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Corduth, shortly after razing the Fang Fu Monestary

Corduth (Also called The Great Jokester) was a copper dragon who emerged from Osugbo in 666 PR.

History[edit | edit source]

Soon after emerging, Corduth razed the Fang Fu Monastery. A survivor of the attack, Kragnux, vowed vengeance on Corduth and would later go on to found The Best Around in a long game of tracking down Corduth and slaying him.

Years after his awakening, Corduth was discovered and worshipped by The Hertak Kobolds who began to work under Corduth, seeking the artifacts that brought about the end of The Holy War and the banishment of dragons. Corduth believed if these artifacts could be rediscovered, they could be used to undo the damage they had done, and could return the dragons to the realm. However, he only discovered one: WideMire.

The Kobolds helped Corduth grow an immeasurably large vault of magical artifacts and wealth, but ultimately failed him as they let the dragonborns Pete and Kragnux escape with inside knowledge of their operations. Luckily, Corduth did woo one dragonborn Pabor into joining his force, though he would continually deny Pabor the chance to ride Corduth like one would a steed.

Corduth and Pabor would then take the search into their own hands, starting with a raid on Elin Barad, in which he seize several more of the Arms of Sin from The Best Around. Growing his collection to 4.

Corduth's Siege of Dolmvay began after his attack on Elin Barad to seize an item called "The Spirit Staff of Naven" from The Mountain King, and it was during this ambush that the mortal known as Kragnux would be killed. It was here they also gained posession of EtherLife and NarroWind. These three artifacts would join those taken from Anyrion in Elin Barad, giving Corduth his final collection, which he believed were truly the 7 Arms of Sin.

Corduth and his kobolds gathered a collection of 7 artifacts and approached the site where they were used centuries ago to stop the dragons, only to be stopped by massive elemental guardians. Although Corduth had collected BrightFlame, DarkFrost, EtherLife, NarroWind, and WideMire. The Spirit Staff of Naven and WitheredStake were not Arms of Sin, and his forces were barred entry to the final chambers of Toi'Viral.

The Best Around would soon arrive and join forces with Toi'Viral to slay Corduth in 691 PR. During the epic battle, held inside the Marilith's tomb, Thwack made a now famous wish that resurrected Kragnux as Kragnux the Dragon Slayer. With the infantile god appearing on the scene, Kragnux could finally get the vengeance he deserved. With his bare fists, Kragnux punched out the putrid glands in Corduth's throat that let him breathe acid. Though Corduth struck him down again, his allies, The Best Around would take the opportunity to strike down the Copper Dragon once and for all.

Allies[edit | edit source]

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