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Father Lorrian Michaels
"The power of the Ascendency compels you!"
Relatives Matthias Michaels (Father, Deceased), Selene Michaels (Mother, Deceased), William Michaels (Younger Brother, Deceased), Victoria Michaels (Older Sister, Alive)
Languages Common, Ascendent Script
Affiliations Candela Obscura, The Ascendent Church
Aliases Father Michaels
Marital Status Unmarried
Place of Birth Newfaire
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6.1
Eye Color Brown

Father Lorrian Michaels is a Weird: Priest and a player character in Qandela Obscura.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Father Lorrian Michaels if an older and larger man in his mid fifties with balding grey hair and a dark well trimmed beard. He is rarely seen not wearing his Ascendency regalia and always possesses his symbol of his faith, worn around his neck in reverence to the Father, Mother, and Child.

History[edit | edit source]

Content Warning: Descriptions of blood and violence

Lorrian Michaels was raised in the faith of the Ascendency, and so it was a no brainer that when he became of age he entered into the clergy. Father Lorrian Michaels would be sent around Newfaire to do the good works of the faith and even for a while attended to the matters and duties of Cardinal John Rhakar.

In his late twenties he was called by the Cardinal to join him on an urgent mission for the church. He and the cardinal arrived at a house on the outskirts of the city. There were other houses nearby, but they had long since been vacated. Not even a bird or rodent in site ether. Alone they approached the house. They were greeted by Ms. Whilma Burchem, and her husband Marcus Burchem. father Lorrian Michaels, still confused, chose to continue to put his faith in himself and the cardinal. On the carnivals orders he returned to their vehicle to retrieve a small wooden box. As the cardinal opened it, Lorrian saw its contents, it was the tool kit for an exorcist.

The priests and family descended into the basement. There in the back was a girl bound in rope and chains of cold iron. Her long brown hair, sitting as a wet mop above her head, dripping a liquid that was not water, covering her face. Boils and blisters, scars of self inflicted wounds mar the canvas of her once fair skin, blood trickling down from where the ropes bind to her flesh. Skin self peeled from the face, with watching eyes that would never again blink. This was Mary Burchem, and she was possessed by a dark evil.

Six days they spent in that house. Six days they spent in that basement. Fervent prayers reaching towards the heavens pleading for this girl's safety and salvation while damning this evil spirits to the greatest torment the Ascendency could bestow upon it. ^ sleepless nights of staring evil in the face. It was his first exorcism, and Father Michael learned much. But sadly, in the end, the all their efforts were not enough. In the end the Burchem family was dead, alongside Cardinal Rhakar, hung by his own intestines in the rafters of the attic. It was only by his faith in the Ascendency that Father Lorrian Michaels escaped. But the evil remained, and Mary Burchem with it. Father still dreams of that house. they always end in blood.

The church made great efforts to clean up the mess of the cardinals death. Father Michaels was given the Cardinal's role as an exorcist, but as church politics progressed, he was sidelined in the church hierarchy, to never rise from his station, never to speak to his own cathedral or wear cardinal robes. Father Michaels would be called upon many times more to perform the duties of an exorcist, but in most cases those he tended to were just the mentally distraught.

But Father Michaels continues, for how can you stop when you learn what really hides in the dark?

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