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The Cola Bears Saving the World

The Cola Bears Saving the World is a lighthearted D&D 5e campaign that began December 2023 in Germany.

The campaign details the adventures of the members of the hero guild, aka "The Cola Bears Saving the World," while they try to establish themselves as the best heroes to hire in The Delvin and greater area of Osugbo. It takes part in the PR era, approximately during the early 100s.

About[edit | edit source]

The first members of the Cola Bears Saving the World united to help a…sheep to become human again. After successfully bullying a wizard, getting a former-human-current-bear addicted to Coca Cola and helped a wizard grad student to get his PhD, they decided to fund their own guild. With the Addict Bear as their mascot and only 500gp they set out to become the richest greatest heroes in Osugbo!

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

The Guild of the Cola Bears Saving the World consists of a couple core members...

  • Riris, the Tiefling Warlock.
  • Grumblebear Stoutbelly aka Grumbly, the dwarf cleric.
  • Kayman, the Lizardfolk Bard.
  • Nevias, the Half-Orc Barbarian.
  • NoName, the Human Sorcerer

...and it also has a few heroes helping when not too busy.

  • Marlene, the Half-Elf Monk.
  • Roslinda, the Half-elf Rogue.
  • Deuter, the Wood Elf Druid.
  • Anni, the Wood Elf Wizard.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Guild employs a handful of people to help them with running their guild.

  • Gregor, human ex Fighter and the Guild's current Guildmaster.
  • Boris, the former human currently bear Maskot of the Guild and Cola Addict (It is Riris' fault).

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

-The Heroes completed their first paid adventure in the area of the small village of Bockwater by saving a girl who had been kidnapped (?) by a Couatl. Poor Couatl, just needed a new priestess so the lands would be fertile again.

-Gregor found the best quest ever!!! Tax collection and paperwork filling! It is so much fun, that the heroes dropped it as soon as the Witchlight Carneval/Fair reached in town... they might find NoName's stollen name there, right? RIGHT?!

House Rules[edit | edit source]

We use a very light version of DnD 5e and typically each session is an one shot run by different DMs (please guys, Margarita also wants to play and not only be a DM!) with a developing world around them. Starting level is 4. We probably have the youngest Arbiter ever, the Master of Dice and Mahjong Tiles.

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