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Rutile [ru'til] is a member of the Free Defenders. She is part of C Team, along with Camie aka "Mimic", Echo Delphinapterus aka "Echo", Jamie Faraday aka "The Void", and Booker Molina aka "Booker".

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rutile has grey eyes and natural dark blue hair. She is 5'9'' and muscular, with a full sleeve of tattoos down her left arm. She is rarely seen without her leather jacket that she wears as a sort of personal armor. There is a scar Across her left eye, she doesn't remember getting.

Personality[edit | edit source]

What are feelings? Rutile sure doesn't know. Her main focus is on survival, safety, and proving she is nothing like her parents. Though, in order to truly remove herself from her parent's reputation, she may need to let people in.

History[edit | edit source]

Rutile is the daughter of Condor and Lace ____ aka "The Gemini", supervillains who use their powers of manipulation to overpower and control corporations around the city. Condor is a puppet master with the ability to control others' bodies, and Lace has the power of mind control. While Lace was pregnant with Rutile, her powers grew exponentially, thus beginning the empire of industry domination for their family. Once she was born, Lace claimed that Rutile drained the power from her body and wanted nothing to do with her child. She was turned over to a caretaker named Frea who raised Rutile from that day on.

During her years with Frea, Condor and Lace routinely checked on their child in case any powers began to develop, especially since Lace's abilities were weakening. Rutile's parents told her that she had no special abilities, but Frea was convinced the child was special. During thei lessons, Frea could feel a strong hand reaching out to her. A magic that would swell all around her, brushing against her mind and tracing the outline of her skeleton. She trained Rutile how to control this ability so she did not share it with anyone, especially her parents. When Condor and Lace realized Rutile was withholding her power, Lace took over her mind, causing Rutile to blackout for an extended period of time. Each time she awoke, she was older, stronger, and had both of her parents' hands on her shoulders.

At age 10, in a moment of clarity and control, Rutile went to Frea in tears thinking she was losing her mind. Frea told Rutile everything about her family, how they were controlling her and using her powers to amplify their own to take over sectors of New Galik. Frea told Rutile she was in danger and wanted to save her, so the two attempted an escape. They were caught by The Gemini and Rutile was forced to watch and feel as Condor killed Frea. Lace then took control of Rutile, causing her to blackout for 2 years.

At age 12, she awoke to an ultimatum from her mother. Either do as her parents say or disappear completely. Rutile chose to play along with her parents wishes in order to maintain consciousness. She began to notice weaknesses in each of her parents' abilities, plotting to exploit them when the perfect opportunity struck.

Three years later, Rutile made her escape. Lace was hosting a party in their penthouse apartment to celebrated the launch of her new fashion line of jewelry that doubled as weaponry. Lace was using Rutile's amplification to control the models, waiters, and security into working for no compensation. After Rutile gathered in all of her energy, Lace's mind control took a fatal turn as everyone became enraged and violent. Rutile took this opportunity to sneak out of the building unseen and travel on foot as far away as she could.

...to be continued...

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Mastery of weapons and highly trained in hand-to-hand combat. Years of being under her parents' control have made her a super assassin, but only if provoked.

Ability to amplify other's powers by touch. Rutile kept this a secret from her teammates for fear of them abusing her the same way her parents did.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Her go-to weapon of choice is the first gun she ever picked up (from One Shot's hidden collection). She has this with her at all times for fear of being found by her family and their minions.

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