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Vilavon Region
The Bloody-Armed Polar Bear
Years Active ??? - 33 PR
Government Direct Democracy
Allies Glendoveer
Enemies Woldlin, Bremeland
Primary Race Human, Satyr

History[edit | edit source]

The Bremelands belong to those who deserve them: The often repeated motto among the Vilavon army, this region of the world is less of Kingdom and more of a militarized City-State. Captain Fanding Artician started the Vilavon region (named after the Vilavon coast on which it lives) as a way to prepare to seize the continent of Breme from the Bremeland human who inhabit it. Far below the icy surface of Breme, Vilavon believes that there are great untapped resources including gold, platinum, and ancient runestones that are rumored to contain magics unknown to the realm.

The natives of the Bremeland tribes live solely off the land, and practice replenishment, never doing harm to the land. Excavation would be sacrilege, which is why Vilavon believes that the only way those resources will ever get tapped is if the Bremeland people are conquered or removed.

Surprisingly, this adventure into the unknown has attracted a few communities from around Isonhound, including both Half-Elves and Satyrs, who see the adventure of exploring Arctic territory as a breath of fresh air from the droll of the elven civil war. Plans were progressing swiftly until only 5 or 6 years ago when Woldlin’s boundaries expanded north into Vilavon’s territory. Now Vilavon has to deal with defending its coastal populations from the guerilla warfare that the Wood Elves practice, while also continuing to mount a sea faring army ready to embark for Breme.

As war broke out, the Vilavon region has formally announced itself as united nation, with goals to prove their courage both in the face of the elven attacks and in the face of the future Breme conquests. Upon formal declaration of war with Woldlin, Vilavon received a platoon of magical soldiers from Glendoveer, as well as a small sampling of wands, scrolls, and staves. This helped level the odds, and dramatized the battlefield as Vilavon pushed back using those who knew the land best--- satyr and half elves--to fight against the territory that many of them once called home. With their first formal alliance cemented, things are looking up for Vilavon. The first fleets have already departed are have docked on the shores of Bremeland…and the next few months could prove key to whether Vilavon falls to Woldlin’s never ending attacks, or if they will successfully flee to fight in the arctic.

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