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Oppidan (opɪ'dɑn) is one of Quelmar's most populous domains, located on and around Dragon Turtle Bay in the southeast of Pteris

History[edit | edit source]

In prehistoric times, an ancient society known as the Olman was found to have lived in the center of Oppidan among the rocky plains, who lived in an ancient city known as Tamoachan..

Later, during the Holy War, the city of Jewelspar was founded on a river near the northern coast.

After the realm war, the Snobbite Regality controlled most of the area, and founded many of the largest ports on the north coast which would become villages in their own rights, and then later cities like Lunas.

The capital of the Snobbite empire was Nawfar, located on the mouth of the bay, though Nawfar would later be raided and evacuated in 171 PR, and most traffic to Oppidan would be routed to the north and south coasts. The town of Solem would be built in commemoration for those lost in Nawfar's razing. While many of the opulent citizens of Nawfar would move their families to Lunas.

Major Cities[edit | edit source]

Notably, Oppidan is home to Dardin, the realm's largest above-ground Dwarf-established city, as well as Jewelspar, the region's oldest standing city.

Other major populations include Lunas, a city built by the rich for the rich, and Granite, a town built for adventurers by adventurers.

Rwendia is the major port for merchants coming from Amusa (namely Galik).

Geography[edit | edit source]

Being on the edge of Pteris, Oppidan is primarily coasts, with the eastern region having the highest concentration of green forests in all of Pteris. The open canyons and savannas between north and south Oppidan contains many rocky plains, but few proper mountains, making travel between Oppidan cities a relative breeze.

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