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Posthistoric events in the Quelmar Timeline occur in the greater Quelmar Universe after the formal end of the Quelmar Realm. These events take place in various other realms, planes, and planets that are impossible to compare to Quelmar's timeline due to their relative nature.

About[edit | edit source]

After the end of the Realm, the only stories that lived on were those of the survivors who escaped to adjacent planes of existence, or who found excitement in their afterlives in their God's domain. As the various planes have many ways of keeping track of time, it can be impossible to accurately measure just when these events happened in relation to Quelmar's timeline. While no formal era exists, all posthistoric events can be categorized as occurring in posthistory.

Most stories in this timeline take place either in Galactic Space or within one of the remaining Outer Planes, still adrift after Quelmar's destruction.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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Year Event
??? Anema E. Core turns his life into a biblical tome known as "The Legends of Sick of this Shit" and disperses it to another universe, his own tragically destroyed.
??? Campaign: Alien Colonial Marines
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