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This is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure about  fractured societies and forbidden magic. The premise is that you start off with a small group of people and an objective:   to take down the king and his evil cronies.   It's a very simple and quick set-up and it works.  This adventure also includes a pretty cool magic item. The preferred number of players for this adventure is  4-7, so I'm guessing it's meant for four, but it could work with seven.  The adventure is designed for characters of levels 6-10.   The adventure has six encounters, 5 of which are combat encounters.  The adventure looks like it's very linear, but it's not. -AI Generated intro to "The Purging of Segedwyn", DriveThruRPG

Segedwyn is a city in west Levinkan which was once run by a terrible tyrant.

About[edit | edit source]

Segedwyn is just south of the villages of Gryswick and Wytham, and is roughly 2 days travel from either village, both villages were (at different points in time) claimed by Segedwyn as part of a larger "kingdom" of villages in the area. The king kept a very firm grip on Wytham especially, keeping Segedwyn guards posted in the village around the clock.

According to strange records recovered about the city, it was ruled by a king named Brad, who was charged with being eliminated because "he's a bad man". Brad had three evil henchmen who protected him, who were secretly actually one person with 3 bodies.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

The Castle[edit | edit source]

Home to the king, the castle is full of lots of guards, and also holds The Staff of Segedwyn which was used twice in history to tear down the tyrant king of the city.

The Cathedral[edit | edit source]

Secretly home to the city's thieves guild.

Notable Citizens[edit | edit source]

  • King Brad, a bad man, who could only be killed with the help of Dark Magic, and was eventually slain using The Staff of Segedwyn, which was used hundreds of years ago to defeat King Brad in his first life. He is an elite soldier with chianmail and shield, using his powers to cleave and bull rush anyone who tries to fight him.
  • The Tri-Fecta, King Brad's three henchmen, who are actually one single symbiotic creature that shares 3 humanoid bodies.
  • Matt the Rat King: Matt was the king of the rats. The rats are everywhere in Segedwyn and Matt frequently sends them out to attack people.
  • Members of the Segedwyn resistance, lead by a man from Segedwyn named Nafarian.
  • Thomas/Tolven, leader of the slavers guild. Thomas' own daughter, Likia, was a member of the resistance, and her insider knowledge eventually led to the downfall of the king. Thomas was also known to have stayed frequently in nearby Gryswick. Thomas owned an Amulet of Yig, which let the wielder view the world through the eyes of nearby animals.
    • "Thomas is a power man. He is not kind. He is cruel. He is not good. He is evil. He is a bad man. If you see Thomas, tell him to leave your village. Tell him to leave your village now. Do not let him hurt you or your people."
  • Voldain, leader of the Segedwyn thieves guild. He disguises himself as a priest.
  • Thuban, a wizard who owns an alchemist shop in the city.

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Segedwyn bears the ambivalent honor of coming from the world's first published (via DriveThruRPG) module written by AI thanks to acces to the early GPT-3 models available in 2021.
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