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Yeah so if I had to be a class in D&D, I think I'd be Middle Class cause I'm not too low not too high.

TJ (he/him) is a student at Ravendean Prep

Simple look: t-shirt and long pants, nothing flashy, maybe a hat too

No siblings (probably why he has a need to capture excitement around him) and isn’t too close or too distant from his parents. Has a pet snake, I think, that he loves immensely.

Favorite subjects are English and Drama.

Least favorite subjects are science and math.

Decent student. Mostly gets B- or better. The occasional C.

He wants to be a director in Hollywood.

Mostly making movies, but also watching movies. Watches one movie every single day. Loves black and white films.

He loves listening to movie soundtracks.

He is scared that he won’t fit in and that he won’t find many like-minded people.

He is excited to grow up and learn more and hopefully find even more inspiration.

His favorite spot in town is the town square (is there one?). He loves sitting in a public area and watching people go about their days and analyzing them, to know more of a realistic approach to goals, personalities, etc of people.

For the lack of magic, I think I would have loved to apply that to some story or documentary I would have loved to record. Oh hell, maybe all of my filming IS the documentary about a post-magic world. As for my family, I imagine my parents are very much NOT creative types. And they dont understand why my brain sees the world the way I do, in this creative way.

My character acts like a big brother and is helpful to a lot of his friends. He can get really eager to create his “perfect film” but it’s because he sees his friends and the world around him as inspiration. He can be a bit pushy to get his way and has a bit of a controlling issue when it comes to his filming, but he does mean well. He is inspired by the new lack of magic and after missing the chance to record pivotal moments of the town once before, he vows to never go anywhere without his camera again.

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