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A Nightshade is a species of massive parasitic behemoths lurking in The Shadowfell. Creatures of "equal parts evil and darkness", they latch onto and replace the natural shadows of creatures, with a notable number of Shadar-Kai falling prey.

Umbral creatures, their shape and form is never consistent, with some nightshades being reported to take the form of humanoids or bat-like creatures, while others appear more serpentine or worm-like.

Attachment[edit | edit source]

Nightshades can lie dormant in a creature's shadow for years, some creatures attuned to their nightshades can release them at will as powerful allies, while others live in fear of the monster that stalks them.

In some instances, a creature's Nightshade can act out upon strong emotions, lashing out uncontrollably.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Desecrating Aura, which empowers undead and other necrotic creatures nearby
  • Nightshades are so massive they are known to simply bite and swallow their prey whole.
  • Natural spellcasting: Nightshades draw on shadow magic, casting a variety of dark, cold, and confusing spells.

Removal[edit | edit source]

It is possible to remove the attunement a creature has to a nightshade with a variety of dispelling magics include Remove Curse and Greater Restoration. However, nightshades will almost never part willingly, and attempting to remove a Nightshade from a creature is an act that should not be done without proper preperations (such as performing the feat during the day).

Removing a Nightshade can also be done psionically by entering the mind of the attached victim and fighting the nightshade in the dreamscape where it lives.

Notable Victims[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Duskella, who fell victim to a nightshade at a young age, and saw it emerge for the first time upon the death of her sister. Years later Duskella would have the nightshade removed (with aid from her friend Iris) but it would almost destroy her ship and take the lives of several of her crew.
  • Devyn, a young boy from Ravendean who unfortunately placed an amulet containing a trapped Nightshade around his neck after finding it in the abandoned estate.
  • The Whole Town of Ravendean was the victim of a whole flock of Nighshades, bound to the Ravendean family, in 2368 CR.
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