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CR - The Cyber Rennaisance

The CR Era is the final era of the Quelmar Timeline. The CR era formally begins the year after the sinking of Kiston, and the defeat of the World Destroyer.

The CR Era can be considered two eras. Parts of Quelmar hyper-industrialized after the second war against Tiamat, riding the momentum of the Industrial Revolution into full blown Cyberpunk territory, resulting in places like Alpha Complex and Night City, while other conservative areas of the realm continued to modernize in fashions that resemble Earth's 21st century.

About[edit | edit source]

Year in the CR era can be referred to in their CR nomenclature, but another popular "global timeline" nomenclature became popular in the CR era, which made the year 0 PR into simply year 2290 (the sum of the last 2 eras).

As such, the CR era can also be said to comprise the years 2290 to 2885.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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Year Event
10 CR Trollkin become a prominent Quelmar race
25 CR Shadowrunning becomes widespread
34 CR Campaign: Qandela Obscura
70 CR Campaign: SUPERS, considered by some to be the first mainstream superhero comic book series in Quelmar, is published.
73 CR Campaign: Operation Verdant Pyramid
80 CR Campaign: TV Show Quelmar Goes to Space debuts
95 CR The Mi-Go Infiltration leads to the collapse of "tidal change" talks at the Southern United Nations.
100 CR Campaign: Trial of Dreams
103-110 CR Campaign: Sparrow's Point (Gray Man in 103 CR, Feet of the Virident Sea in 110 CR)
114CR Campaign: Secondary Characters Campaign
117 CR Campaign: Metagame Campaign
118 CR Campaign: Reckondary Characters Campaign
178 CR Campaign: >Get Submodule Campaign Part 1 (or 2468...or year 214 if you're in the complex)
190 CR Campaign: >Get Submodule Campaign Part 2 (or 2480...or year 214 if you're in the complex)
304 CR Campaign: CyberpunQ Campaign
595 CR End of the Quelmar Realm as we know it
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