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The BR Era is the first formal era of the Quelmar Timeline, established by the Humans of Quelmar upon their creation.

About[edit | edit source]

Originally, the BR label stood for Bekilip Rekisix, Draconic for "Destructive Time"[1]. Over time, and as Draconic fell out of common tongue, the era was renamed "Before the Reckoning"[2]

The BR Era is often defined by the emergence of Dragons, and the centuries of conflict between them and the smaller races of the realm, ultimately culminating in the banishment of dragons and the beginning of a new era.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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Year Event
0 BR Humans introduce the concept of time and record keeping to the realm.
5 BR Humans arrive on the island of Krystovos and discover the Great Tree. Following engagements with the locals, the Kingdom of Xandria is founded shortly after
80 BR Elven wizards Asaug, Durmundri, and Hygewald attempt to become immortal, but instead abberate 10 Mutated Chimera, who run rampant on the realm.
90-92 BR The Chimera Containment Wars, which see the tracking and imprisonment of all 10 demons underneath major populations in Quelmar.
120 BR Half Orcs begin to become accepted among Humans after many decades of fighting for equal opportunities.
180 BR Campaign: The Brightwater Campaign Season 1
181 BR The Infernal Emergence begins and sees Quelmar become the battlefield between "Heaven" and "Hell" as several neighboring planes fight to claim the realm under their jurisdiction.
207 BR Campaign: The Ancestor Section of It Came From Kiston
207 BR Kiston is unlocked for the first time based on plans by the cult of Vecna, and performed by the survivors later known as The Venship.

Tiamat gains access to the rest of the Quelmar, releasing her chaotic-evil dragons on the realm (which was previously only home to the lawful dragons of Bahamut).

220 BR Campaign: The Brightwater Campaign Season 2
246 BR End of the Infernal Emergence
295 BR West Levinkan successfully succeeds from the rule of the royal Levinkan dynasty, claiming the western half of the continent to be free from the sovereign.
400 BR Agreer Kiston discovers the last continent, recieves a map of the area from the native Draconians before upsetting them with ideas of conquest, is later is found dead at sea.
406-407 BR The Mini Wars
600 BR Earliest discovered reference to the series of pillars later known as the Tovag Baragu.
650 BR The War of Essence begins, throwing Quelmar's weather into turmoil and beginning the modern weather cycles
750 BR Campaign: Icewind Dale
790 BR Caligna and 7 begin their millennium long work on the Clockwork Dragon. It will be completed and deployed over a thousand years later in 795 PR.
795 BR Jewelspar is founded on the coast of Pteris by Erland Nimz.
912 BR The Holy War begins as the gods of the realm begin to ask their followers to take up arms against the dragons, who have now taken control of most of the surface world.
985 BR A Marilith, Toi'Viral, gains access to powerful magic and wishes the dragons away, an act that ultimately determines the winner of the ancient Holy War, leading to Tiamat's banishment.
995 BR The last living dragon is destroyed, Tiamat and Bahamut are banished for the destruction dragons have caused on the realm for the past 700 years⁠

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "rekisix" is Draconic for both 'Creature' and 'Time', as common Dragon legends refer to time herself as a dragon.
  2. 'Reck' being an uncommon form of 'Wreck'.
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