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"There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest." - Ancient Fang Fu Monks

The Sunrise Over the Mountain, Banner of Fang Fu

The Fang Fu Monastery was the name of several successive monasteries built on the mountain tops of Osugbo.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

The Original Monastery[edit | edit source]

The original monastery building was razed by Corduth upon his awakening in 666 PR.

The Rebuilt Monastery[edit | edit source]

After the monastery was rebuilt, the Church of Kragnux relocated its headquarters there from its former location on Cof in 693 PR (and remained there until moving to Zobeck in 707 PR).

The second razing of the Fang Fu Monastery occurred when the Fingers of Kragnux were convinced the clerics and monks of The Heritage were shielding and protecting members of the blasphemous Dragonborn race in secret rooms---a claim that was absolutely true.

After the Second Razing[edit | edit source]

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Umbrex[edit | edit source]

A Half-Elf student, later mentor and guide, Umbrex spent most of his life in the Monastery, despite various personal and monastic setbacks, Umbrex was always a guiding force in keeping the monks well trained and focused on their studies. As such, he gained the title Umbrex the Unhindered. Notable students to have worked under and alongside Umbrex include both Kragnux and Gorin.

Umbrex was key in the rebuilding of Fang Fu in 669 PR, and by the turn of the decade, Umbrex was already discovering new talent and bringing them into the walls of the monastery.

Kragnux[edit | edit source]

Kragnux was a student of Fang Fu from birth, having been dropped on its doorstep by unknown parents. Kragnux was a keen student

Gorin[edit | edit source]

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