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The Feywild is a place where time operates differently, being much more linear or fast, giving inhabitants potentially hundreds of years of experience compared to their physical age​. Life expectancy in the Feywild can be longer due to feywild magic slowing down the aging process. This effect doesn't persist once an inhabitant leaves the Feywild and resides in the material plane​.

About[edit | edit source]

Rocks from the Feywild would exhibit native magical properties, and these properties would lead to Quelmar natives to label Feywild rock as Wovenstone.

The Feywild is a plane of existence that is home to the Fey, Fairies, and many other creatures of a natural bent. This realm is a beautiful place, full of magic and often natural rules much different than found on the Prime material plane. The Feywild is a place that intersects with many other planes, and is the source of Fey creatures throughout the multiverse. Most planes have active connections to the Feywild, or at least one time did.  The Feywild in terms of Quelmar is a very close connection causing the Eladrin along with other races to become increasingly involved with the future history of this realm.

Natives of the Feywild[edit | edit source]

The Seelie Court[edit | edit source]

The Green Man[edit | edit source]

In a small microplane of the Feywild known as Porphario's Garden, a demi-being known as The Green Man was the gardener who kept watch over all of the exotic species of plants and animals, many of them extinct in the Material plane. Like his many pets, he was happy to live in harmony with those not attempting to hurt the garden. He is always aware of any violence committed within his garden, and will breathe his assailants into topiaries.

Edgar[edit | edit source]

Edgar was discovered by Doraleous during his trip to Porphario's garden, where he adopted the otter after its mother abandoned it.

Creatures of the Feywild[edit | edit source]

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Porphario's Garden (See The Green Man)[edit | edit source]

  • Home to many extinct Quelmar species including Lunicorns and Old World Dryads
  • Home of the "Fountain All Heal" which is said to cure all poison, save lost EXP, restore memories, dispel confusion, charm, and any hypnosis. It does not restore lost limbs. However, the water is said to be so delicious those who drink it are cursed to want to forever stay within Porphario's garden and preserve themselves like the rest of the Green Man's pets.
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