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LaCroix Kingdom
The Flighty Ankh (Fangs Visible)
Years Active 0 PR - 799 PR(?)
Government Monarchy
Allies None
Enemies No Man's Kingdom, Troverth Dynasty
Primary Race Human, Dhampir, Vampyre

The LaCroix Kingdom was a formal territory recognized to be ruled by the LaCroix bloodline, a family of secret vampyres and half-vampyres known as Dhampir who gained their lands through tight manipulation of the wealthy and powerful. At its height, the LaCroix kingdom was composed of nearly a dozen satellite cities that encircled the capital city of LaCroix.

History[edit | edit source]

Establishment and Realm War[edit | edit source]

LaCroix started as a small city-state, which itself started as a small guilds-town for outcasts and hermits of the region to find common ground in various pursuits. Historically, LaCroix is known for its unorthodox methods of obtaining wealth, with many documents from the late draconic era recording roadside robberies and ransom-takings all in the name of the city of LaCroix.

LaCroix is now quickly expanding into surrounding territory, using a massive slave army that dominates by giving their lives for even the smallest conquests. There are many suspicions surrounding the LaCroix population, who seem to be incredibly powerful for their small size. No discernable magic has been witnessed on the battlefield, but the savageness of its warriors is undisputed, even by the honorable war-scholars of Troverth. As very few are able to infiltrate the bounds of this domain, the secrets of the wealthy and powerful Count LaCroix remain undiscovered.

Now the Kingdom looks to expand north and west, breaking into the disputed territories that No Man’s Kingdom and the Troverth Dynasty were looking to claim. Here on these fronts, LaCroix puts immense pressure on the battlefield. Neither of the enemies would claim defeat to such a small and isolated Kingdom, but success against the LaCroix has been nonexistent from both enemies for over a year now. 

In 10 PR, LaCroix enacted a mission later known as The LaCroix Conspiracy that helped lengthen their tide in the Realm War. 

After the War[edit | edit source]

The LaCroix Kingdom would continue its heisting activities for centuries, leading to the establishment of The LaCroix Curation, a massive series of libraries and museums located in the cities of the kingdom. No one knew the full extent of the collection outside of the royal family and select few.

Society[edit | edit source]

Social Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  1. Vampyre Lord
  2. Vampyre
  3. Vampyre Spawn
  4. Vampyre Guard or Vampyre Thrall
  5. Dhampir
  6. Non-Vampiric Others

Citizens are expected to stay within their class. And raising through the ranks is thought to be impossible. Marrying below your social ranking is considered a critical problem.

Owned Lands[edit | edit source]

Heisting Company[edit | edit source]

From its onset, the LaCroix kingdom focused on gathering a large wealth by taking valuable things from other blossoming kingdoms and cities in the Osugbo area.

Rulers[edit | edit source]

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