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A pop-punk collaborative in the CR era known for hosting their annual Midsommar Madness event. Some members are purely involved for the opportunity for artistic expression, but others have a more dogmatic view of their values.

Burning owlbear effigy at Midsummer Mayhem
Burning owlbear effigy at Midsommar Madness

Midsommar Madness[edit | edit source]

One part festival and two parts dumpster fire, Midsommar Madness is the crowning jewel of the collab’s yearly gatherings. The celebration consists of constant, wanton destruction of property with seemingly no sense of purpose. Short breaks from the chaos involve setting drinks on fire and downing them while only sustaining minor burns. Performances throughout the festival evoke themes of pain, chaos, and misfortune, and crowds are known to heckle performers off stage if there is a distinct lack of profanity.

Premium pass attendees have access to an exclusive, subterranean beer garden rumored to be decorated with bioluminescent plants.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Funeral Rites[edit | edit source]

Misfortune Co.’s more fervent followers are known to request and carry out morbid last wishes. These typically involve dumping the deceased body on the property of a celebrity, politician, or other noteworthy figure. The corpses are always wrapped in a cloth embroidered with the phrase “F**K S**T UP”, and the cloth occasionally hides surprises such as explosives, paint, or salt. Some see these practices as barbaric and crude, but others secretly cheer on these acts as “sticking it to the man”.

Gambling, Scams[edit | edit source]

Though Midsommar Madness rakes in a good bit of cash for the Co., the members are known to acquire more funds in other ways. They’ve been cited numerous times for hosting under the table gambling rings and have been accused of using rigged dice. Less notable enterprises include money-making schemes that play on the fears and insecurities of their targets. Examples include useless supplements for preventing hair loss or selling “mystery boxes” filled with junk.

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