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Quelmar's Kingdoms as they stood in the year 30 PR at the end of the Realm War.

  Until the Calvary Rush in the early PR era (between 0 PR and 390 PR) , Quelmar was organized in a manner of Kingdoms. Kingdoms were typically ruled in autocratic ways, and had a leader that either ruled by election, through their past accomplishments, or who took the throne by force. The ruling of the many by the few often led to bloodshed, and kingdoms were seen as archaic and traditional as Quelmar evolved past them. This page documents all known kingdoms through Quelmar's history, in order of their establishment.  

The Quelmar Realm
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Divisions Kingdoms (Before 390 PR) • Domains (After 390 PR)
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History Timeline of the Quelmar Realm • ( PreBRPRCRPost )

Major Conflicts

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