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Major Conflicts in Quelmar History are often notable for their realm-wide reach. Often times, if a story is being told in a certain period of time, it will no doubt be influenced in a small or large way by the ongoing realm-wide conflict. Each established major conflict is listed below, alongside the period of time that they effect, and a brief description of its effects.

Territory Wars[edit | edit source]

Years: The Beginning of Time

The Territory Wars were a prehistoric conflict, sometimes tied to Quelmar's creation myths, involving the first creatures to roam the realm and their fight for dominance.

The Giving and The Plane Wars[edit | edit source]

Years: Prehistoric, centuries or maybe even millennia before magic arrived.

The Giving and The Plane Wars represent a period in Quelmar's prehistory when everything else that wasn't native to the realm arrived. It is unknown how long the duration of the events took, whether they were two events or actually just one, and exactly what occurred. But it is assumed that as the realm grew and propagated with new species, lands, and powers, there were heads to butt.

Pixie Nixings[edit | edit source]

Years: Prehistoric, somewhere between 100 years and 10,000 years before humans arrived.

The Mini Wars[edit | edit source]

Years: 406-407 BR (~1 year)

A realm wide war involving gnomes and halflings. That's all that's been written so far.

War of Essence[edit | edit source]

Years: 650-651 BR (Just under 2 years in duration)

The realm is flooded with elemental creatures, including Azer, Genies, Mephits, and large elementals like Olhydra.

Holy War[edit | edit source]

Years: 912-995 BR (~85 years)

The Holy War was the first realm-shaking event in written history, and would define the culmination of the Era of Dragons. It was all or nothing for Tiamat and her armies as they tried to become the ruling race of creatures, indiscriminately terrorizing and destroying anyone and anything that stood in their way, whether it was man, beast, or god.

Events during the holy war almost always strictly involve the Holy War due to the "total-war" aspect of it. Most civilizations were driven underground to live alongside dwarves and other subterranean species, simply as an act of survival. The Troverth people were one of the few societies still on the surface, waging constant war.

Realm War I[edit | edit source]

Years: 2-33 PR (~30 years)

With destruction comes reconstruction, and the decades following the Holy War came in the form of another War, Realm War I was the ongoing background attempts of civilization to emerge and reclaim the surface lands, while simultaneously building back up their cities, their roads, and other infrastructure. It was a very dynamic time for the realm, and you may need to refer to the Realm War I animated timeline to see just how the realm looked at any given point in those 30 years. Eventually things settled down and the Quelmar Domains were more or less settled.

The Cavalry Rush[edit | edit source]

The Arctic Autumn[edit | edit source]

War of the Forged[edit | edit source]

The Draconic Crusades[edit | edit source]

The War of Many Names[edit | edit source]

Years: Very broadly speaking, 796-1295 PR (~500 years)

Around the year 800, Tiamat returns from her banishment, and the realm goes into what could be considered a "micro-era". The back half of the PR era is fraught with so much realm-wide conflict that some don't even consider it a "war" as much as just the norm. In brief, these centuries cover a realm where Dragons are back, but everyone else has had 800 years of preparation and innovation. This time the fight is much more even footed, and slowly escalates over time, ultimately culminating in the Fracturing of the Weave and the final release of the adult World Breaker known as the Tarrasque.

For much of the time, the battles and wars are constrained, rarely touching major populations. But occasionally Tiamat, or one of her armies, breaks through and terrorizes Galik or another city, a stark reminder that the realm is, and has been, at war with the dragons. The few times that dragons break through and dramatically alter the political landscape, skirmishes resembling Realm War I break out, with domains shifting their borders and moving around to compensate for destroyed territory, or moving in to capture and rebuild. As such, the period can also be considered both a war against the dragons and a civil war.

Realm War III[edit | edit source]

Years: Sometime in the CR era

Not much has been established about this war, but it is true modern warfare in the modern era. Effectively Quelmar's World War III.

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