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Ooh spooky!
Player Name Brendan E.
Affiliations Friends with a Knife
Species Ghost

Stefan Zoob (who really only goes by Zoob) is dead.

If you were looking to find out some interesting things about their life because they're such a beloved character in the Secondary Characters campaign, SORRY! You ain't gonna find anything here....

But, if you wanted to learn about they're afterlife... then you came to the right place! Because Zoob is a ghost. Oooh spooky!

We should start at the beginning... or is it the end? No. It's definitely the beginning.

Their Afterlife[edit | edit source]

Zoob doesn't really know how their beginning began. All they know is that it began some years back when Bodean Shmodean -- owner of Ravendean's best and only 24 hour diner -- found them in the Scathe Theatre, which just so happens to be the oldest continuously-operating theatre in the whole gods damned country of Alest.

Scathe also happens to be where Zoob died. They think. But really it's more of a hunch. It's where Zoob lives resides now, and one time they read a book that said ghosts tend to hang around the place where they died and then have to stay there until they get closure or whatever and can finally move on.

But don't worry, Zoob is doing just fine. Zoob has parents and all and remembers them. They didn't disappear or anything. They just happen to also be ghosts (oooh double spooky!). So... sometimes they do disappear, but they can really help it. Zoob also remembers a lot of their childhood. All of it really, right up until...

Dean's Desserted Diner[edit | edit source]

The diner is great! Zoob has been working shifts there for a long time now. Ever since Bodean (who goes by Dean) found Zoob at the theatre, Zoob has been hanging around, eating bacon, and helping however they can. Bacon is just about the only thing Zoob eats. Some days it almost feels like they can taste all the salt, but usually it's just a memory of what things used to taste like. That's just one of the side effects of being a ghost -- can't really taste anything. And foods don't really seem to agree with the space that used to be a stomach anyways so Zoob tends to stay away from it. Strangely, drugs still have a great effect on Zoob. There isn't much research on the topic, besides Zoob's personal observations, but it seems that the chemicals mix with the spirit turned solid that is Zoob. Maybe that's why the salt in bacon brings back such vivid memories of taste.

Ravendean Preparatory[edit | edit source]

Zoob definitely did not attend Prep prior to death. In fact no one really knows how long it has been since Zoob went to school. Well before they met Vinny that is.

One day, while taking a break at the diner, Zoob was hanging around the back out the building, like all angsty teens do. There he saw Vinny, also just hanging out. Classic teenage behind a dumpster hangout. But long story short, Zoob wanted to hang out more with Vinny and Vinny happened to attend Ravendean Preparatory. So Zoob decided that he would also attend Ravendean Preparatory. Don't ask how Zoob got admitted and pays tuition, it's not important and definitely doesn't involve anything illegal. This also started Zoob's relationship with drugs.

Zoob's Party Playlist[edit | edit source]

This is the playlist that was playing at Zoob's famed party at the Scathe Theatre. It is comprised mostly of Power Remix versions of Broadway classics.

Zoob's Party - YouTube

Homecoming Playlist[edit | edit source]

Zoob was a part time DJ for the Homecoming dance. He created an incredible playlist of requests and the DJ played it straight through because it was perfect. D&D&Dancing Under the Sea - YouTube

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