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Player Name The Mistress, Matron of Fungus
Affiliations Amusan Gnolls, Cultists, Demons
Species Demon Lord
Gender Female

Mother is a Demon Queen of Mushrooms and Fungus. She is the primary antagonist of Books 1 and 2 of the Within the Wicked Wilds Community Campaign.

About[edit | edit source]

Mother is a powerful Demon with command over legions of fungal demons. In ancient times, when the Kobold warlocks of the city of Thelrya in Amusa reached out beyond the planes in search of knowledge and magic, Mother used the opportunity to push her influence into the material realm of take over the city. Before she could take full control, the Kobold King of the city sealed away the cities source of power, a major leyline node, within a powerful time stop. Even with this setback, Mother was able to conquer the city.

During the Demonic Infiltration, Mother was able to send more of her servants into the material realm and began to concoct a plan for her to use the leyline in Thelrya to ascend to godhood. During this time she corrupted a knight and used their power to destroy The Order of the Kingdom Keepers in hopes to use their power to further her plans.

In the 890s PR she exerted her influence across Western Amusa, building up hidden cults to worship her. She would eventually prop up a Gnoll who would rise to unite the Gnoll tribes of Amusa and become The Gnoll King to lead her forces to execute her plans, hidden deep in the wilds. After the king's failure to exterminate the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company though, she would instead give control of her forces in Amusa to the leaders of her cult in the City of Galik, Lenoreand Alistair Hearthorne.

Mother primarily operates through her minions, able to infect the minds of others with her spores to mutate them into horrible abominations. With these powers she was able to enthrall the adventurers Jim Stacy and Tassa Brightfox and turn them into demons under her command. Her greatest rival is another Demon known as the Unformed King, a powerful demon with command over oozes.

Throughout Amusa Mother has had her servants capture unsuspecting mortals and infect their bodies with her fungal spores before burying their bodies beneath the earth. She planned to execute a ritual by placing these bodies at vital leyline nodes across Amusa in order to break the time stop over Thelrya so she could use the major leyline their to become a god. During this period she crafted a demonic avatar to execute the ritual through one of her cult's greatest priests.

She would begin her ritual by awakening the zombies she hid across Amusa and overloading the continent's ley lines. To finish her ritual she would wed Lenoreand Alistair Hearthorne in demonic matrimony to break the timestop and become a god. Though her efforts were thwarted by the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company who destroyed her demonic totems, killed Lenoreand Alistair Hearthorne, and sundered her avatar, banishing her powers back to the Abyss.

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