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PR - The Era of Innovation

The PR Era is the second formal era in Quelmar Timeline, established by the races of the realm after the banishment of Tiamat, Bahamut, and the remaining dragons at the end of The Holy War.

The PR Era is often characterized by its centuries of progress and developing mindsets. By the middle of the era, landmark technologies such as Guns and Trains began to appear, ultimately culminating in a second war against Tiamat during which the realm's industrial revolution is fully underway, and steampunk inventions fought dragons in skies and on land.

About[edit | edit source]

Originally, the PR label stood for Petranasul Rekisix, Draconic for "Pleasant Time"[1]. Over time, and as Draconic fell out of common tongue, the era was renamed "Post-Reckoning"[2].⁠

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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Year Event
2 PR The start of Realm War I
10 PR Campaign: Start of the OathWielders Campaign
33 PR The end of Realm War I, the last Breme based societies and cultures have been destroyed or go into hiding.
120-138 PR The Demonic Infiltration, creatures of the Abyss swarm Quelmar and cause devastation realmwide.
137 PR Triumph over Abysm. Demogorgon is slain after the black pearl summoning the demons is destroyed, stopping the infiltration. Demons are stranded in Quelmar, and mortals are stranded in the Abyss.
138 PR Esau's Success - One man takes it upon himself to summon powerful devils to the surface to protect Amusa from Orcus and his minions who have taken residence, marking the official end of the Demonic Infiltration
299 PR A Good Year (According to Azazel)
321 PR Campaigns: Start of Another One Bites The Dice & Not Strahd
368-390 PR The Cavalry Rush, liberation and restructuring of the realm takes place over nearly 25 years as the modern domains take shape, and the 'traditional kingdom' (the kind that covers massive swaths of land) goes the way of the dragon
465 PR Campaign: Ancients Alive campaign. A realm wide event known as The Hunt For the Ancients kicks off, inspiring heroes, adventurers, archeologists, scholars, and most importantly...elementalists...to find the Tools of the Primordial Ancients, which have been prophesized to return to the public eye.
466 PR The Arctic Autumn
523 PR Notably called "A Great Year"
600+ PR Artificers Around the Realm begin experimenting with personal Firearms.
605 PR Mini Campaign: Deadly Diaspora. Creatures cast adrift from the stars find their way onto Quelmar and threaten Northern Isonhound.
650 PR Vanara Intellect is born out of Levinkan
691-693 Campaign: Sick of this Shit Campaign
691 PR Campaign: Towson Tabletop (Season 1 and 2)
691 PR Campaign: Pirates of Quelmar
691 PR The new god Kragnux ascends and his archbishop Thwack spreads the new religion across the realm.
699 PR Awakened Autom appear out of Isonhound.
700-702 PR The Razing of Isonhound , after 2 million lives are lost and countless ecosystems burned down, a returning fear of dragons sweeps the realm, leading to the start of the second draconic crusades.
730 PR The start of the War of the Forged in the northern hemisphere of Quelmar.
741-742 PR Campaign: SotS Inc
741 PR Mila Perturb unveils the Iron Horse, a prototype to the steam train that is powered mostly by runes and wovenstone, rather than steam and electricity.
744 PR The War of the Forged comes to a close as communities around the realm begin to accept that construct life deserves equal treatment.
745 PR Campaign: SotS Inc Season 3
761 PR After 60 years of fighting back, the Dragonborn is falsely considered extinct, killed off by the second crusades.
791-792 PR Campaign: Towson Tabletop (Season 3 and 4)
792 PR The second Infernal Emergence occurs, leading to the creation of Hellmar, is swiftly forgotten by most and only recorded in the most skeptical of sources.
793-795 PR Campaign: Towson Tabletop (Season 5)
794-796 Tiamat's and Bahamut's return to Quelmar (sometimes called The Sundown) which many consider as the beginning of The War of Many Names
796 PR The Battle of the Dao marks the end of The Gathering Shadow and a new leader of the LaCroix Kingdom
821-824 PR Campaign: First Class
825-826 PR Campaign: Into the Greedy Green
826 PR Sardior the God of Gem Dragons is resurrected and his Ruby Court reassembled in order to dispel the Shadowfell out of Isonhound, thus completing the return of the original Four Dragons to Quelmar.
883 PR Campaign: Painted Sands of Pteris
893-894 PR Campaign: Within the Wicked Wilds
924 PR Campaign: Quelmarch
999 PR Campaign: The Beggar's Bodega opens up in Al'Adeaf
1010 PR Campaign: The Neighbours begin their slow but steady attempts to takeover the underworld of Ahol.
1250 PR Campaign: The Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck
1273 PR Campaign: The Descendant Section of the It Came From Kiston
1273 PR The Fated Five lock Kiston, all creatures on the mainland (including the five) are displaced as the continent is once again displaced from the realm.
1293 PR The Fracturing of the Weave and release of the World Breaker
1294 PR Kiston is sunk
1295 PR Planar Magic is eliminated from the realm, severing its links to the Feywild, the Shadowfell, and the other planes. Quelmarians are stuck in Quelmar for the rest of time. Summons poof out of existance and conjuring from other planes becomes impossible. Quelmar's seasons radically shift by the elemental plane de-attunement, causing every 1 year to have 3 equal months of each season.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "rekisix" is Draconic for both 'Creature' and 'Time', as common Dragon legends refer to time herself as a dragon.
  2. 'Reck' being an uncommon form of 'Wreck'.
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