the Keeper of the Teeth in Pteris scout out a nearby Dwarven fortress to discover the recipe for "Dragonscale Disease" which their team plans to use in the upcoming Siege of Rwendia. Along they way, the discover dwarven indoor plumbing, and take no mercy on the dwarves as lives are taken left and right....and then resurrected to serve the necromancer Squee.

Online, DM James, Rhix the Liardfolk Rogue (Kelsey), Stubbs the Lizardfolk Cleric (Bridget), Squee the Necromancer Kobold (Griffin), Tyrator the Barbarian Dragonborn (Jeff), Rugmoth the Lizardfolk Bard (Thomas).

Runes of Chronepsis[edit | edit source]

The heroic team known only as "The Midnight Cats" track down the Odium heart belonging to Afanasi the undying wizard. After using an alter of Chronepsis to grant them visions of the future, they overcome the odds and avoid all danger in a beautiful beeline to the goal....though not without sacrificing one of their own to get the answers they need. RIP Dorthna.

Online, DM James, Players-With-Modules Experiment, Level 5. Flewyn the Dwarf Paladin (Linus), Dorthna the Dwarf Barbarian (Allie), Evelyn the Gnome Cleric (Laura), Aloysius the Halfling Sorcerer (Jason), Dolasar the Dragonborn Fighter (Jeff).

A Long Night at Ravendean[edit | edit source]

The "AV CLUB" (Always very constantly looking under beds) investigates a Nightshade that has symbiotically attached itself to a young boy.

Online, GM Craig, Monster of the Week, August the Meddling Kid (Nell), Ero the Expert (James), Jerrod the Flake (Matt I), Kyra the Spell-Slinger (Ali).

The Tomb of Horrors 2020[edit | edit source]

Players: Brendan, Jason, Evani, Jeff, Matt I

Online, Livestreamed at Twitch, DM James.

A Kiston Wedding One-Shot[edit | edit source]

Online, DM Kelsey.

Tomb of Menet-Ka[edit | edit source]

Online, DM Kevin.

Coffee Shop in the Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

Online, GM-less game, but lead by GM Rose.

On The Precipice Of History[edit | edit source]

The three elven Capella Brothers (Asaug, Durmundri, and Hygewald) amass an army of undead mutant False World Breaker abominations to invade the city of Inergos. The six chosen Champions of Inergos come to the city's defense, aided by a gift of Divine Spark energy from the Inergosian Council. They manage to repel the abominations and defeat the Brothers in their demiplane lair. However, the true mastermind of the invasion, Vecna, steals their Divine Spark energy to complete his true objective: the creation of the ten Mutated Chimeras. The Chimeras escape, destroy Inergos, and the era of the Chimera Containment Wars begins.

Online, DM Jonathan, D&D 5e, Level 20, 80BR. Cadmi Wiseshot the Goliath monk (Ali), Darya Storm the Triton paladin (Rose), Garvan Eastburn the Human rogue (John), Holly Willowsteel the Rock Gnome wizard (Alyssa), Rathys Silverglade the High Elf cleric (Connor), Zenthor Sahrel the Dragonborn sorcerer (Jeff). Adapted from James Introcaso's "Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques."

A Silent Song[edit | edit source]

A team of four adventurers was hired by the town of Elluz to investigate a haunted monastery. The party fought through various undead and puzzled through some magically locked doors before attacking, then freeing, an imprisoned Wailing Spirit who turned out to be the original prophet Elluz. Before their death, the monks trapped her spirit and passed off her seeing powers as their own to facilitate a profitable fortune-telling scheme. As thanks for freeing her, Elluz provided a glimpse into each adventurer's future: Shortsword, a life blessed with good fortune fueled by her perseverance; Amir, a descent into darkness but a pathway out if he could escape his pact; Momilani, visions of a trying time when she would need to rely on her friends as they relied on her; and Creel, a promise of modest but real renown -- and a warning to stay away from guns.

Online, DM Connor, D&D 5e, Level 3. Amir the Tiefling Warlock (Jeff), Creel Stusher the Firbolg Monk (James), Momilani the Goliath Cleric (Erin), Shortsword the Halfling Bard (Kelly).1028 PR. Adapted from Aaron Potter's "A Stolen Song."

Tale of QuelmarCon 2021[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DMs James and Mike.

The House[edit | edit source]

GM Jonathan, Spiritual Successor to Secondary Characters, Rotating Table of Characters.

Stranger Dread[edit | edit source]


Game System: Dread, year 60 CR, GM Alyssa, Livestreamed on Twitch.

Quelmar Gameapalooza[edit | edit source]

A series of one-shot spooky adventures run across a plethora of gaming systems, some simple, some more involved. Hosted by Cecilia and Alyssa in MD.

Exorschism!: GM Cecilia. Players: Nell, Steven, Jeff, Betsy, Alex

Four Sherlocks & a Vampire: GM Rose. Players: Jeff, Alexandra, Alex, Alyssa

Magical Cleanup Service: GM Alyssa. Players: Nell, Ali, Rose, Alexandra

I Suppose You’re All Wondering Why I’ve Invited You Here: GM Nell. Players: Ali, Steven, Rose, Betsy, Alyssa

Dread: GM Nell. Players: Ali, Brendan, Jeff, Alyssa

The Darkest House: GM Jonathan. Players: Steven, Miguel, Connor, Cecilia

Alice is Missing: GM Steven. Players: Nell, Ali, Alyssa, Cecilia

The Tomb of Horrors 2021[edit | edit source]

5 more brave souls enter the ultimate dungeon crawling challenge, only to get stuck for well over an hour at a door with 3 slots in it. "DAGGER. DAGGER. Pocket Knife."

However, despite not reaching much further than 2020, the team took impeccable notes and decided that their legacy will be just how well documented and guided they will leave the next group, who may possibly finally finish the Tomb once and for all.

Players: Nell, Jonathan, Rachael, Connor, and Alyssa

Offline, MD, DM James.

BE GAY DO CRIME[edit | edit source]

Is theft really wrong when you're taking items that are already stolen artifacts being hoarded by the rich and powerful? Our incredibly hot sword-wielding lesbians seem to think it's fine, and frankly I'm inclined to agree with pretty much anything they say. The LaCroixs however may think differently...

Online, GM Craig, Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Fury the Hot Bloody Orc (Nell), Dottie the Timid Halfling Nature Witch (Erin), Cecily the Spooky Half Elven Witch (Jonathan), Endora the Devoted Knockout (Jeff).

The Purging of Segedwyn[edit | edit source]

Beware of Thomas. He is a power man.

The adventure had six encounters. The players start the adventure in the village of Wytham. There they meet Tolven, who is a member of the Segedwyn resistance.   Tolven tells the players that the king of Segedwyn is a bad man and that Tolven wants them to go to Segedwyn and kill the king. The players are given the Sword of Segedwyn.  The Sword of Segedwyn is a magic item that was made by an evil wizard.  The wizard used it hundreds of years ago to defeat the king.

Players Chris H, Connor H, Jeff, and Claudia

Offline, PA, DM James.

Cephalopponents[edit | edit source]

The REAL Squid Game. A group of humanoids from the surface prove their worth to their Illithid captors to see if they can keep their bodies and minds intact, or if they would rather be ceremorphized into Mind Flaying kin.

Players: Kat, Rylan, Raina, Abby, and technically Nin

Offline, PA, DM James.

I Cast Major Eatherly[edit | edit source]

The stories of The Wagon have reached 7 desperate parties. As they make their way to the Frost Spine, they stumble upon a little more than they bargained for. The Wagon holds more than just items, food, and stories—it holds the last remnant of one very important legend.

Players: Doug Cockle, Mike, Laura, Rachael, Jeff, Gail, Rich

Offline, PA. DM James.

Return of the Edditionals[edit | edit source]

Quelmar joins One D&D (the next edition of D&D after 5, whatever it winds up being called)! We jump back to the Tovag and meet the first Edditionals from this next generation! First round of playtesting, focused on new background and race rules.

Players: Mercedes, Jeff, Mavonte, Erin S, Jesse D, Jonathan H, Talia S, Edelio B, Steven P, Angela S, Rose C

Online, Discord, DMs Dan O, Margarita, James.

Tale of QuelmarCon 2022[edit | edit source]

Offline, PA, DMs James and Dean.

Quelmarrily We Roll (the Dice) Along[edit | edit source]

Our cast of characters delve into Quelmar's musical theater past to solve a mystery that threatens the very existence of the genre itself!

Players: Nell, Jonathan, Steven, Jeff, Brendan, Leigh, Julia, Taylor

Online, Twitch, DM Tyler, D&D 5e, set in Jewelspar at the beginning of the CR era.

The Tomb of Horrors 2022[edit | edit source]

6 more lambs to the slaughter as a group finally overcomes the nefarious gravitational chamber, basically dances past the lair of the efreet, and makes their way to the final door of the entire tomb...But when tensions run high, the team falls back on the miraculous "Gem of Wish" left to them by last year's note-taking experts. The results of said wish? A key to the final door...made of this team's flesh and blood. It's a total party kill this year as the team dies right at the gates of victory, leaving one final item to next year's team.

With a total party kill, unfortunately this year's team also brings nothing back to the surface for next year. Will 2023 be able to make their way back to end riding almost blindly? Tune in and find out.

Players: Erica, Gail, Mercedes, Nick, Russell, Talia

Offline, PA, DM James.

Tale of QuelmarCon 2023[edit | edit source]

Offline, MD, DMs James, Dean, and Glen.

The Tomb of Horrors 2023 All Star Finale[edit | edit source]

5 Players from 5 previous years all return to the tomb with one mission: to finish what was started. Unfortunately the tomb feels more daunting and terrifying as ever when these veterans enter it again, thanks the magic of "Dungeon Crawl Classics." Misfires, risky moves, dead animals, and more misfires cause the team to only make it half way through the tomb, but they make it their mission to double back and write the world's greatest tutorial for 2024.

Players: Talia, Jason, Nell, Rose, Griffin

Online, DM James, Dungeon Crawl Classics.

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