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Isonhound is a continent of dense forests. The alpine forests of the northwest exist as an extension of the arctic climate found near Breme, while the rest of the continent harbors woodlands with occasional tropical jungles. Isonhound attracts the greatest concentration of fey and sylvan creatures anywhere across the realm.

About[edit | edit source]

Elven legends say that Isonhound was a gift to Quelmar from either Elysium or The Feywild during The Giving, a prehistoric event in which the gods were said to have "seeded" the realm with various creatures, lands, and powers.

According to the powers of Ysgard, Isonhound represents the fated soils where the great plane-linking tree Ysgardsill plants itself. For that reason, some of the nordic people of Ysgard consider Isonhound as an extension of their own planes, calling it Midgardr.

The woods of Isonhound could get freezing in rough weather, but the treehouses and natural landscapes provided both shelter and fire, in high winds and flooding conditions, the natural limberness of the forest stood tall and thrived even when waterlogged. It never got too hot in Isonhound (like it does in Pteris) so the natural forest fires that broke out were very few, and even during hotter times, the forest gave shade.

Geography[edit | edit source]

  • Ssaphíbían River, Isonhound's longest (or second longest) river, stretching from the north to south coasts.
  • Hypoborea River, a river that runs through the Boreal Valley
  • Boreal Valley, a frost laden woodland in the northwest, separated from greater isonhound by a river.
  • Chilcrest Forest, a specific patch of forest towards the northern coast
  • Cave of the North Wind, a mysterious cave towards the northwestern coast, has strong connections to Ysgard, and has otherwise housed many monsters and lairs over the centuries, notably at one point housing The Green Stag.

Native Fauna[edit | edit source]

Isonhound is filled to the brim with assorted native fey and sylvan creatures that give its many forests an unparalleled living feeling.

Domains[edit | edit source]

After the Cavalry Rush: Isonhound's Domains
After the first Realm War: Isonhound's Kingdoms

Nemoreous[edit | edit source]

Rovlad[edit | edit source]

Shongle[edit | edit source]

Sylvanry[edit | edit source]

Tanquam[edit | edit source]

Trarrain[edit | edit source]

Vergus[edit | edit source]

Woldlin[edit | edit source]

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