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List of All Player Characters

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Character Name


Original Class



Reelo Draco-Orc Barbarian Sick of this Shit ZM
Doraleous Dryad Elementalist Sick of this Shit MD
Zugs Half-Elf Rogue Sick of this Shit BrB
Anema Half-Elf Bard Sick of this Shit TG
Kel'an Elf Druid Sick of this Shit DoN
Gustavo Gnome Bard Sick of this Shit QP
Kragnux Dragonborn Monk Towson Tabletop LO
Reesec Dwarf Paladin Towson Tabletop DF
Hat Warforged Paladin Towson Tabletop SH
Azazel Shadar-Kai Rogue Towson Tabletop SoF
Atman Vanara Monk Towson Tabletop RoH
Henric the Misfortunate Gnome Engineer Towson Tabletop LL
Judecca Half Elf Bard Towson Tabletop DW
Lucied Lupine Barbarian Towson Tabletop DW
Byzle Dwarf Fighter Towson Tabletop DW
Axel Gnome Druid Towson Tabletop DW
Amra Elf Ranger Towson Tabletop LB
Bastienne Undead Mystic Towson Tabletop TH
Davidos Human Fighter Towson Tabletop GH
Thokmay Genasi Monk Towson Tabletop KK
7 Warforged Mystic Towson Tabletop RaH
Princess Meow Meow Tabaxi Rogue Towson Tabletop RR
Stumpy Dwarf Drunkard Towson Tabletop BnB
Ria Avariel Towson Tabletop BL
Mahogany Shifter Ranger Towson Tabletop LW
Willow Elf Towson Tabletop AK
Bart Human Paladin Towson Tabletop AW
Morswyn Tiefling Paladin Towson Tabletop AW
Darya Elf Druid Towson Tabletop KH
Caligna Elf Shaman Towson Tabletop GDL
Canis Lupine Rogue Towson Tabletop MA
Ted Human Paladin Towson Tabletop AMc
Jim Half Elf Druid Towson Tabletop AL
Areesi Genasi Towson Tabletop MC
Iris Elf Sorcerer Towson Tabletop AB
Sanns Dragonborn Towson Tabletop PY
Cereesi Changeling Towson Tabletop LG
Michael Human Fighter Towson Tabletop TT
Anyrion Elf Ranger Towson Tabletop TT
Morgan Dragonborn Towson Tabletop ABrt
Blue Elf Mystic Towson Tabletop EB
Wishmaker Illumian Scholar Towson Tabletop TG
The Hunter Devil Blood Hunter Towson Tabletop BnB


Half-Orc Barbarian Towson Tabletop AP
Esimal Elf Sorcerer Towson Tabletop KvP
Snow Warforged Engineer Towson Tabletop SH
Callum Devil Runeseeker Towson Tabletop MI
Gorin Aarakocra Monk Towson Tabletop LS
Zarachiel Aasimar Cleric Towson Tabletop MA
Reaper Eladrin Rogue Towson Tabletop SoF
Steele Human Fighter Towson Tabletop KD
Deckard Warforged Towson Tabletop ZB
Terra Xeonhart Human Druid Towson Tabletop HW
Ssaprina Elf Towson Tabletop BL
Xanenth Half Elf Rogue Towson Tabletop JS
Eldrin Half Elf Cleric Towson Tabletop GH
Rose Dhampir Sorcerer Towson Tabletop LB
Peatree Dracotaur Barbarian Towson Tabletop DF
Sebastian Changeling Rogue Towson Tabletop NF
Amos Changeling Ranger Towson Tabletop LM
Hecher Genasi Sorcerer Towson Tabletop TR
Tromen Genasi Fighter Towson Tabletop LS
Juno Halfling Towson Tabletop LL
Vargoyle Harpy Towson Tabletop TH
Riiko Vanara Towson Tabletop TH
Fehng Devil Warlock Towson Tabletop BnB
Thwack Minotaur Mystic Towson Tabletop EB
Torna Half Elf Cleric Towson Tabletop TG
Xerda Half Elf Rogue Towson Tabletop HW
Captain Seaworth Human Rogue Towson Tabletop GH
Belvin Human Fighter Towson Tabletop BG
Bird Person Aarakocra Monk Towson Tabletop ZB
Galefast Aarakocra Monk Towson Tabletop NM
Carl Vanara Monk Towson Tabletop SM
Randor Elf Ranger Towson Tabletop LS
Stumblebum Gnome Bard Towson Tabletop LL
Pete Dragonborn Ranger Towson Tabletop MA
Thorn Half Elf Towson Tabletop BnB
Vladmire Human Fighter Towson Tabletop LL
Slackjaw Sahaugin Towson Tabletop DF
Hamjaw Half Elf Sorcerer Towson Tabletop LO
Dariel Elf Sorcerer Towson Tabletop MC
Illariya Vulcana Aasimar Druid Towson Tabletop BeB
Forgorith Minotaur Barbarian The Underdungeon DW
Budli Illithid-Lizardfolk Fighter The Underdungeon TG
Gus Myconid Mystic The Underdungeon SB
Ildrin Drow Rogue The Underdungeon SoF
Jintuk Drow Ranger The Underdungeon MI
Cobalt Kobold Scholar The Underdungeon GDL
Torrance Minotaur Fighter The Underdungeon SH
Wortgor Minotaur Fighter The Underdungeon SH
Angra Drow Sorcerer The Underdungeon AP
Methuselah  Shardmind Artificer The Underdungeon GDL
Sycamore Goblin Monk The Underdungeon TG
Olga Half-Giant Sorcerer The Underdungeon LB
Vladimir Half-Giant Barbarian The Underdungeon GH
Testicles Elf Ranger The Underdungeon ZB
Patches Mousefolk Rogue SotS Inc TH
Hillevi Changeling Rogue SotS Inc AP
Krik-Et Thr-Kreen Artificer SotS Inc RaH
Iris the Hag Elf Wizard SotS Inc RoH
Captain Duskella Shadar-Kai Rogue SotS Inc TH
Janky (Julian) Human Bard SotS Inc DW
Ilakrin Genasi Shaman SotS Inc BL
Captain Vimes Human Ranger SotS Inc BP
Juris Half Elf Rogue SotS Inc WM
Braeden Elf Rogue SotS Inc SoF
Aedas Elf Wizard SotS Inc AM
Elza Elf Artificer SotS Inc WM
Charne Human Fighter SotS Inc SoF
11 Warforged Mystic SotS Inc BP
Memetrides Half-Elf Sorcerer SotS Inc ZM
Quarter Dwarf Half-Orc Paladin SotS Inc BrB
Eve Fairy Cleric OathWielders RoH
Orris Satyr Bard OathWielders GDL
Drake Human Rogue OathWielders JM
Dusky Elan Sorcerer OathWielders TG
Niebelung Illumian Mystic OathWielders DW
Roha Centaur Fighter OathWielders RaH
Kel Human Paladin OathWielders BP
Thulos Goliath Fighter OathWielders DW
Rustle Kenku Monk OathWielders BP
Julian Genasi Sorcerer OathWielders TG
Jugbug Satyr Bard OathWielders CR
Gerty Human Paladin Atla
Thia Half-Elf Rogue Atla
Thyona Human Barbarian Atla
Xen Lizardfolk Monk Atla
Ace New Dryad Bard Atla
Georgia Gnome Druid Atla
Monty Minotaur Fighter/Bard Tales of Quelmar RaH
Akisato Rito Halfling Bard Tales of Quelmar RaH
Artie Human Wizard Tales of Quelmar JB
Taru Tiefling Bard Tales of Quelmar CR
Edna Eladrin Wizard/Cleric Ancients Alive RaH
Grindseed Bugbear Barbarian Ancients Alive MiW
Wanda Genasi (Fire) Rogue Ancients Alive BD
Red Half-Elf Rogue Ancients Alive LaW
Croach Aarakocra Ranger Ancients Alive MW
Medrash Dragonborn Sorcerer Ancients Alive TS
Andif Elf Bard Ancients Alive


Blumenthal Eladrin Rogue Ancients Alive CH
Rowan Human Sorcerer Ancients Alive KMH
Solum Human Barbarian Ancients Alive DZ
Luther Human Paladin Ancients Alive NT
Rosamund Halfing Rogue Ancients Alive KS
Tigger Rakshasa Druid Ancients Alive CW
Lone Wanderer Goliath Barbarian Ancients Alive JMc
Jedit Tabaxi Ranger Ancients Alive RS
Melvin Changeling Rogue Ancients Alive GM
Lidrana Halfling Ranger Ancients Alive MB
Maverick Tiefling Cleric Ancients Alive JB
Ynnis Valenford Goblin Bard Ancients Alive MF
Chet Sexton Human Sorcerer Ancients Alive BE
Lone Twin Goliath Paladin Ancients Alive JMc
Caoilfhoinn Gnome Druid Ancients Alive ES
Aritian Aasimar Cleric Ancients Alive KD
Gymir Irda Fighter It Came From Kiston JMi
Lornagar Half-Orc Bard It Came From Kiston JMi
Hoppert Beastfolk Ranger It Came From Kiston MD
Thimble Mousefolk Monk It Came From Kiston MD
Muiran Human Warlock It Came From Kiston MI
Murray Half-Dryad Rogue It Came From Kiston MI
Edgar "Ghost" La Croix Human Rogue It Came From Kiston LB
Eldrina Dhampir Warlock It Came From Kiston LB
Alexias Beastfolk Barbarian It Came From Kiston KG
Plutarch Ursin Barbarian It Came From Kiston KG
Spencer Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule BeB
Gouverneur Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule TG
Evo Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule NQG
Cinnabon Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule MF
Pixel Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule RoH
Hendrix Human? Troubleshooter ⮞Get Submodule TS
Tily Half-Dryad Fighter Brightwater CH
Rada Human Monk Brightwater JB
Eugene Epond Changeling Bard Brightwater BE
Tina Yuan-Ti Ranger Brightwater KG
Elder Mephisto Dwarf Sorcerer The BackHalls CHi
Corra Changeling Paladin The BackHalls CaR
Bhurgrum Burnale Dwarf Cleric The BackHalls GM
Prince Yasai Half-Orc Barbarian/Monk The BackHalls RS
Earn'st Grimes Half-Elf Rogue The BackHalls BH
Quinn Human Artificer The BackHalls CaR
Vadim Grimaud Tiefling Wizard The BackHalls BH
Murakh Zel Bugbear Ranger The BackHalls CHi
Seraphina Aasimar Warlock The BackHalls CaR
Sheil Silverfoot Rabbitfolk Warlock The BackHalls GM
Brynala Shadowstep Rabbitfolk Rogue The BackHalls RS
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