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The Beggar's Bodega (Campaign)

For information on the actual Bodega building itself, see The Beggar's Bodega

The Beggar's Bodega is a campaign set in the city of Al'Adeaf starring a rotating cast of rambunctious investigators solving mysteries for the commoners of the city, though sometimes their journeys within the sinking city lead them into very unexpected situations.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • Ardemas (Sentinel) - Jeff B.
  • Roscoe Cherrycheeks (Sentinel) - Kevin H.
  • Mallen (Warrior) - Mike O.
  • Floux (Thief) - Rachael H.
  • Mauv Calypsi (Sorcerer) - Connor H.
  • Calvin (Sentinel) - Brendan E.
  • Marejor “Dash” Stormhorn (Warrior) - Miguel F.
  • Anastasia (Sentinel) - Laura W.
  • Hari (Sorcerer) - Mike W.
  • Elara (Sorcerer) - Cat R.
    • An artist who joined the team for a mystery, was a fan of "connecting to nautre" and "protecting my friends"
    • Kept her mother's necklade, a bag of crystals, and Immunity from Church Prosecution
    • Had a cat named Gemma she kept with her.
    • Could cast magic in 3 different schools: Earth, Plants, and Blades
  • Drip Swish (Thief) - Sandeep K.
    • A grifter who joined the team for a mystery, was a grifter who was a fan of "stealing the best stuff" and "discovering the hidden zone"
    • Had a cloak of invisibility, an air of mystery, and a rope dart.
  • William (Sentinel) - Ben A.
    • A librarian who joined the team for some adventures, was a fan of "noticing the little moments" and "teaching something to attentive people"
    • Had a cane with epee inside to go with his bi-focals and big jowels.
  • Charlie (Sorcerer) - Dave P.
  • DorTrog (Warrior) - Kevin H.
    • A gruff Chicken egg farmer who joined the team for one adventure.
    • Belived in Burninating, Desert Dolphin rodeos, and chickens.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 2 begins with the group finding the Merca Civilization, learning how the The Delta Serpentine got its name, and eventually learning of an upcoming war that will need their help.

  • TBA

Non-Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Mysteries Solved: 10
Mysteries 100%ed 5

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