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Robin in human form, and their frequent Sofia disguise.
Player Name Jonathan
Aliases Sofia Robicheau
Age 16
Height(s) 5'8"
Hails From ?
Eye Color Icy Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Education Ravendean Preperatory School
Partners in Crime Sofia Robicheau Clippy(?)
Current Whereabouts Ravendean (?)

Robin Smith (they/them) was a student of Ravendean Preparatory School in the year 2368 (78CR). However, they were attending in the guise of another student, Sofia Robicheau (she/they).

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a Cuckoo, Robin was able to transform into other people by acquiring and wearing articles of their clothing, so Robin's appearance was never permanent. Normally, this transformation was only physical; they did not automatically gain memories or mannerisms of the other person.

In their frequent Sofia appearance, she had large and piercing eyes, chestnut hair with effortless wavy curls, and with a charming, infectious smile that put you right at ease.

In their natural human form, Robin was of a slight and androgynous build. They had short dark hair, and was overall average-looking and forgettable, except for their piercing, icy-blue eyes.

In their Cuckoo changeling form, which only made rare appearances, they also had a slight build, similar to their human form. However, their dimensions and proportions were humanoid but looked off, creating an uncanny valley effect. They had thick silvery hair and silver featureless eyes. Their skin was the same shade of blue as human Robin's eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As Sofia, she exuded a performative humbleness, but was attractive and used it to their advantage. She was outgoing, charming, and set out to have deep conversations and connections with others. However, this was motivated by learning more about others to potentially use her powers to copy them or take their place.

In their natural form, Robin was withdrawn, but always watching. They had a barely concealed jealousy of others, and were particularly bitter and judgmental of those who didn't appreciate what they had (having grown up with very little themself).

History[edit | edit source]

Robin grew up in poor and indifferent foster homes, never knowing their parents. They discovered their powers, as well as their changeling form, as a teenager via an incident involving some secondhand clothes. The origin and meaning of their true Cuckoo nature remained unknown, but as their searing jealousy of others grew, so too did their powers of assuming the appearance of others.

Around the time they were reaching their breaking point, they had a chance meeting with Sofia Robicheau who had run away from home for reasons not fully revealed. After talking together, Robin saw their opportunity and revealed their true form to strike a deal with Sofia. She would tell Robin all about her own life at home, and in return, Robin would assume her identity and "return home." That way, the police would stop looking for the missing Sofia so she could continue her escape undisturbed, and Robin would get to live the rich and comfortable life they always felt they deserved.

First Wave (Emmy, Robin, Vaeth, Charlie, Diana)[edit | edit source]

Using the Sofia disguise to their full advantage, Robin sought to climb the social ladder in Ravendean. They had their eyes on the lead for the upcoming school production of Romeo and Juliet, and, amongst other ambitious moves, had begun to make friends with the class president, Charlie Marlowe. Things suddenly shifted between the two during a duet rehearsal at the Robicheau home for the animal-themed HuMane Society Karaoke Night Fundraiser planned by Emmy Ravendean. Charlie acted on hidden prior knowledge of Robin's deception, and through the use of some painful witchcraft, she fully unmasked Robin, revealing their true Cuckoo nature. Robin also learned that Charlie was informed of their ruse via texts from an odd smartphone app's communication, containing some virtual assistant shaped like a paper clip. After a tense confrontation, the two forged an uneasy truce, as they clearly both had secrets to keep. Robin even extended an offer to "fill in" as Charlie if needed, seeing as how her extremely busy schedule may require her to be in two places at once. Secretly, their aim for this offer would be for Robin to have an "exit" by taking Charlie's place should their position as Sofia be compromised.

The next day at school, "Sofia" asked her theatre rival Lauren Flowers to meet privately during lunch, professing an admiration and attraction for her which lead to them hooking up in the costume room. Of course, Robin didn't mean a word of it, instead using the energy of this intimacy to strengthen their planned Lauren Flowers Cuckoo-disguise, having already stolen an outfit of hers to enable their powers. After school, Robin transformed into Lauren and met with the theatre teacher, Mrs. Mistletoe. As Lauren, she pretended to be drunk and attempted to bribe Mistletoe to secure the lead in Romeo and Juliet, with the successful intention of making Lauren look very bad and sabotaging her chances at the lead. Plus they planted drugs in Lauren's locker for good measure.

That night, at the HuMane Society karaoke, Robin and Charlie had one last exchange before their duet, wherein the mysterious paperclip texted Robin directly using Charlie's phone, addressing them by their true name. This enigmatic entity promised that they could unfailingly fulfill all of Robin's desires, ambitions, and wishes, seemingly asking little in return. Robin was extremely wary of this promise, given the unexplained knowledge of their identity, the unpleasant witchcraft exchange the day before, and the severely harried state of Charlie. But the temptation of gaining everything they wanted was too great. Robin agreed to a "trial run," with the enhancement of the imminent duet serving as a sample of this power. Stepping onto the karaoke stage, the duet between Robin and Charlie ("The Way You Purr Tonight") was unnaturally flawless, bringing the house down and dazzling the crowd. This was followed by the performance of rival Lauren Flowers, who was interrupted when she was doused with a bucket of blood from overhead (revealed to be masterminded by Jason Freedman). In the aftermath of this, Robin agreed to lay low and stay the night at Charlie's house, also wishing to discuss and learn more about the proposed deal they had just struck.

They suddenly vanished to whereabouts unknown and, unbeknownst to the other classmates, the real Sofia Robicheau returned to school the next day...

Second Wave (Jason, James, Sofia, Sam, Zoob)[edit | edit source]

{̷̠͝D̶̠́͑a̵͕͑ṭ̸̈́͌a̸͓̔ ̷̫͎͛̀N̵̼͠o̵̩̙͋t̶̮͛̇͜ ̴̨̪͋F̸̻͋̒o̵̝̓͒ǘ̴̙̤n̵̥͔̽d̵̩̼̏͠}̶͙͝ͅ

Third Wave (Castor, Lauren, Peter, Vinny, Claude)[edit | edit source]

(After the chaos of the "Under the D&D" Homecoming dance, a hastily written note was found near the scene, stained with droplets of blood.)

"To whoever finds this note: please help me I'm in way over my head and I'm terrified of what may happen. There's something horrific happening at the Robicheau house I don't think it's just there but it's at least there for sure. The cops are in on it so call the feds or something I guess, I don't know I just need HELP before they kill me or worse. They've been keeping me in some sort of basem-"

[The note ends abruptly, with a single pen mark dragged away from the last word.]

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