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If you are looking for games in the one-off anthology series, see Tales of Quelmar.

A Campaign is a series of gaming sessions linked to each other through the same characters, locations, themes, or otherwise. It can be seen as the equivalent to a television series. Some may follow the same characters every episode (session) but others may rotate between a larger cast, and follow many different branching storylines. Depending on the campaign, different rule-sets may be in play, allowing for increased or decreased emphasis on gaming, storytelling, role-playing, or improvisation.

Ongoing/Upcoming Campaigns:

Campaign Game(s) Status Year Gamemaster(s) Type Location(s)
Infernal Invasion D&D 5e Ongoing 2024 Talia Personal Online
Depths of the Druma Alien Ongoing 2024 Jon Personal Twitch
Just the Q of Us ATRIS Ongoing 2024 James Personal Twitch
Aw Heckna! D&D 5e Ongoing 2024 Amanda Personal Online
The Cola Bears Saving the World D&D 5e Ongoing 2023 Margarita, Tom Personal DE
Trial of Dreams Call of Cthulhu Ongoing 2023 Erica Personal Online
Qandela Obscura Candela Obscura Ongoing 2023 Mercedes Community Online
Painted Sands of Pteris D&D 5e Ongoing 2023 Jon Open-Table Online
Cirque de la Fey D&D 5e Ongoing 2023 Mercedes Personal Online
Within the Wicked Wilds D&D 5e Ongoing 2023 Aaron, Dave, Julia, Keller Community PA, Online
Once Upon a Town Swords of the Serpentine Ongoing 2022 Lich Personal Twitch
Icewind Dale D&D 5e Ongoing 2022 Kelsey Personal Online
SUPERZ Masks: A New Generation Ongoing 2022 Rose Personal MD, Online
Quelmar Goes to Space Magitech Space Western Ongoing 2021 Alyssa, Rose Personal Online

Complete/Paused Campaigns:

Campaign Game(s) Status Year Gamemaster(s) Type Location(s)
Assassins of Q-Synara D&D 5e Paused 2023 Margarita Personal Online
Quelmarch D&D 5e Paused 2023 Geoff Open-Table Online
Deadly Diaspora Pathfinder 2e Paused 2023 Talia Personal Online
Alien Colonial Marines Alien Complete 2023 Jon Personal PA
CyberpunQ Cyberpunk RED Complete 2023 Jonathan Personal Twitch
Reckondary Characters Monster of the Week Complete 2023 Nell Personal Online
Untitled Mafia Project D&D 5e Complete 2023 RJ Personal Twitch
System Agnostic Dungeon World, D&D 5e, Cthulhu Dark, DIE Complete 2022 Steven Personal Twitch
The Iron Sea D&D 5e Complete 2022 Aaron, Julia, Patrick Open-Table PA
First Class D&D 5e Complete 2022 Kyle Personal Twitch
Teatime Adventures Teatime Adventures Complete 2022 Rachael Personal PA
Queljammer D&D 5e Complete 2022 Craig Personal Online, SC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Sparrow's Point Various Complete 2022 Nell Personal Online
The Rocklin Clinic Job Cyberpunk RED Complete 2022 John Personal Twitch
Not Strahd TROIKA! Complete 2022 Craig Personal Twitch
Another One Bites the Dice D&D 5e Complete 2022 Tyler Personal Twitch
Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast Complete 2022 Rachael Open-Table PA
Rule Benders Avatar Legends Complete 2022 Connor Personal Twitch
Into the Greedy Green D&D 5e Complete 2021 Dave, James, John, Kyle, Patrick Community PA
Pirates of Quelmar D&D 5e Complete 2021 Hutch (Kelly) Personal MD
The Backhalls D&D 5e Complete 2021 James Personal PA
The Beggar's Bodega Swords of the Serpentine Paused 2021 James Community PA, Online
Metagame Dungeon World Complete 2021 Nell Personal Twitch
King for a Day Dungeon World Complete 2021 John Personal Twitch
Operation Verdant Pyramid Delta Green Complete 2021 John Personal Twitch
Secondary Characters Monsterhearts Complete 2021 Nell Personal Online
Playtest Tuesday Various Complete 2020 Various Open-Table Twitch
The Brightwater Campaign D&D 5e, Deadlands Complete 2020 Kevin Personal PA
⮞Get Submodule Paranoia Complete 2020 James Personal Twitch
Tails of Quelmar Various Complete 2020 Rose Open-Table Twitch
The Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck D&D 5e Complete 2020 Kevin Open-Table PA, Online
It Came From Kiston D&D 5e Complete 2020 James Personal Twitch
Uncharted D&D 5e Complete 2020 Rose Personal MD
The Neighbours Blades in the Dark Complete 2020 James Personal Online
Ancients Alive D&D 5e Complete 2019 James Community PA
For the Love of Gold D&D 5e Complete 2018 Will Personal Online
OathWielders D&D 5e Complete 2017 James Personal MD
Chronepsis Campaign D&D 5e Complete 2017 Rachael Personal MD
The Atla Campaign D&D 5e Complete 2016 Tess Personal MD
Untitled Podcast Campaign D&D 5e Complete 2016 Tess Personal MD
SotS Inc D&D 5e Complete 2016 James Personal MD
The Underdungeon D&D 5e Complete 2016 James Personal MD
Towson Tabletop D&D 5e Complete 2015 James Community MD
Sick of this Shit D&D 3.5e Complete 2013 James Personal MD
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