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About[edit | edit source]

The Shend
The Symbol of Bane, the god of War
Years Active 0 PR - 31 PR
Government Martial Law
Allies Swikedom
Enemies Trudger
Primary Race Hobgoblin


the realm, many underground tunnels, mountain caverns, and secret hideaways kept the citizens of Quelmar safe while the overworld was at war. To many, it meant a quiet and simple serene life, keeping out of danger, caring for the family you have, and nightly prayers to your god of choice.

To Chieftan Nuldrak and his men, it meant a chance to be undisturbed while they worked on plans for the greatest conquest a hobgoblin tribe had ever imagined. Within the first year, The Shend had emerged from within the cliffs north of Fyrgen, a small town which Nuldrak had always dreamed of securing. Using intelligent war tactics, the Hobgoblins claimed the mouth of the river Olyphemus, which was the main source of freshwater to the citizens of Fyrgen. From there, Nuldrak’s forces marched southwest, claiming the coastline a they made their way towards Chieftan Nuldrak’s dream conquest. While a perimeter was eventually set up around Fyrgen, the Hobgoblins were unable to take the mountain itself and instead claimed the surrounding land. Over the next decade, The Shend clan worked to claim all of the territory surrounding Fyrgen, taking all possible sources of livestock, vegetation, and useful minerals.

The town of Fyrgen itself is known to have a strong historical tie to many powerful wartime figures including the current leader of Trudger, Chief Trudgore. Fyrgen was a temporary housing for leaders in the Holy War as they plotted counter attacks against the fiery dragons of Pteris. For this reason, Trudgore has put every effort in place fighting a proxy war against The Shend to keep Fyrgen liberated, despite the fact that the town now swims in a sea of The Shend. 

After a decade, the stalemate has led to The Shend’s very unusual shape, consisting of the river claim to the north, and a solid mass of territory except for the speckle on which sits Fyrgen. Due to a lack of progress, Nuldrak and his forces have instead marched even further south, hoping to discover a new source of rich minerals or perhaps a source of water. Anything that gives them further leverage against Fyrgen (and thus Trudger) is considered a win in the eyes of this war-hungry nation.

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