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Breme is the sole arctic climate of the Quelmar Realm, positioned precariously in the region of Winter to the northwest. Though once inhabited by polar enduring natives, the land is mostly a barren waste.

About[edit | edit source]

Breme lends its name to the Bremish language, developed by early human settlers in the lands, and still spoken by long-time natives, though Common is generally considered its successor language.

Creatures in the Breme wilds include Saber-Tooth cats, Remorhazes, Polar Bears, Frost Tritons, Frost Phase Spiders, Ice Elementals, Hags, Mephits, and Immoths.

Breme cousine is not well known, but they love cooking the previously mentioned beasts and savour them with lingoberry jam. Served with the famous Breme coffee (hot black coffee spiked with alcohol. The alcohol type and amount depends on the drinker).

Breme is also home to the supernatural being known as Krampus.

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