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List of Reoccurring Villains

Reoccurring Villains are Villains who machinations are not simply violence or immediate battle, these creatures appear many times over the course of campaign, typically a minimum of 3 sessions, to wreak havoc on the players repeatedly. Unlike one-off villains, a reoccurring enemy may flee, disappear, hide, or otherwise find a way to avoid a quick death at the hands of the heroes, sometimes even manipulating them into believing himself a good guy.

Campaign Agnostic[edit | edit source]

Sick of this Shit[edit | edit source]

Towson Tabletop[edit | edit source]

The Underdungeon[edit | edit source]

SotS Inc[edit | edit source]

Ancients Alive[edit | edit source]

It Came From Kiston[edit | edit source]

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