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Player Name Craig
Relatives Daring
Affiliations The Neighbours
Marital Status Widowed
Place of Birth Ahol

Leopold Amor was a member of the Ahol based gang The Neighbours. He specialised in engineering and sabotage.

Personality[edit | edit source]

In spite of his rough, unapproachable appearance, Leo was quite a reasonable and honourable professional. He tried his best to find solutions that kept innocent casualties to a minimum, always making sure his destruction was as controlled as possible.

When it came to dealing with other people he would generally take the back seat, only contributing when he felt necessary. However, when desperate times called for it, he could use his commanding, military presence to order others around.

History[edit | edit source]

Leo was born amongst the rabble of Ahol in the district of Silkshore (before the gentrification) to a lower class prostitute. He never knew his father.

As soon as he came of age, Leo enlisted in the military. Upon graduating he was posted as an artillery gunner, where her spent his first two years. When his skill and creativity with gunpowder was noted by the higher ups he was transferred to the Sapper Corps, where he spent the remainder of his career. Unfortunately, that career would come to an end during a mine clearing operation when shrapnel tore open his leg, resulting in months of recovery and an honourable discharge.

Now abandoned by his military family Leo found himself once again on the streets of Ahol. He was taken in by an old apothecary named Stazia who helped tend to his still mending wounds, but was asked in return to aid some of his contacts with less than legal activities. From here Leo made his living occasionally offering freelance consultations when the city's nefarious groups required an explosive input.

After several years in Ahol's underground, he became a founding member of The Neighbours gang. He provided the gang with technical expertise from his sapping days, and tried to maintain a professional demeanour. Whilst he often felt tired of the dramatic performances the group liked to display, he understood they were sometimes called for. Some time following the end of their war with the Crows, Leo officially retired his criminal life and left the city with his stashed coin, heading to the country to raise his daughter.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Having spent much of his adult life in the trade of not only building things, but also tearing them down, Leo was adept in breaking objects in a very precise way. His sabotages were often far less noticeable than those performed by novices, until it was too late.

Beyond his engineering know-how, his military service also provided him the skills to be an excellent sword fighter. This skill (along with some surprising showmanship) he demonstrated during a duel with the Red Sash known as Kristov Dalmore, earning him respect in victory.

His friendship with fellow Neighbour Sparks brought him closer to the realm of spirits and the arcane, where he learned ways to both ward off ghosts from an area as well as to entice their presence. This tactic was used often to cause a distraction, allowing him and his gang to slip away in the ensuing chaos.

Family[edit | edit source]

Leo was once married, and shortly before his military career came to an end he became a father. Unfortunately due to complications during childbirth his wife passed away, and his daughter Eryna went to live with her grandparents out in the country. Much of the money he made got sent away for her care, along with letters detailing the brave military exploits he wanted her to believe he still took part in. The further away she was from his criminal life the safer she would be. There is nothing he wouldn't do for her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon leaving the military his rank was Field Pioneer Second Class.
  • Rumours speculate that HBO are pursuing either Idris Elba or Tom Hardy for the role in the upcoming Neighbours miniseries adaption.
  • Certainly isn't into the idea of having a secret code-name like his gangmates. He is a professional, not a child.
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