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For a timeline of what seasons happened in what years, refer to Quelmar Timeline/Seasons

 The Four Seasons of Quelmar are influenced by its proximity to the elemental planes. However, the changes in the planes themselves over millenia as well as Quelmar's distance from the planes has caused many seasonal variations, which ultimately settled in the War of the Essence in the late BR era. 

About (Before the Essence)[edit | edit source]

Before the War of the Essence in prehistory, Quelmar's seasons were unpredictable, and the elemental chaos that surrounded the material plane would lead to never-ending winters, summers that froze over for a day, dry springs, and autumns of hail, rain, and dust. Most races lived either in dense woods or underground as nomadic life was difficult in unpredictable weather.

The elemental chaos was sundered by legendary Eladrin during the War of Essence, and Quelmar began a new cycle of predictable seasons.

About (PR Era)[edit | edit source]

The weather in Quelmar is determined by the realm's nearest elemental plane. Though in ancient times the elemental plane was one mix of chaos, eventually it settled into four individual planes of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Every four years, Quelmar drifts closer to one of the four, taking four years to drift closer to another. This results in 4 years of realm-wide Summer (Fire), 4 years of realm-wide Autumn (Earth), 4 Years of realm-wide Winter (Air), and 4 Years of realm-wideSpring (Water). 

However, as the four elemental planes lie in complimentary positions to the four major land masses, each continent experiences their seasons slightly differently. Pteris and Amusa are considerably hotter than Osugbo and Isonhound, while the latter two get considerably colder. This means that Summers in Pteris are much more arid, dry, and hotter than summers in Osugbo. Winters in Isonhound, especially at the northernmost point, can become frozen over and unmaneagable, though a winter in Galik (on Amusa) may simply mean slightly chillier nights for those four years. 

Kiston[edit | edit source]

Quelmar weather on Kiston differs slightly. At the direct center of the world, Kiston truly experiences all four seasons evenly over the course of four years: one year of winter, one year of spring, one year of fall, and one year of summer.

About (CR Era)[edit | edit source]

After the fracturing of the weave at the end of the PR Era, the elemental planes are no longer communed to the Material Plane, and the effects they have on each other are nullified. Quelmar's seasons shift radically, and every year on the calendar is split into roughly even seasons: 3 months of Winter, 3 months of Spring, 3 months of Summer, and 3 months of Autumn.

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