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Page Renaming?[edit source]

At last count, this page is 25k words about Adrian and only 17k words about Durian/Durzi, since Adrian seems to be the most recently established name for this character now and the page is MOSTLY Adrian material, should we rename the article to Adrian?

Or if it makes more sense to split Adrian off to another page, maybe keep "Durzibethenus" and make a separate article for "Adrian" sort of the way other ascendants like Kragnux have a "Mortal" and "God" page.


Hey, James! I treat Durian/Durzi/Adrian as, narratively speaking, all the same character. Adrian was simply Durian's birth name that he changed before leaving home to become an adventurer in the Greedy Green (it's also what I initially intended to call Durian before remembering there was already a character named Adrian in Quelmar). He started out ancestrally half-emerald/half-gold, but spent the entirety of Greedy Green building up his emerald side until his ultimate ascension. What I call Adrian now is just the small gold aspect that remained of Durian and was shed during his transformation, with a longterm campaign goal being to somehow reintegrate him back into Durzi (for real though, I just wanted a reason to keep playing the character in Steven's game lol).

All this to say, I'd prefer not to change the article title since Adrian is not the name he's best known by in Quelmar. I'd also like to keep his three aspects mostly together for the stated narrative reasons, but I agree the word count for Adrian has gotten hella long and that's entirely due to my session write-ups (big surprise, I became a de facto lore-tracker in Steven's game, too lmao). So I think what might help break things up is if I spun off Adrian's recaps into a subpage? That'd cut down the chapter count on the main page substantially and make it not so overwhelmingly Adrian. Lemme know if you think that'd work and I'll make it happen!

[UPDATE: I ended up spinning off all the Adrian lore into its own subpage, which I think helps make the main page a lot easier for outside readers to understand and also allows Adrian the space to grow into his own character while still respecting that original connection!]


Worldbuilders[edit source]


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