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Quelmar Newsletter

Hello Quelmarians!

Last week the September town hall meeting took place. Don’t fret if you didn’t have time to participate… you can listen the discussion on our spotify.

Or just keep reading for the highlights.

  • While rolling some dice, saving innocent NPCs, roleplaying or exploring dungeons, did you get some photos? Please feel free to share with us and we can share with the whole community via our social media! You can submit photos, videos, etc on our discord under the #media-sharing.
  • Quelmar needs your help! Donate to our community at ko-fi and linktree.
  • Quelmarcon 2024 goes online! Do you want to help to organize the event? Look out for an announcement, which is coming soon.
  • Quelmar twitch is coming back alive with more episodes of First Class (GM Kyle) and Once Upon a Town (GM Lich Omoi). Look out for the special streams this month: Candela Special, run by GM Mercedes on the 13th of October and the new Baldur’s Gate stream every Sunday at 1pm, by GM Talia!
  • Folks at the town hall had a lot of good suggestions for fundraising. Shirts, dice, pins, stickers, calendars… If you have another idea, let the CPR community know.
  • There were a few interesting lore updates by the SUPERZ and Cirque de la Fey groups. Any GM or player can give us an update about their lore and shenanigans during gaming.
  • Do you know what you can look forward to in October? No? Well, here is a list of events and games to look out to:

Open games accepting players: Candela Obscura, Perils and Princesses, Quelmarch, Painted Sands and Wicked Wilds.

Meetups: Ren Faire (Oct 21st), Pax Unplugged (Dec, 1st to 3rd) and Paint Nights.

Online events: Hangout nights, Wiki Nights, Among us game and a five day Special Halloween event.

That’s all folks! I hope that we see you at October’s Town hall meeting, taking place the last Wednesday of the month.

Oh, and the Board is working on a few things based on community feedback. They are planning to make available information about each of their meetings, update the code of conduct, look for discord moderators, and organize resources for newbie GMs (contact Margarita if you want to help, or have feedback).

Keep rolling crits,

Margarita, on behalf of the Quelmar CPR committee.

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