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Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast

Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast - September 15th, some year

Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast is just what is sounds like: a Bed and Breakfast owned by a witch named Yazeba.

History[edit | edit source]

"Once upon a time, the world was cruel, and there was a witch who knew it well. And so,

she sold her heart away and built a house in the woods where the world could never

find her.

At first she would let no one into her fortress. But in the long march of days, a strange

thing happened: in her own cold and spiteful way, the witch made a friend… and then

another… and then several more, until her house was teeming with colorful faces and

complicated lives.

The house would come to be known as Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, and it would last for a

very long time."

- Yazeba's Bed and Breakfash Aschan Release by Possum Creek Games

After some time, depending on who is telling the story, Yazeba eventually died, retired, disappeared, or simply moved away and the Bed and Breakfast was bought, inherited by, given to, or in some way ended up in the hands of the witch Edna and became The Edesian.

Description[edit | edit source]

"On the front door of Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, there is a sign which reads: “No soliciting,

trespassing, romancing, snooping, snitching, or unnecessary smalltalk welcome.” Yazeba reserves

her temper for those she catches violating these rules.

Underneath that sign is a second, smaller sign which reads “Room For Everyone.”

It is always September 15th inside the Bed & Breakfast (even if it’s summer, spring or winter

outside). September 15th is Yazeba’s favorite day of the year.

No one’s really sure what year it is, and no one has bothered to check because they don’t have cell


Every room is always next to every other room. No matter what we’ve said in the past about the

layout of the Bed and Breakfast, the floor plan is always convenient to the matter at hand.

The Bed & Breakfast is both quaint and sprawling, with enough rooms that it can always

accommodate any number of guests—except Gertrude."

- Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast Aschan Release by Possum Creek Games

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is in many places at many times, but it is most frequently in or nearby the cozy town of Nestle.

There is a shelf in the laundry room of the Bed and Breakfast which contains assorted knick-knacks. The most notable of these is a real golden crown.

On the front porch, overlooking the sprawling garden, is a large jacuzzi that always seems to be at the perfect temperature - no matter the season.

Recently, the Bed & Breakfast has sprouted a large new room full of secrets and mysteries - just how Gertrude likes it.

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