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For the similarly named campaign about the bodega, see The Beggar's Bodega (Campaign)

The Beggar's Bodega was a co-op combination investigation parlor and street bodega which served both snacks and justice, founded in the city of Al'Adeaf.

It was located in the city district known as Sag Harbor (for its sagging and poorly upkept buildings)

About[edit | edit source]

There was a life-sized Mannequin that sat in a corner of the bodega that was very uncanny, a souvenir from the Case of the False Friend, where these mannequins were previously living creatures, cursed by a demon who siphoned immortality by taking their life force and turning them into puppets.

The building itself was owned by a Mr. Kelvin, who unfortuantely was killed by vampires in the city, leaving the bodega employees to put up their own money to purchase the building.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Swallow[edit | edit source]

The Swallow was the Bodega's own air skiff, able to transport 4-8 persons across the city quickly, avoiding traffic and quicksand alike. Technically the Swallow belonged to friend-to-the-bodega Hari, but it was used both with and without her permission depending on the needs of the job.

Garlic and Crucifix[edit | edit source]

Taken from the body of their dead landlord, the Bodega was outfitted with a number of anti-vampire measures.

Employees[edit | edit source]

Mauve finds residue of a ghost in the streets

Floux[edit | edit source]

A mousefolk with incredible abilities to sneak around the hidden corridors of the city.

Mauv[edit | edit source]

A mender and illusionist who specialized in ink-link magic. He was also an amateur seamster, creating fashionable outfits that only have a touch of magic to make them look otherworldly and beautiful. Searching for new beginnings.

Calvin[edit | edit source]

Calvin was the group's lawyer and frequently joined them in the field for legal protection.

Mallen[edit | edit source]

A strongman and aspiring writer who hears voices in his head. No relation to other Mallens seen elsewhere. He uses the bodega as a place to get inspiration and write while watching the people come and go from the Bodega.

Ardemas stalks a suspect through the Tangle

Ardemas Langford[edit | edit source]

His father was a professor at Jewelspar University, so he decided to travel west to continue his father's research on spiritual artifacts and phenomena.

Roscoe CherryCheeks pins another suspect to the board

Roscoe Cherrycheeks[edit | edit source]

A big nerd, but definitely NOT an Illumian Arch Crystal Scholar, as much as his forced tattoos and overeager breadth of knowledge might indicate.

Dash Merajor[edit | edit source]

A high school senior with a bad streak. Dash's parents were a mermaid and minotaur, but he got the human part of both, or so he says.

Charlie Barrelbottom[edit | edit source]

Charlie was the Bodega's clerk, and was always polite, sometimes invisible in how everyone overlooked him. As a halfling sorcerer, he specialized in the magical schools of Secrets and Memory.

Elara[edit | edit source]

Literally just works at the bodega as a cashier, and also goes around painting nature on the side sometimes.

Cases Taken[edit | edit source]

Check out The Beggar's Bodega (Campaign)/The Story So Far for a list and synopsis of Investigation Cases the Bodega's taken.

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