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Quickly Adapting to Quelmar[edit | edit source]

Running a one-shot, a new RPG system, or a story in Quelmar and aren't sure how to quickly place it in the realm? Here's some guidance.

  • Quelmar is flat and curved like an upside-down dinner plate.
  • If you are telling a fantasy story (and not a modern one), then the sky is Red.
  • If you are telling a modern story (and not a fantasy one), then the sky is Blue and magic is rare and seemingly nonexistent.
  • There is a single moon in the night sky on any given night (though Quelmar Moons are a source of great speculation and conspiracy) and many, many constellations.
  • There are 6 Creator Gods who have gone by many names over the millennia. They created the world and have always watched over it.
  • The biggest city in the world is Galik.
  • Large-scale stories are often defined by their wars, whether they take place during a war, or explore the prologues or epilogues to these great conflicts.
  • Small-scale stories often explore singular towns, cities, or areas, and are excellent for world-building a very small part of the greater realm.
  • Quelmar’s central conflict has been with Tiamat, who arose to kill the creator gods long ago in the Holy War, only to be banished and return 800 years later to start a second war. The second war eventually damages the realm irreversibly, causing everything to come to an end 600 years after the second war.
  • The very center of the realm is Tiamat’s home-base, an land called Kiston, and for most of the realm’s history, wasn’t thought to be an island but a deadly whirlpool. Whether Kiston is well known, rumored, or unheard of, it always prevents any easy travel diagonally in the realm.

Quick Adaption Cheat Sheet[edit | edit source]

If you are super short on time, use one of the following lists to quickly grab a person, place, or thing to establish yourself in Quelmar.

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