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Amusa, the Land of the Lost, is a continent like no other. Nestled between the fire and earth elemental planes, Amusa has an eternal autumn, one that never fades and is blanketed in mysterious fog. This fog creeps from the south, and is believed to come from the astral plane, bringing with it lost souls from times long past. The land itself is varied and extreme, with craggy mountains, dangerous swamps, sink holes, and canyons.

The south is known for its active volcanoes and steamy magma fields, making exploration a treacherous undertaking. The warmer north is home to many homesteads, small farming towns, fishing villages, and a handful of small cities built up around tourist destinations. The winds coming down from the Northwest and Breme offer a mild respite to the fog, dispersing it and leaving behind a pleasant autumnal atmosphere.

Amusa updated Map

This area is known for its export of harvest squashes, gourds, vegetables, and flowers. The labyrinth of interconnected cave and tunnel systems were a haven for races during the BR era, and the active geology creates a sense of ever-changing danger and mystery. It's no wonder that Amusa has gained its unfortunate nickname, the Land of the Lost. Those brave enough to choose this continent as their permanent home are attuned to the ever-changing land and its secrets.

Regions[edit | edit source]

Amusa Regions

The lands of Amusa are vast and varied. Its positioning between the elemental planes have made it home to multiple distinct regions that many call their homes.

The Dolina Peninsula[edit | edit source]

The Dolina Peninsula is a large stretch of swamps and wetlands in the far western portion of Amusa. Winds blow in from the north, dispersing the dangerous fog from the south and giving the peninsula a mild and temperate climate.

Western Amusa[edit | edit source]

Western Amusa consists of large stretches of green and fertile fields. The continents eternal autumn has allowed the region to develop into an agricultural powerhouse in the realm, making Western Amusa the perfect home for farming many types of produce in large quantities. Western Amusa is best known for its exquisite exports of gourds and squashes. Due to the region being one of the safer ones on the continent, it is easily the most populated. Large port cities have formed along its coasts and the inlands are dotted with numerous farming communities.

The pleasent atmosphere and the quant nature of Western Amusa has made it a popular tourist destination. As such many citizens have transitioned from farming to catering to tourists, populating Western Amusa with numerous inns, taverns, show-houses, live performances, and many other such tourist traps.

The largest threat in Western Amusa are raiding Gnoll tribes who live along the border between Western Amusa and Abzcar Canyon, leaving their domain now and again to pillage farming communities for food and supplies

Luggland Hills[edit | edit source]

Luggland Hills is situated in the north east corner of Amusa, bordering the sea and the Gulfithorp Isles. The land consists of rolling savannah hills and is crossed with many open and dry roads. Over the centuries this region has been hotly contested by competing powers, populating this land with ruins and the remnants of civilizations long past.

The Geyser Greenwood[edit | edit source]

The south east portion of Amusa is chocked by the dense rainforests of the Geyser Greenwood. Amongst the thick foliage, natural geysers spew forth boiling steam. This, combined with the fog that rolls in from the south, leads to much of the region being obscured in mist. The treacherous terrain and unfriendly conditions make the land difficult and dangerous to navigate, but for those who are successful in doing so, the Geyser Greenwood opens up their secrets of the ages.

Abzcar Canyon[edit | edit source]

Also known as "The Scar of Amusa," or more simply as "Abzu's Scar," there is no region in Amusa more deadly or dangerous. Rivers of lava and fields of flowing magma coat the canyon floor, and the few safe havens of stone plateaus are home to many deadly denizens. The canyon is home to a variety of rare creatures and wildlife, rare, unusual, and dangerous as they are. It is said even Dragons choose to take the long way around the canyon when crossing Amusa. No one really knows how the scar came to be. Some legends tell of an ancient god who was smote upon the land, while others describe the failing and collapse of a massive portal network being the cause for the Scar.

The Scar holds deep connections to both the Elemental Planes of Fire and Earth, with many of the elementals planes titan denizens calling the canyon their home. Some believe that the planar connections do not stop with the Elemental Planes, as there have been sightings of many other planar creatures leaving the Scar, ranging from chaotic Demons, to unknowable eldritch horrors.

The Southern Mists[edit | edit source]

While not a region nor domain of Amusa, the Fog is an ever present mystery stretching out from the south. Rumors to its origin run from the fog originating from the Astral Plane to the fog being a curse from the Death god Nerull on the land, but no one really knows. But what people do know is that when you see the fog rolling in, it is your best interest to flee. Stories tell of ships trying to sail around the southern end of Amusa disappearing into the fog only to be found years later shattered upon the rock without a soul in sight. Travelers tell stories of encountering lost souls from planes beyond exiting from the fog looking for their past lives. Warriors will tell you tales of horrid undead monstrosities that would emerge from the fog to drag in those poor souls who could not run fast enough.

The fog in many ways is also believed to be connected to The Mists of the Domains of Dread and The Dark Powers as it has been seen to be more common in Amusa then other continents for people to be drawn into the dark realms of the Domains of Dread.

Domains[edit | edit source]

Post Realm War I: Amusa's Kingdoms
Post Calvary Rush: Amusa's Domains

Cauldomo[edit | edit source]

Cauldomo is situated in the center of Western Amusa, between the bay and Abzcar Canyon. It is a major agricultural supplier for Amusa and serves as a major tourist destination for the continent for its beautiful landscape brought about by Amusa’s eternal autumn and abundance of natural hot springs.

Major Cities:


  • Escargotia
    • A small village of Snail Folk known as Gastrosapiens and overseen by their magnificent guardian, the Hydrail, a hydra snail.
  • Republic
    • Vaguely based on Republic, Michigan. Active township in the CR era.
    • Home to an E.L.F Station

Notable Locations:

Dolina[edit | edit source]

Expanding across the dense swamplands of the Dolina Peninsula, the domain of Dolina is home to many draconic humanoid races. In ages past they were a fervent supporter of Tiamat and served as a major player during Realm War I, but as many draconic races fled to the continent during The Second Draconic Crusades, many of those old beliefs fell to the wayside.


Notable Locations:

Galik[edit | edit source]

The Domain of Galik extends across the northern corner of Western Amusa and reaches out from its capital, the City of Galik, whose sprawling streets cover a majority of the domain. The lands outside the city consists of rough, uneven terrain dotted with small, quaint towns in the shadows of massive volcanos.

Major Cities:


  • Ravendale
    • Home to Ravendale Spa
  • Wheldrake
  • Houghton
    • A mining town whose hayday was in the late PR era right before the turn of the era. Was nearly a ghost town by 70 CR, but still had great sea views.


  • Ontonagon
    • (Similar in size and shape to IRL Ontonagan, Michigan)

Notable Locations:

The Scar[edit | edit source]

  • Calumet Mine
    • Mostly emptied by the early CR era, a mine located on the Galik border of the Scar.

Gulfithorp Isles[edit | edit source]

The Gulfithorp Isles are an archipelago of five islands off the northern coast of Amusa.

Major Cities:


Kingdom of Xender Pleth[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Xender Pleth is the only remaining kingdom in Amusa. While it stretches across a large portion of eastern Amusa, due to being situated in the Geyser Greenwood, the Kingdom consists mostly of a small number of isolated but sizable cities.

Major Cities:


Luggland[edit | edit source]

Luggland is a civilized and well-developed democracy in the far eastern corner of Amusa. Originally Halfling country, the domain has become home to many Fey immigrants, as the forests, rolling hills, and ideal plains along the east coast are said to be very reminiscent of the Feywild.

Major Cities:


Sotchala[edit | edit source]

Sotchala is situated in the southernmost half of the Geyser Greenwood and is blanketed in the fog that rolls in from the south. Sotchala was a land taken by the fog, and now those that call it their home are beings far beyond mortal comprehension.

Troverth[edit | edit source]

After the First Realm War, the expansive empire of the Troverth Dynasty had crumbled. They had been pushed out of their homeland in Osugbo and into their remaining territory in Amusa. This domain covers a majority of Luggland Hills and still works to cling onto their power and strength of the past.

Major Cities:


Notable Locations:

Wistness[edit | edit source]

Even while bordering the fog of Amusa's southern border, Wistness has endured as a major agricultural supplier in Amusa. Though after attacks during the early PR era, much of the Domain has taken a hard anti-magic stance.


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