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Player Name Gail
Languages Grung, Common, Goblin
Aliases The Toxic Terror
Place of Birth Amusa
Species Grung
Gender Male
Height 2' 8"
Weight 31 lbs

p’Rahp is a green grung oath of the crown paladin. He has also been referred to as the Toxic Terror.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

p’Rahp is a small green froglike humanoid. He tends to wear armor and carry a sword.

Personality[edit | edit source]

p’Rahp is incredibly curious and likes to study the world and the people around him. He is often quiet and contemplative, but enjoy being respected.

History[edit | edit source]

p’Rahp was born in the wilds of Amusa. As a green grung, he was among the lowest caste in his tribe. He was training to be a hunter and preferred to spend most of his time alone away from the tribe, where he was not looked down upon. One day while hunting, he spotted a large human with a foul smell hiding next to a trap. The man didn’t seem particularly strong or intimidating, so out of curiosity, p’Rahp walked into the trap. The man laughed an unsavory belly laugh and took him into his care, such as it was.

p’Rahp soon found himself spending his days in a large cage as an attraction in the traveling sideshow Admiral Agram’s Amusa: Fabulous Feats and Freakish Frights (“Experience the Oddities of Amusa at your backdoor!"). The unsavory man with the trap was in fact Admiral Agram, a human with dark-looking makeup and a wide-shouldered military coat that increased his girth so much that he almost looked like a trunkless loxodon. (An admiral of what, none have determined.)  p’Rahp spent many months in the sideshow, enjoying studying the changing scenery and the many people who came to see the “Toxic Terror.” p’Rahp chose not to speak, allowing Agram to believe he was, perhaps, just a freakish frog.

After several months, the sideshow came to to the port town of Nestle, where many halflings and lizardfolk stopped in. p’Rahp was intrigued by the lizardfolk and decided it was time to move on. One evening after all the guests had left, p’Rahp spoke to Agram for the first time, saying, “Thank you for this edifying trip.” Then he picked up his water bowl and smacked it against the cage’s door with a thunderous smite, sending a deafening noise through the camp. He then walked out of the cage and out of camp, as Agram stared incredulously on.

In Nestle, p’Rahp spent time in the Edesian, for they had best food in town and most interesting clientele. p’Rahp came to appreciate the structure and laws of the town, which was a stark contrast to the rigid cast system of his youth and the autocracy of the sideshow. In this manner, he came to work for the city guard while training as a paladin. However, when the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company’s airships passed through, seeking adventures to explore the wilds, his curiosity once again got the better of him. .

Languages[edit | edit source]

Grung, Common, Goblin.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

p’Rahp's skin is poisonous, and he occasionally wields this poison to his advantage.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

p’Rahp favors a rapier combined with a magical smite.

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